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6 reasons why QQEnglish is the best ESL school in the Philippines!

QQEnglish school continues to provide ESL students the best English Language Learning experience. Since its establishment in 2009, it is now the leading English language school in the Philippines. The school prides itself on its advanced methodologies in language learning and world-class training. Additionally, it is the only school in Cebu that has high-quality TESOL-Certified English tutors.

QQEnglish has become more than a training ground that helps reshape the future of ESL students. Clearly, the school has more to offer and the following reasons will enlighten you as to why QQEnglish is the place to be.

1. You can learn English in the safest ESL school.

QQEnglish IT Park assures you of a 2-in-one awesome experience – Learning English while becoming a Filipino. Here, you will get the chance to meet English-speaking BPO professionals. Regardless of what time will you go home after your classes, your safety is guaranteed since guards are always on check 24/7. If you opt for learning English while vacationing, Seafront is always ready to welcome you.

Moreover, QQEnglish Seafront campus will offer you a breathtaking panorama of the beauteous Mactan island. Here, you can refresh your mind and de-stress after the day-long hustle in improving your English communication skills.

Maribago (Seafront Campus)

IT Park Gate

2. Guaranteed Improvement on the 4 Important Macro Skills in Learning English.

All our curricula are aligned with the mandated standards and testing objectives on English Language Proficiency given by our language experts from the UK and the USA. The intensive training each teacher gets helps fasten every student’s improvement in the four macro skills of learning. QQEnglish assures you of the best lessons and gives you the chance to choose the courses which you think is suitable for your English level.

Besides, QQEnglish basically provides one on one lessons and you can choose to study with your favorite English teachers through online classes.

For offline classes, QQEnglish basically provides one on one lessons where you get the chance to learn your lesson for 50 minutes. Moreover, you can choose to have classes for 6 hours minimum and 10 hours’ maximum. And if you think that’s still not enough, worry no more because we provide 2 NIGHT Classes for FREE daily.

Try learning English with CALLAN method!

CALLAN method is the only surviving direct method in teaching English from the UK that focuses on improving students’ listening and speaking skills through repetition and speed. In this fun method, you need to listen attentively to the questions. Moreover, you need to give your answer quickly without translating it into your own language. At first, you might be confused but by continuing the method, your speed and fluency will gradually improve.

Thus, for those who think, “I cannot speak fluently though I have been studying…”, this method is also a great choice.

3. Learn English from TESOL-Certified Teachers

QQEnglish prides itself on having teachers who already passed the TESOL (TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification.

Having shown a remarkable placement, the Philippines has ranked 1st in the Business English Index for years already. English may not be the Filipino mother tongue however their teaching efficacy is better than any other English teacher in Asia. English has been the medium of communication in Philippine Education. Thus, Filipino teachers are also language learners themselves.

Filipinos are already experienced in learning the strategies and methods effectively. Besides, the knowledge they have acquired in their educational years makes them the most successful English learners in the world. Subsequently, successful learners are bound to become successful teachers!

Moreover, QQEnglish teachers get several pieces of training from English Language experts who are professors from the UK. They are also required to pass the TESOL certification course. These extensive pieces of training make our teachers the ‘cream of the crop’ to assure you of a great English learning experience!

As we continue to aim for the best, we continuously give our teachers have training and seminars on different courses especially in English Proficiency Courses like TOEIC, IELTS, and Business English. 

4. Communicate with Foreign Students in Group classes and Company Events.

As the biggest language school in the Philippines, QQEnglish is home to more than 10 nationalities from the different corners of the world.

Since the school first operated in 2009, QQEnglish has already welcomed students from more than 30 different countries and there are around 10 learning at all times. The nationalities are mainly Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Russian, Iranian, Arabs, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. You can meet these international students and enjoy yourself with them in your group classes, company events, and activities. In addition, you can also make new friends and learn a new culture!

Group Lessons

Island Hopping

5. Learn English online and study English abroad with QQEnglish.

At QQEnglish, you can learn English through online and offline classes. QQEnglish provides online lessons for more than 10 countries 24/7. Wherever you are in the world, your teachers always excited to meet you online and teach you the necessary lessons you need. You can enjoy the QQEnglish Way of learning English using Skype and the Classroom.

After graduating as an offline student, worry no more because the management will have your class progress arranged so you can still continue your lessons online. And since, your teachers are capable of teaching both online and offline, you can still choose your favorite teachers and enjoy your class with them lessons.

QQEnglish learning is always fun!

6. QQEnglish International Staffs are always ready to serve you.

QQEnglish is known for giving excellent customer service to its online and offline students. More than an ESL school, QQEnglish is home to almost 10 International staff who are always ready to serve you. Subsequently, these staff is employed in full-time positions so that all your concerns will be given an immediate response at any time of the day. From giving assistance in processing documents to guiding you in clinics and hospitals, our friendly staff all got you covered.

International Staff in IT Park Campus

International Staff in Seafront Campus

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