Business English Course

Business English

Business English course is designed for ESL (English as a Second Language) students who wish to improve their spoken and written business communication skills.

This course focuses on business expressions, introduces vocabulary specific to various business domains, and familiarizes students with the finer points of business etiquette and business correspondence.

business English course

Business English Brief Introduction

If you are into business, this course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in English in a
wide range of business situations. If you are a student of business, the course will develop the
communication skills you need to succeed in business and will enlarge your knowledge of the
business world. Anyone who studies this course will become more fluent and confident in using the
language of business and should increase their career prospects.

Curriculum Highlights

-Teaches useful expressions fit for a business environment.
-Puts the student in certain business situations as a simulation to practice in handling it.
-Introduces vocabulary that helps students sound more professional when presenting themselves.

Business English Curriculum Content

The number of
The number of
The number of
The number of
The number of

Business English course Topics

Business English 4

Business English

Business English 4 ( A1-A10 ) 10Lessons

  • Making Contact
  • Giving More Information
  • Giving Your Name
  • Asking For Information
  • Asking The Caller To Wait
  • Connecting, Giving Negative Information – Not Available
  • Giving Negative Information – Wrong Number
  • Telephone Problems, Leaving a Message

Business English 4 ( B1-B10 ) 10Lessons

  • Reasons for Applying
  • Explaining Your Methods, Showing Off Your Skills
  • Giving Your Assurance
  • Motivations, Outside Work-Life
  • Childhood Dreams, Looking Back To Times
  • Hometown, Giving Your Strong Points

Business English 4 ( C1-C10 ) 10Lessons

  • Reasons For Writing
  • Sending Files, Sending Notifications
  • Sending An Invitation
  • Showing Willingness Specialties
  • Asking For Mails And Attachments
  • Giving Information
  • Expressing Good News

Business English 4 ( D1-D10 ) 10Lessons

Reasons for Writing, Showing Appreciation, Person in Charge, Business
Targets, Introducing Someone, Pointing out the Highlights, Problems and Solutions, Reasons Behind
the Problems, Giving Suggestions, Expressing Your Agreement

Business English 4 (E1-E10) 10Lessons

Starting The Presentation, Why You Are Giving This Presentation,
Introducing The First Point, Showing Graphics, Transparencies, Slides, etc. 1, Showing Graphics,
Transparencies, Slides, etc. 2, Moving On To The Next Point, Summarizing,

Business English 5

Business English

Business English 5 (A1-A5) 5Lessons

Meeting Someone New, Making an Offer, Offering Some Help, Taking
Down Information, Small Talk

Business English 5 (B1-B5) 5Lessons

Telling Time, Talking About Projects, Talking About Money, Talking About
Plans, Talking About Personnel

Business English 5 (C1-C5) 5Lessons

Giving Updates, Making Business Reports, Making Arrangements,
Discussing Options, Expressing Opinions

Business English 5 (D1-D5) 5Lessons

Starting and Ending a Conversation, Dealing with Telephone Problems,
Making Follow-up Calls, Taking and Leaving Messages, Using a Mobile Phone

Business English 5 (E1-E5) 5Lessons

Contacting by E-mail, Finding Information by E-mail, Giving Updates by E-mail,
Reserving and Buying by E-mail, Making a Complaint by E-mail

Business English 6

Business English

Business English 6 (A1-A5) 5Lessons

Ideas, Praise, How to Criticize, How to Delegate, Compromising

Business English 6 (B1-B5) 5Lessons

Planning, Updating on Progress, How to Report Success, Innovation, Giving
Feedback on a Project

Business English 6 (C1-C5) 5Lessons

How Do They Present Their Different Ideas?, Agreeing and Disagreeing,
Running a Meeting, How to Defend an Idea, How to Speak to a Group

Business English6 (D1-D5) 5Lessons

Surviving on the Phone, Making Orders and Checking by Phone, How to
Phone Around, Discussing Documents on the Phone, Complaining on the Phone

Business English 6 (E1-E5) 5Lessons

Starting an Email, Writing a Formal Email, Writing an Informal Email, Writing
Assertive Emails, Writing Like a Native Speaker of English

Business English 7

Business English

Business English 7 (E1-E5) 5Lessons

Being Assertive, Training People on Their Jobs, What to do in an Interview,
Motivating Someone, Being an Intermediary

Business English 7 (E1-E5) 5Lessons

Let’s Brainstorm, Who Do You Think Would be a Good Leader?, Who Do You
Think Would be a Good Leader?, The Best Thing to do, Highlighting Key Information, Linking Ideas

Business English 7 (E1-E5) 5Lessons

Passing On Information Informally, Welcoming, Introducing, and Thanking
Guests, Making Short Speeches at a Social Function, Guiding Visitors Around Your Workplace, Telling
and Listening to Anecdotes

Business English 7 (E1-E5) 5Lessons

Getting Through the Right Person, Giving Technical Instructions on the
Phone, Giving Technical Instructions on the Phone, Get to the Point, Making Conference Calls,
Following Instructions

Business English 7 (E1-E5) 5Lessons

How to Negotiate, Presenting Yourself in an Interview, Getting Away From it
All, Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Writing a Report,

Business English Curriculum Flow

Business English 4 Curriculum Flow

  1. Talk about the topic
  2. Learn the expressions
  3. Have a discussion using the expressions
  4. Give a short description about the picture
  5. Read the conversation
  6. Answer the questions

Business English 5,7 Curriculum Flow

  1.  Talk about the topic
  2. Give a short description about the picture
  3.  Match the vocabulary with their descriptions
  4. Read the conversation in the dialogue box
  5. Do Comprehension Check
  6. Study the grammar inside the Language Box
  7. Practice handling certain situations

Business English 6 Curriculum Flow

  1. Talk about the topic
  2. Give a short description about the picture
  3. Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary
  4. Read the conversation in the dialogue box
  5. Do Comprehension Check
  6. Study the grammar inside the Language Box
  7. Practice handling certain situations

Business English Course Content Quantity

  • Lessons in this book are fit for a 25-minute class, though it can also be stretched up to a 50-minute class (offline class) depending on the student.
  • Business English 4 has five modules, having ten lessons each, totaling fifty lessons.
  • Business English 5, 6, and 7 has five modules with five lessons in each.
    The total number of lessons adds up to 125