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online regular

The Online Regular Program gives you the chance to learn English with a private tutor for 25 minutes. The program offers a range of lessons tailored for …

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online campus

The Online Campus Program offers you the chance to experience the efficacy of our intensive 50-minute 1:1 online tutorial using our Offline curricula. …

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study in Cebu

QQEnglish Offline Program gives you the chance to experience complete immersion in learning English where you will be exposed to a diverse learning …

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What is QQEnglish ESL school​?

Founded by Mr. Raiko Fujioka in 2009, QQEnglish ESL school continues to empower English learners by giving them quick and quality English education. QQEnglish school’s vision and mission aspire to help ESL students’ learn English in a fun and easy way and become their gateway to the world.

Corresponding Course Quantity

We are confident your English skills will improve with our 1 on 1 classes and individual curriculum

In order to truly improve English language proficiency, the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening need to be learned in a balanced manner. We have developed our own one-on-one teaching materials corresponding to these. In order to practice an effective curriculum, we have prepared high standard teaching materials under regular licenses. In doing so, our curriculum ensures that we maintain compliance with global quality standards and that you are able to learn English successfully with confidence.

QQEnglish Campus

Environmental information around the QQEnglish school building


Focus on learning English while enjoying the clean and cool sea breeze of Mactan Island.

QQEnglish Seafront campus was reconstructed from a luxury hotel. There is no need to commute during your stay here because the dormitory and campus are located within the same vicinity. In between your classes, you can relax by the sea and enjoy Zumba with other teachers and students. The Seafront campus can accommodate a capacity of 350 students which is one of the biggest hotel schools in the area.


You can feel the lively atmosphere of the city and use English 24 hours a day.

Located in a special economic zone, QQEnglish occupies four (4) floors of Skyrise 4 that is from the 7th to the 10th floor of the building. In 2020, QQEnglish IT Park Campus branched out to occupy the 2, 500 square meters 7th floor of Skyrise 4B situated just beside the old campus. Because it is within Cebu City’s busiest IT hub, you can feel the lively atmosphere of the city and use English 24-hours a day. 

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Where can I learn?

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What is your daily life like?

Why QQEnglish?

The reasons why QQEnglish is chosen

Prioritize Speaking One on One Lessons and CALLAN Method

Some people cannot speak English. We need to practice speaking English to overcome this problem. Let’s improve your English brain through speaking, not just self-study.

QQEnglish ESL school

There are 1200 teachers and all of them get TESOL certificates after the thorough training at QQEnglish

QQEnglish ESL school teachers have been chosen from many candidates, not only based on English skills, but also based on their teaching strategy and characteristics. After being hired, our teachers must pass our exams and have many training sessions from our reliable and experienced trainers.

QQEnglish ESL school

Students from more than 30 countries communicate with each other at our café and events.

We want you to focus on talking to other students in English every day. This is a very important skill for international people. We also want you to realise speaking English is fun with your international friends.

QQEnglish ESL school

You can speak English
in the safest place in the Philippines.

Both of the QQEnglish ESL school campuses are located in the safest place in the Philippines. You can even make small talk such as ordering coffee in a cafe, greeting QQE teachers near the campus, and so on.

QQEnglish ESL school

You can take online one on one lessons before and after the program

QQEnglish ESL school also provide online lessons so you can learn English with us before and after the program. This will help you to keep speaking English and remember what you have learned.

QQEnglish ESL school

We provide high standard programs
because we focus on Best quality

QQEnglish ESL school has both online and offline classes so we can provide reliable lessons at a reasonable price. There are also many group customers such as university students, high school students, jr. high students, and companies

QQEnglish ESL school

Stories of Experience

QQEnglish ESL school Studing Program Diary

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student's voice Russian student
student's voice Vietnamese student
student's voice Vietnamese student
Turkey Student's Voice
Turkey Student's Voice
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student's voice Spanish student
Thailand 01 Student's Voice
Thailand 01 Student's Voice

From Our Blog

Our blog section offers you the chance to gain insights on news that truly matters – world, environmental, QQEnglish news, etc. The contents of the blogs we have gathered together aim to give your new insights, fresh data, and awareness you need as part of the ever-growing global community.

Learning English articles

Learning English is a life-long process that entails commitment and dedication. Challenging as it may sound, mastering it is both bitter and sweet. You can become fluent in English in so many ways but an effective one way is to start with the basics of grammar and words. In this section, you can enjoy learning articles for free. Our grammarians have simplified some of the most confusing English words so that you can understand them clearly and use them properly.

Have your classes in mobile

At QQEnglish, we make learning English online convenient for you. You no longer need your personal computers when you learn with us because you can enjoy having your classes online using just your mobile phone. No matter how busy your day is, learning English with your favorite QQEnglish teacher is always possible.

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