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IT Park campus, Nearby Buildings and Establishments

You can feel the lively atmosphere of the city and use English for 24 hours.

QQEnglish is located in I.T Park, which is known as the center of Cebu island.
IT Park is a special economic zone developed by the Ayala Group, a giant conglomerate with a history of more than 180 years in the Philippines. Originally, this piece of land was an airport that was redeveloped to what it is today. A place for office buildings, shopping malls, condominiums, etc., it aims to create the most modern city on Cebu Island.

International students can also enjoy a study abroad life within the IT Park.

a map of a city

Shopping mall

Ayala Malls Central Bloc

It is a new shopping mall “Ayala Malls Central Bloc” that opened in December 2019.

It has all the stores you need for your daily life, including a grocery store, restaurants, cafes, fashion stores, consumer electronics retailers, a food court, an arcade, and even a movie theater.

There is also a Japanese restaurant and a Daiso shop. The products are the same as Daiso in Japan, and it is sold at a uniform price of 88 pesos on Cebu Island.


There is a grocery store on the first basement floor of the mall. You can buy not only fresh food, but also detergents, daily necessities, souvenirs, and other items necessary for daily life.


It is a Daiso shop. The product is the same as Daiso in Japan, and it is sold at a uniform price of 88 pesos on Cebu Island.



It is a shop that sells items from 100-yen shops in Japan and American miscellaneous goods at a uniform price of 88 pesos.

True Value

It is a household store. The products are almost same as in Japan, with half of the products imported from overseas and half of the products made in the Philippines. You can get things that are not available at supermarkets and Daiso.


They are authorized Apple retailers, so if you want to buy an Apple product while studying abroad, you can buy a genuine product.

Trading Bloc

Each shop is small, but it’s an interesting place just to look at.


A haircut shop exclusively for men. There are barber shops inside the mall. This is a luxury hair-cut shop its price is around 5$ for a haircut.

Beauty & Curl

A beauty salon for women. Hair dying and curling are also possible, and the price starts from around 5$ for cuts only.


It is a dental clinic. It is a beautiful facility that is comparable to other dental clinics, and if you have a tooth problem, you can get a medical examination immediately.


It is a nail shop. There are many in Cebu and there are a lot of stores in the mall. Some people like to enjoy nail art while studying abroad.


The most popular restaurant in the mall right now is the all-you-can-eat Korean Samgyeopsal restaurant.

Food courts

There is a food court on the 4th floor. There are more than 10 stores, including Filipino cuisine, as well as stores that make Chinese and fresh juices on the spot.


It is a money changer. There are 3 stores in the mall. All you have to do is show your curency and ID to exchange in pesos.


Although it is for children, there is also a game center. You can enjoy bowling on Japanese game consoles and short lanes.



A new Japanese restaurant that opened at the end of 2021 across from Avida Reala. There is also a wide selection of rice bowls such as curry and katsudon, sashimi…


A Japanese restaurant in the mall. It serves steak, tonkotsu ramen, and curry is popular too.


It is a tonkotsu ramen restaurant. Recently, it’s been serving a set menu and lunch boxes for taking away.


Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki are also popular Japanese restaurants with Pork bone ramen is the signature dish.


It is a Filipino restaurant with a variety of food on its menu. Outside terrace seats are also popular at night.


This is a sausage restaurant. There is also spaghetti using Japanese beef on the menu. Sausages are also frozen to sell.


There are two McDonald’s, they are open 24 hours a day. You can have a burger and french fries. There are also some items only sold in the Philippines.


The most popular fast food for Filipinos. The signature dish is sweet spaghetti with fried chicken and banana ketchup.


If you are a fan of fried chicken, go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. There is also spicy fried chicken on the menu in the Philippines.

Mang Inasal

BBQ fast-food restaurant. The most popular is chicken BBQ, noodle dishes, and Filipino desserts.

Cafe’ ots8

Cafe’ ots8 is a Cafeteria that serves a variety of Filipino cuisine with a mix of Japanese dishes like Qbay steak, yakisoba, and ramen. They also served BBQ and Beer. Located on the Ground floor of Skyrise 4 Building.



A cafe shop on the first floor of the school. Although the price is high, you can also enjoy civet coffee, which is said to be the best taste in the world.


It is a milk tea shop that has become a big boom in Japan. There are several shops like this in the IT Park besides this one.


Coffee Bean is familiar to many people. There are 5 shops in IT Park. The seats are comfortable, so it’s easy to study and work.


Starbucks has 3 stores in I.T Park. The store in the shopping mall is a high-end brand Starbucks Reserve with a special menu.


It is a cafe on the first floor of the building next to the school building. You can go from the school building without getting wet even on rainy days. We recommended its sandwiches.


This is a café focusing on tea. You can choose from a variety of drinks. Tapioca milk tea is the most famous drink.


There are so many branches in Cebu. Aside from coffee, cookies and bread are famous.


Seda Hotel

This is the only hotel in the IT Park and has rooms on the upper floors of the shopping mall. It is a 1-minute walk from the school.

Waterfront Cebu City
Hotel & Casino

It looks like a royal palace. The hotel is located across from IT Park and is one of the largest hotels on Cebu Island. There are also gyms, pools, restaurants and bars.

Alba Uno Hotel

Although it is a small hotel, the rooms are clean. It is a 5-minute walk from the IT Park school.

Zerenty hotel

Around Zerenty hotel is crowded with people working at IT Park 24 hours a day. There is a 24-hour 7-Eleven on the 1st floor of the hotel.

Night spot

Sugbo Mercado

Sugbo Mercado is a street food market concept. There are more than 50 restaurants where you can enjoy Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese food, desserts and beer.

Park Social

A bar-restaurant located a 1-minute walk from the school. Open 24 hours a day, there is a live band every night, and you can play billiards on the second floor.


A popular bar for cocktails. There are seats in the restaurant, but many people drink outside. There will also be a live band at night.


This restaurant bar is attractive for people who like to play billiards.

This bar has a live music performance and serves a variety of drinks, which is located inside the public park (Garden Bloc) in the IT Park area.



There are several 7Eleven stores in IT Park, and they are open 24 hours a day. Groceries and personal items are easy to buy. There are also fried chicken and meat buns ready to eat.

watsons pharmacy

It is a drug store. Including other brands, there are more than 10 stores in the IT Park, including in the mall. It sell soaps, cosmetics, and simple foods in addition to pharmaceutical products.

Chill Laundry

Avida Riala is a flat-rate laundry service for up to 7kg on the 1st floor. You can try its service easily.

Bus Terminal

There is a bus terminal next to the shopping mall. We recommend a taxi, but you can also take a bus to Mactan Island and neighboring cities.

Tree Shade Spa

Well-trained and reliable therapists provide services to guests and are reasonably priced. QQE students are eligible for discounts.


This is a famous massage chain in Cebu. You can choose several kinds of massage such as dry massage and aroma.

In "The Walk"

The Walk is a 2-minute walk away from the ITPark Campus. It has several restaurants, pharmacies, currency exchange and is home to the largest karaoke location within IT Park called Music One Family KTV.


This is around 30 minutes from IT Park campus by taxi. You can have dinner while seeing beautiful Cebu City at night.

Time reference from IT Park to other places

Hospital: 20-30 mins

Ayala Mall: 10-15 mins

SM Cebu City: 15-20 mins

Mactan airport: 40 mins – 1 hr

Beach area: 1 hr – 1,5 hrs