Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

QQEnglish never collects your personal information unequally or without consent.
We use your Personal Information only for providing our service and information to you, and for contacting you. Personal information we collect shall be carefully managed by us and we implement appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage.

Use of Personal Information

We may use the personal information we collect through the services for billing and collecting money, sending notifications on our service, sending you alert messages, updating our new services and seminars, introducing displays, improving our service, analyzing our marketing, questionnaires and sending gifts, implementing campaigns and interviews, replying to your messages and opinions on our service, and maintaining our service.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information we collect shall be stored in our database that we operate. We shall manage your personal information, but in the following situations we may partially disclose and provide your personal information.
1. with your consent
2. situation in which we are allowed to disclose it legally or are asked to by a public institution
3. situation in which your personal information is unidentified

Questions & Concerns

Inquiries regarding checking, amending, and removing your personal information, and any other questions related to your personal information shall be dealt with after an identity verification.
GreatEnglish Corporation. 7th floor skyrise 4, ITpark, Cebu, 6000 Philippines,
Inquiries: [email protected] , also contact us 

Real Name in our Service

We shall use your real name to provide better lessons within our services, where others shall not see your real name. In the registration process, you shall register your name with a nickname. This is for our teachers to identify you from other students and it shall be needed to provide our service. Thus, we shall disclose your name. Real names may be difficult for our teachers, so we use a nickname function. You can register whatever name you prefer. Therefore, the function does not mean that we assure your name will be disclosed, but it allows us to communicate easily. Please note that you may be called by your real name.

Personal communication with our teachers

QQEnglish shall not grant personal communication with our teachers outside of the lessons, neither online or offline, unless specially granted to you. We are not responsible for personal harm caused by personal e-mail, SNS, and so on. Any inquiries, comments, or complaints regarding our service should be sent to the designated mail form.

Credit card security

QQEnglish shall use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your credit card information. By using this, your personal data shall be encoded and will not be seen by third parties. The encoded page starts with “https:” and “key mark” shall be shown on the link page.