Study Abroad​

Life in QQEnglish campus

Take a look at the One-day sample itinerary
with time schedule and pictures


Waking up

​Good morning!​
Our original jeepney (Philippines mode of transportation) welcomes you every morning. You can also feel the Filipino morning atmosphere.​


Breakfast at QQcafe

The menu has a wide variety of food. Many students have breakfast at QQcafe and take lessons later.
Some students have breakfast at an outside cafe.

One day sample itinerary

Prepare for the lesson while drinking coffee

You can choose your lesson time freely, so you can study on your own during prime time in the morning.


Lesson start

The first class is CALLAN method for 50 minutes on the 7th floor. By reviewing again and again, words and sentences will come out of my mouth smoothly.

Study english abroad in Cebu QQEnglish

Having lunch at QQcafe

Refreshing your brain for a while. Having lunch with friends.

One day sample itinerary

Resume lesson

3 frames in the afternoon. While learning the basics in Basic English, repeat practice with the Callan Method.



The lesson is over, but there are some things I don’t understand. Organize what you learned and prepare for tomorrow.



Dinner at QQcafe or restaurant around here with my friends. After the lesson, we enjoy talking.


One day sample itinerary

Evening Activities

Take part in evening activities, seize other opportunities to use English, and make friends from different countries.


Preparation for the next day

Another step is in the cafe space. Put what you have learned into practice on the same day.


Return to the room and take a bath

Many people come in the morning, but I’m a night person, so I can wash away the fatigue of the day!

One day sample itinerary

Go to bed

good night! I’ll do my best tomorrow too

One day sample itinerary