Repetition is the mother of learning (R.E.M.S.) Course

About the R.E.M.S. Method

The R.E.M.S. Method is a speaking method for learning general English, from the beginner to advanced levels. It is based on the Audio-Lingual Method and the Direct Method, so it is effectively similar to those methods. The R.E.M.S. Method is designed to take the best parts of the Audio-Lingual and Direct Methods and improve them, and to that end, some new drills and exercises have been added.


  • Correct pronunciation using the IPA and by understanding where to put and how to use articulators (e.g. tongue, teeth, lips).
  • Different linguistic patterns through teacher’s discussion and practice using the different drills and exercises.
  • Students to be given more chances to answer by themselves thus practice cognitive and thinking skills.
  • Improvement of speaking and listening skills.
R.E.M.S. Course
R.E.M.S. Course


  • Useful everyday vocabulary.
  • To improve the FOUR MACRO SKILLS: Speaking,
  • Listening, Writing, and Reading.
  • Correct pronunciation using the IPA.
  • Correct grammar (from basic to complex).

Daily Review

  1. Learn New
  2. Vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
  3. Practice it through drills and exercises

* The course materials are paid by the teacher before the class