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What is Online Campus?

Online Campus Study English
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That's what we call "Online Campus"

For those who can't come to Cebu

Online study program "Online Campus"

Online study program
"Online Campus"

You can study English via the Internet, and programs and schedules are the same as the Cebu study program.
You can join the study program in your house.
Our teachers will be assigned to you during your entire program, so if your children get used to it, they can take lessons by themselves. They can study English based on fixed schedules even if schools are off due to the current situation which is COVID-19. It’s a very nice opportunity to study English because they have enough time. This is a great offer from us as we have not only the Cebu program but also an online lesson system.

Online Campus

Raiko Fujioka

QQEnglish CEO

Reasonable Price

No need to go Abroad


Without Local Payment

One-on-One Classes

Group Classes

Features of Online Campus

1. You can study the same curriculum with the Cebu study program
2. Our teachers have TESOL certificates which are English teaching licenses.
3. We have one-on-one lessons which are fixed that assigned teachers will teach, and group lessons in which you can communicate with other national students.
4. Our teachers can check your English progress.
5. You can learn from your house.
6. Parents can monitor your children’s lessons through the Internet wherever you are
7. Aside from lessons, we’re planning to organize online events to communicate other nationals.
8. Much reasonable price than real Cebu study plan.
9. You can improve your English skill in short duration.

Study plans

QQEnglish online campus

Attention: All of the Group lessons are optional.

The minimum plan is 1 week and maximum is 24 weeks. Below price list shows the 1 week price.

Please enter your information to download price list

learn English with us!

Online Campus
Online Campus
Online Campus
Online Campus
Online Campus

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