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In order to have an English-brain, you can choose what suits you in accordance with your target and schedule.

Business Plan

This plan focuses on international business and curricula for real business situations. Teachers are specially trained and well-experienced.

Daily Lessons

4 Business One on One
+ 2 ESL One on One
+ 2 Small group classes
+ 2 big night group classes


minimum duration is 1 week

Recommended for:

  • Those who want to focus on learning business English in a short time period
  • Those who want to work at an international company
  • Those who need to speak English for their job


Curricula in this plan is for real business situations such as presentation, discussion, meetings, e-mails, and so on.


Special Feature

Learn to have an international business mind.

By doing various role playing, you can learn suitable business skills. In this curricula, business manners are featured, so you can learn not only business English but also how to have a mind for international business.

Textbooks are for real business situations

These textbooks are made by Yoshito Miyosawa, who was the first Japanese, took (Blue Button) qualification from the London Stock Exchange, so real business situations are shown.


Reliable Teachers

Teachers are all specially trained for business plans and they are well-experienced in teaching.



Online lesson tickets are provided.

It’s important to continue learning English after the program also. So as much as possible, we want you to prioritize learning in your free time.

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