Plan / Price

In order to have an English-brain, you can choose what suits you in accordance with your target and schedule.


This is a plan for 8 hours, one on one lessons. Those who want to have only private lessons, we recommend it.

Daily lessons

4 hours IELTS One on One classes
+ 4 hours IELTS Small group classes
+ 2 hours big night group classes


minimum duration is 1 week

Recommended for

  • Those who want to improve their IELTS score and general English skills
  • Those who will take the IELTS test for the first time

Special Features

1. IELTS Speaking
2. IELTS Writing
3. IELTS Phraseology (Vocab & Speaking)
4. IELTS Test Preparation (IELTS 4 skills Practice)
5. IELTS Test Preparation2 (IELTS 4 skills Practice)
6. Topic: Idioms
7. Callan Method
8. ESL Speaking

Special Features

  • You can improve your overall English skills while preparing for the IELTS test.
  • You can especially improve your Speaking and Writing skills.
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