Beach Front school campus

You can concentrate on studying English at a resort!


You can concentrate on studying English at a resort!

QQEnglish Beach Front Campus (BFC) is located in Mactan Newtown, Lapu-Lapu City, just a 19-minute drive from the Mactan International Airport!
Mactan Newtown is a significant comprehensive urban development project in the Philippines that integrates residential, commercial, retail, entertainment, and tourism facilities, making it a popular vacation destination that attracts many tourists.
The Beach Front Campus is located in the heart of Mactan Newtown! The building has 14 floors and covers about 12,000 square meters! It integrates office, teaching, accommodation, restaurant, and leisure spaces, making it a one-stop shop for all your needs. And get this, it can accommodate over 1000 teachers and 600 students!
The environment is excellent. Residential areas, hotels, resorts, beaches, restaurants, night markets, grocery stores, and a bus terminal station are all within easy reach, providing a convenient and comfortable living experience for everyone.

Lesson Space

QQEnglish 1on1 private class

Private room equipped with a PC for one-on-one lessons

All private rooms for one-on-one lessons are equipped with a computer for both students and teachers. It is possible to conduct lessons using the internet while viewing teaching materials on the monitor. There is also a whiteboard, so if you are not good with computers, you can also use the whiteboard for lessons.

The app “Classroom” used for online English lessons is installed on all computers, so the same screen is displayed on each student’s and teacher’s computer. When the teacher writes something on the computer, it is reflected on the student’s computer, and music and videos can be played on each computer.

You can review the chats after the lesson, which can be useful for revision.


QQ Cafe: A place for international exchange between students and teacher

QQ Cafe provides three meals a day, drinking water, juice, snacks, etc. Teachers at QQEnglish also eat their meals at QQ Cafe, so they can communicate in English even during breaks.

3 meals a day, offering delicious international cuisine

Meals are very important while studying abroad. For those who have applied to have meals at the school, we provide three meals a day in buffet format. You can eat as much as you like of your favorite dishes, including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisine.
Students will also enjoy Filipino food prepared for teachers.


Beach Front Campus

A tropical beach is within walking distance

The beach is within walking distance from the QQEnglish campus. You can relax on the beach after school or on your days off. Business hours: 6:00-18:00

Student dormitory

This is a capsule hotel-style student dormitory located on the school grounds, newly built in 2024.
The entrance is divided into men's and women's areas, and there are capsules, toilets, shower rooms, and a common space for self-study. Since it is on the premises, you can return to take a break between lessons.
In addition to the student dormitories, students can also choose to stay in nearby hotels or condominiums.

Teaching zone


The 4th and 5th floors of the teaching building are dedicated to providing class space for offline students to ensure that they can study in a quiet and comfortable environment. These floors are completely separated from online courses, providing a place for students to concentrate on learning and interact. Whether it is classroom teaching, group discussion, or practical activities, our teaching building can meet the learning needs of students and provide a good learning atmosphere and conditions for their learning journey.