English Learning Curriculum and Materials for Kids

Learn English with qualified ESL teachers using materials specialized for kids

QQEnglish offers a variety of curricula for children from preschool to elementary school. This page provides information on the features and levels of each curriculum.
Please use this information to help you choose a curriculum for your child. You can also check the actual learning materials from our material page

Main Curricula for Kids

Smart Kids

Level 0〜6

Master the basics using No.1 popular curriculum for kids

 Smart Kids is an original curriculum developed by a team of second language education experts. Smart Kids is the comprehensive main curriculum for young children in QQEnglish, which is a well-balanced curriculum that provides the vocabulary and grammar necessary for daily English conversation, as well as exposure to the culture of English-speaking countries. Smart Kids is full of ideas to spark children’s interest in English. Even children who are starting from scratch can enjoy the lessons while learning the basics. Smart Kids consists of 8 books, suitable for children of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Recommended for:
  • Preschoolers and elementary school students who are just starting to learn English
  • Preschoolers and elementary school students who want to improve their English communication skills
Kids curricula

English for Little Ones

Level 0

Starter curriculum for kids who never learned English before

 This is a very introductory curriculum for children who are new to English and are starting from scratch.
In the lessons, children will be introduced to simple nouns and will be able to link the meaning of the word with its pronunciation in English.
This curriculum is suitable for those children who are starting from scratch or who found Smart Kids Pre-Starter or Starter difficult.

Recommended for:
  • Preschoolers who have never learned English before
  • Children who want to start from simple listening and easy word recognition skills
Kids curricula

Optional and Supplementary Curriculums

Magic Phonics

* Add-on points curriculum
Level 1〜6

Let's master correct English pronunciation!

By repeating the process of “pronunciation of letters” and then “pronunciation of letter combinations,” children can learn the pronunciation of words. In addition to words, the curriculum also includes step-by-step reading aloud exercises of short and long sentences, so that children can improve their reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills while recognizing the connection between the letters and their pronunciations.

Recommended for:
  • Children who want to learn phonics and improve pronunciation.
  • Those who want to learn correct pronunciation.
Kids curricula

Callan for kids

* Add-on points curriculum
Level 3〜8

Improve English communication skills using Callan Method designed for children

 Callan for Kids uses the Callan Method, a proven method used by English language learners around the world to pass the Cambridge English Proficiency Test (PET) in one-quarter the time of other methods, but specially organized for children. The curriculum is designed to be fun for children to continue, and to help them develop the reflexes necessary for English conversation through a game-like approach. By taking stages 1 through 6, even children starting at the beginner level can improve their English skills to CEFR A2 level (equivalent to Eiken Level 2).

Recommended for:
  • Those children who want to steadily improve their English speaking and listening ability
  • Those children who want to try Callan Method
Kids curricula

We can!

Level 1〜6

Develop "usable" English skills beyond "knowledge"

 We Can! consists of seven coursebooks for infants through elementary school students. Each level has detailed goals, and 384 goals are achieved throughout all levels. By the end of Level 6, students will have mastered the Cambridge Young Learners English Test (Movers level). The spiral curriculum allows students to naturally repeat the same vocabulary and grammar over and over again to build up “usable” English skills.

Recommended for:
  • Those children who want to acquire usable English skills
we can book

Time to talk

Level 5〜6

Curriculum for intermediate level students to read and talk about a given topic

In Time to Talk lessons, students will read and talk about a wide range of cross-curricular topics from chemistry and science to morality, including “Water Evaporation,” “The Lying Boy,” “Robot Fish,” and more. By exposing students to other subjects in English, the program develops thinking skills as well as reading comprehension skills in English. If you have already completed Book 4 of Smart Kids or has an equivalent level of English proficiency, let’s challenge taking Time to Talk lessons!

Recommended for:
  • Upper elementary to junior high school students
  • Those who want to improve their English reading comprehension
Kids curricula

Write Source -writing for kids-

* Add-on points curriculum
Level 3〜6

A writing-specific curriculum that teaches the basics and advanced skills of English Writing

 Write Source is a systematic writing curriculum for children. It is based on the popular American writing textbook “Write Source.” The program is designed to help students write long sentences without difficulty.
The Write Source curriculum is designed to help students master the fundamentals of English writing by learning and practicing the rules and techniques of English composition.

Recommended for:
  • Those who want to improve their writing skills
  • Those who want to learn how to compose English sentences from scratch
Kids curricula

We Sing We Learn

Level 1〜2

Enjoy listening to and singing songs and have fun learning English.

 We sing We Learn is a curriculum designed for children to learn English through songs. It is recommended for children from 3 to 5 years old to early elementary school students. Through playing games, singing songs, and listening to nursery rhymes, children learn the rhythms of the English language, and are able to eliminate their resistance to English and learn English by ear.

Recommended for:
  • 3~5 years old children who want to have fun listening to and singing English songs
  • Those children who are just starting to learn English
Kids curricula