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QQEnglish is located in the center of Cebu City and in the resort area of Lapu-Lapu City, placed on neighboring Mactan Island. Because the Philippines was colonized by the United States, English now is its official second language. You can easily overcome the language barrier and improve your conversational skills because everyday you communicate with Filipino teachers and other international students.

The founder Raiko Fujioka, a Japanese businessman, was inspired by his own experience of studying English in the Philippines. Initially, the school taught only Japanese students, but because of its unprecedented standard of quality learning, it expanded its market to other Asian countries, to CIS countries including Russia, and to Iran and Brazil.

Our school has offline and online classes. For students who come to learn English directly in the Philippines, we have two campuses both with dormitories. These buildings are placed on the two neighboring islands: Cebu (in the prestigious IT Park area) and Mactan (the resort area by the beach), so you can choose the setting most convenient for you.

For busy people who need to raise their level of proficiency quickly and effectively but don`t have time to come here in person, QQEnglish offers you online classes via «Skype. The online teachers of QQEnglish work around the clock, so you can take classes whenever you want and wherever you are.


The main advantage of QQEnglish is that it offers a large number of "face-to-face" classes with intensively-trained teachers who help its students improve their level quickly. QQEnglish ensures real immersion in a language community. Each student selects an individual training program according to his or her personal wishes and level of proficiency. The school also offers a wide range of programs including preparation for IELTS and TOEIC exams, the world-famous Callan Method, Business English, and exclusively designed QQBasics course. QQEnglish employs more than 800 teachers, all of whom are graduates of the best universities in the Philippines and also TESOL certified.

Together, we can see the natural beauty and famous attractions of the Philippines. Every weekend, our school organizes trips and excursions. Besides the all year round summer and friendly atmosphere for students who choose to study here, the Philippines has another significant advantage; there is no need to obtain a special educational visa for studying here. In addition to the usual tourist visa, you will only need to pay a fee to obtain a SSP (Special Study Permit). Our school assists with the extension of SSPs and the registration of all necessary documents.

Campus IT park

Campus SeaFront






Lessons start every Monday but you need to book in advance at least 1 week

Example Standard Course - 6 classes one-to-one + 2 group classes

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 English lesson one-to-one
10:00 English lesson one-to-one
11:00 English lesson one-to-one
12:00 Group lesson
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 English lesson one-to-one
15:00 English lesson one-to-one
16:00 English lesson one-to-one
17:00 Group lesson
18:00 Evening Break
19:00 Optional lesson
20:00 Optional lesson


There are more than 800 teachers in our school.

These teachers are all TESOL certified and graduated from the best universities in the Philippines.

The school carefully observes the working process of teachers.