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QQEnglish is the biggest English school and it provides English speakers with an English-thinking brain.

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Take a look at the One-day sample itinerary
with time schedule and pictures.

onyday with QQEnglish 1

6:00 Waking up

​Good morning!​
Our original jeepney (Philippines mode of transportation) welcomes you every morning. You can also feel the Filipino morning atmosphere.​

At Seafront

Exercise with Zumba in the morning by the beautiful sea. Anyone can join without reservation. I was surprised how much I was sweating!

7:00 Breakfast at QQcafe

The menu has a wide variety of food. Many students have breakfast at QQcafe and take lessons later.
Some students have breakfast at an outside cafe.

9:00 Lesson start

The first class is CALLAN method for 50 minutes on the 7th floor. By reviewing again and again, words and sentences will come out of my mouth smoothly.

12:00 Having lunch at QQcafe.

Refreshing my brain for a while. Having lunch with friends.

13:00 Resume lesson

Taking a QQE Basics lesson on the 10th floor in the afternoon. This floor is designed like a cafe. Starting a review of yesterday. Grammar is explained with English. I can be concentrated on learning / listening and I can do my best with distractions.

13:00 Group lesson

In order to improve my vocabulary skill, we have a lexicon lesson. I wonder if others understand my English.

18:00 Finish lessons

I still have energy today, so I want to attend the free night group lesson.

18:30 dinner

Dinner at QQcafe or restaurant around here with my friends. After the lesson, we enjoy talking.


We can go to the gym or pool

After using our brain fully, we can refresh by exercising! Many students go there.

20:30 Go back to the dormitory to do homework.

Depending on the lesson, there is a lot of homework.
If there were some unfamiliar words in today’s lesson, I review them so that they will become my new knowledge.
I can study by myself in a study-room.

22:00 Shower

Many students take showers in the morning but I prefer taking them at night because I can refresh!

23:00 Sleep

Good night until tomorrow!

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