Bye, Bitter Challenges. Hello Better Changes.

Bitter Challenges!

The COVID-19 pandemic is irrepressible and we are facing an alarming worldwide challenge. Understandably, there is a great sense of unease everywhere. Despite the danger, we need to bravely move forward. How? By simply turning bitter Challenges” to better Changes!

Since the start of the crisis, QQEnglish has been struggling because of the bitter challenges.  Half of our population went on forced leave resulting in a manpower shortage.  Because of the unprecedented workforce disruption, we could no longer accommodate the number of students.

Furthermore, we encountered many IT-related concerns that greatly affected our operation. We did our best to fix everything but due to quarantine restrictions in Cebu, we find it very hard to solve each problem immediately.

QQEnglish lost several battles but it hasn’t lost the wear. Though the experience was tough, it also paves the way for better changes in QQEnglish.

Bitter Challenges!

To help outmaneuver these challenges, we decided to accelerate the agile ways of working for our employees and re-structured our company organization. Besides, the creation of porous educational programs with modules that plug and play is also on its underway. The newest digital English learning programs, Online Campus and International Online Kids Camp aim to enhance the quality of our students’ virtual learning experience. These student-friendly online programs are made to match our students’ convenience and flexibility. Whenever and wherever in the world, all our ESL students can still learn English online for them to face the challenges of the post-COVID-19.

As we start to adopt the “New Normal,”  we have also considered leveraging on our COVID-19 program for our teachers.  Through this program, we bring the mission of giving teachers affected by the pandemic to recover and start life anew. But even so, we must work harder to bring back what QQEnglish lost and how we could provide quality English learning to our students globally.

QQEnglish yearns to carry out its promise to leave no one behind in this global emergency. As we face the pursuit in flattening the curve, may we continue to breathe in the air of hard work and compassion. Let us seek to equip ourselves with resilience to fire up our internal strength. We must embrace the reality that this pandemic is beyond our control. And the only thing we can do is to look on the brighter side by turning all these bitter challenges to better changes.

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