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QQEnglish IT Park school

QQEnglish IT Park school is a popular campus for business people. You will surely be satisfied.

QQEnglish IT Park Campus offers you a lively atmosphere of the city and uses English 24 hours a day.

QQ English-IT Park School is located in the center of the special economic zone where foreign-affiliated companies and IT companies gather on Cebu Island. The school building is located on the 7th to 9th floors of the building and has a maximum capacity of 300 students. It is the largest Japanese-owned language school.

QQEnglish IT Park School

QQEnglish IT Park Lesson area

Private station with PC for one-on-one lessons

Computers have been installed in all private station dedicated to one-on-one lessons. While browsing the teaching materials on the monitor, it is possible to hold lessons using the Internet. We will develop intensive lessons without worrying about other people. Currently, an acrylic plate is installed in the private room as a countermeasure against the infection of the new coronavirus.

QQEnglish 7floor leasson area _ Study English Abroad


QQEnglish cafe area
QQEnglish 7b Cafeteria _ Study English Abroad

QQCafe where international students and teachers can have a break and chat

“The QQCafe sells three meals, water, juices and snacks every day.
At QQEnglish, both teachers and students eat at this QQCafe, so they can communicate in English during breaks.”


Serving delicious multinational dishes with 3 meals daily

Meals quality while studying abroad is crucial. For those who apply for school meals, we offer three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as international cooking styles such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Students can also taste Filipino dishes as prepared every meal for teachers.

QQEnglish meals1

Other facilities

QQEnglish IT Park School
Security guards are stationed on the first floor of the school building
QQenglish working area
Counter with international staff
lounge zone qqenglish
Executive lounge for self-study and work
water dispenser
A water server where you can drink as much as you want, when you want
QQEnglish IT Park School
Toilet that is always kept clean
QQEnglish IT Park School
Equipped with a medical office and nurse
QQEnglish IT Park School

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QQEnglish IT Park School