60 Useful and Impactful Phrases for Presentations in English

60 Useful and Impactful Phrases for Presentations in English: A Quick Glimpse for Presenters


Are you up for a presentation in English but don’t know how to start yet? Preparing and making a persuasive presentation in English is quite challenging and taxing. You have to consider a lot of things before you can finalize it. A good presentation relies heavily on the words or phrases you use to clearly convey your message to your target audience.

Then, what kind of phrases for presentations in English should you use to persuade your audience and get them involved in your presentation?

In this article, we are going to talk about useful and impactful phrases for presentations in English that you can effectively use in your future presentations. Before that, let us discuss first the importance of these phrases in English presentations.

The Importance of Having Impactful Phrases for Presentations in English

In the business world, presentations play a significant role because they make reports easier to convey and understand. Presentations delivered in English are impactful and are often commended. Thus, having impactful phrases for presentations in English is an additional advantage to get your audience’s attention and be on track.

Say for example you are assigned to lead a new project and you are tasked to give a progress report to your boss. It would not be nice to give him just verbal updates about the progress of the project you handle. It would be better to show him the things that have been working well so far, and things that have been a worry. With just a verbal report, your boss might not be able to understand clearly.

With that, using a presentation is important for him to clearly visualize what is going on with the project. Presentations also give you the chance to be constructively corrected. It also serves as a formal report.

Using impactful phrases for presentations in English leaves a lasting impression on your audience. These phrases can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your report. The more you use persuading phrases or expressions in your presentations, the greater the chance you have to be recognized.

Do you want to be recognized and commended? This article is for you, so keep reading and we’re with you all throughout.

People commending the speaker in her presentation.
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Useful and Impactful Phrases for Presentations in English

Aim for a long-lasting impression on your audience by using the following useful and impactful phrases in your next presentation in English.

  • Setting a bright atmosphere

At the beginning of the presentation, you would want your audience to interact with you throughout so setting a warm and bright atmosphere before it is crucial. You can use the following expressions:

      • “Good day, everyone! Who’s up for a game?”
      • “It’s nice to see everyone with a smile today.”
      • “I am glad you all came to attend this meeting.”
      • “Before we start, let’s have an icebreaker first to keep everyone going!”
      • “Have you ever…?”

Remember to get your audience engaged right at the beginning of your presentation.

  • Setting your audience’s expectations

In some presentations, the audience expects more of what you can give, so it is good to give them a brief overview of what the presentation is about and what will happen.

      • “This presentation will last about 30 minutes.”
      • “All questions and concerns will be attended to after the presentation.”
      • “We will allocate spare time for your questions and concerns.”
      • “The first part of the presentation would be…”
      • “There will be more slides in the presentation so please bear with me.”
      • “This presentation will take longer than usual.”
      • “If you have questions during the presentation, please write them on these pieces of paper so we can answer them later.”
      • “Please take down notes for your reference.”
      • “Handouts will be distributed to everyone.”
      • “There will be more games and interaction in this presentation.”

  • Starting your presentation

It is always nice to warmly welcome your audience before going deeply into your topic.

      • “I would like to formally welcome everyone today.”
      • “Please sit comfortably and relax.”
      • “Let’s start this presentation by introducing myself. My name is _________.”
      • “My name is ______ and I am from _______ department.”
      • “I’d like to share a quote from …”
      • “I have an anecdote to share and I’d love everyone to listen.”
      • “What do you think about the quote shared by…?”

Sometimes, it is better to start your presentation with an anecdote or a quote related to your presentation.

  • Introducing your topic

You may use the following phrases for presentations in English when introducing your topic.

      • “Today, I will be talking about…”
      • “The topic of my presentation today is about …”
      • “My presentation is relevant to…”
      • “I am glad to present to you the progress of …”
      • “As you can see, I am here to report about…”
      • “There are three major topics that I’m going to discuss today.”
  • Discussing the content of your topic: showing images, graphs, and illustrations

When discussing the content of your presentation, it is good to use the following expressions.

      • “As you can see in the graph…”
      • “Here is an example illustration of…”
      • “Look at the graphic on the screen.”
      • “This illustration/graph shows the result of…”
      • “Things don’t look good in this image so…”
      • “I visualize this project as…”
      • “You can see the graph showing the trends…”
  • Engaging your audience

It’s okay to pause for a while and get your audience involved in your presentation.

      • “What do you think about it?”
      • “Do you have any additional insights?”
      • “Please feel free to share your thoughts about it.”
      • “Your opinion really matters.”
      • “Kindly let me know if you have questions or clarifications.”
      • “I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.”
      • “Who would like to share their personal thoughts on this?”

  • Emphasizing or highlighting important information
      • “This is very important because…”
      • “The good thing about this one is that…”
      • “Our key takeaway for this matter is…”
      • “The most important thing in this project is the…”
      • “The decrease will not affect our sales target…”
  • Entertaining questions and concerns

Some members of the audience inevitably ask you questions about your presentation so it is best to be prepared. If not, might as well be polite instead.

      • “Thank you for your question, Mr./Ms. _____.”
      • “That’s a very good question.”
      • “Thank you for raising that concern.”
      • “I’d love to answer your question, but let me finish this first.”
      • “I will attend to all your questions after the presentation.”

  • Ending your presentation and leaving a long-lasting impression

You may not impress all in the audience with your presentation but you must know how well you delivered your presentation. End it with a bang, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

      • “This is not easy, but I know we can do this.”
      • “Thank you so much for sparing your precious time on this presentation.”
      • “I really appreciate your presence in this meeting.”
      • “We are all in this together, so let’s start making a difference.”
      • “I’d like to commend our workers for…”
      • “Good job to everyone for a job well done.”
      • “Kudos! Let’s continue to be productive and excellent.”
      • “You’re all amazing.”

You can also end your presentation with a quote or a personal anecdote for your audience to remember you.

These phrases for presentations in English are helpful ways to make your presentation easy to understand as well as impactful. These are just examples of phrases you can use when presenting in English. You can always experiment and create sounding phrases to persuade your audience.

By knowing these phrases, you enhance the effectiveness of your delivery as well as your communication skills. This is your way to overcome your fear of speaking English. Most importantly, the impression you will leave to your listeners will last for a long time.

Phrases for presentations in English

What to consider when preparing a presentation?

Presentations can be simple depending on your target audience, the context, and the time frame. These are just a few of the things you have to consider when preparing a presentation. You can also ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Know your target audience. Who are the attendees? Your presentation must be appropriate for the listeners.
  2. Where is the presentation? Check the situation.
  3. How long will the meeting last? How much time is allocated for your presentation?
  4. What data should you present? Think about the most important highlight in your topic.
  5. Should you use a PowerPoint presentation? This is better than just speaking without material.
  6. Are games or activities suitable for the presentation? If not, never mind. You’ll just waste your time.
  7. What interactive activities should you include? This is nice to get your audience engaged.
  8. What if you cannot answer the questions? Anticipate and prepare a backup answer.

Presentations are always easy when you know how to consider things during your preparation. Things do not always go easy, especially when it is your first time. However, just be confident and relax. Your goal is to deliver a good and effective presentation, but most of all, to impress your audience.

Get ready for your next presentation…

You have just learned some useful and impactful phrases for presentations in English. Now you are ready for your next presentation. Focus and think about your primary goal: the impression.