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The difference between sow and sew esl confusing words

SOW and SEW Sow and Sew – What’s the Difference? What do you think is the difference between Sow and Sew? While ESL students cannot easily identify its difference in spoken English, several students always mix up these similar-sounding words

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Learning English

What’s the difference between Very and Too?

What’s the difference between Very and Too? – QQEnglish Grammar Very Vs. Too A number of students consider these adverbs the same but did you know that these words have different meanings? In English grammar, the words “very” and “too”

Learning English Homonyms in QQEnglish
Learning English

English Homonyms: Why Learning them is Helpful?

English Homonyms: What are they? What are English Homonyms? English Homonyms are the most confusing words in English. They are two words that have the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings. The term “homonym” comes from the prefix

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