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Guide book for Cebu Learning Program

Useful information to ensure success!

Recommended by Tommy!
Effective Learning Method Before the Program

Hello! It’s Tommy.
I counsel students about English and learning in IT Park campus.
Tommy is stating how to learn English effectively for Japanese and introducing recommended textbooks (Japanese) based on Japanese students.
If you still want me to translate it, please let me know.


1. Study plan

Special plan

QQEnglish is the pioneer of English schools established by International people in Cebu. We provide high-quality lessons that nobody can imitate.

1. You can learn English in the safest place.

You can try to speak using what you have learned everywhere in IT Park. The campus and dormitory are the best places in Cebu for living and studying.

One of the attractive points of studying abroad is you can utilize your English as you learn. QQEnglish is located in IT Park which is a governmentally designated area with 24 hour guards and many international companies. QQEnglish Seafront campus is located in a safe area with many luxury hotels.

We encourage you to communicate with Filipinos in English when you go out in real life situations.

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