Why Learn English Online? Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should!

Whether there’s a pandemic or the situation’s just normal, one common question that keeps on tickling our minds this: Why learn English online? Is it way better than attending school lessons? Well, this topic can be a great debate subject, but given the current situation, the pros surely outweigh the cons.

Since before the COVID-19 pandemic, people are divided on whether learning English online is better than going to school. The cons of online learning would argue that it’s useless since learners can’t experience physical interaction. However, those who support the efficacy of online learning highly recommend its convenient than the other.

There are so many things to consider when arguing which of the two types of learning is best. Yet, one fact is unarguable: it depends on the learner’s interest. But considering the current health crisis, the world is facing now, more and more people would prefer learning English online because of temporary school closure orders from the government.

Is digital learning is as beneficial as going to school? Why learn English online?

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Here are 10 reasons why learning English with an online teacher could be best for you.

1. You can learn your lessons anytime, anywhere.

Everyone’s busy. We know that. As busy individuals, we hustle hard daily to save money and pay our bills. As a result, we find it difficult to find time to attend English in school. However, this is not a problem when you learn English online. If you learn English online, you are the boss! You have the freedom to choose times you are most convenient at. And since you can easily manage it, your working schedule will not be affected. Can you ever imagine how flexible things can be when you learn English anytime? Like attending classes in the evenings, weekends, mornings, or even during your lunchtime. It’s easy—all you need is your computer, a webcam and a good internet connection.

2. It is time-saving.

If you ask me this question: “Why learn English online?,” one answer that’ll surely come out of my mouth would be this: It saves time.
At QQEnglish, for example, ESL students are learning so much without getting anxious about the time. For instance, when they learn English online, they have more time for their lives. Why? Because they’re not wasting time preparing for school and commuting and getting stuck in traffic. And with the coronavirus around, you’ll feel safer since you’ll not crowd the train station during rush hour.

If you take a class at home or work by Skype, you can save lots of hours to do other things you enjoy! Wouldn’t it be nice to just read a book or review your lessons without wasting time going to school?

3. You will enjoy personalized lessons.

This is possibly one of the best experiences you’ll gain when you learn English online. Unlike in schools, lessons are somehow teacher-centered. The teacher will just talk and talk, and if you don’t listen attentively, you’ll learn nothing. However, when you learn English online, your teacher will make sure that you learn your lesson. And in most cases, your teacher will ensure that the courses you’re taking match your English level.

Additionally, making a request from your teacher regarding the skills you want to quickly improve on is easier compared to when you are in school. Maybe you want to improve your English grammar for an exam or attend an important job interview. You can also ask your teacher to critic your presentation at work. The possibilities are endless when you learn English online with a teacher.

The good thing is that some schools also have learning courses designed to quickly English a specific skill. So you can ensure that you will get what you truly need.

Moreover, when you study one-to-one or in small groups online, your teacher can tailor your lessons to your needs and your interests. Learning English online is all about you! You can check the list of our personalized online learning courses for you to find out which one’s better for you!

4. You can learn and be in your most comfortable outfit.

When you learn English online at home, you don’t just save time. You also save clothes!

Unlike going to school where we plan for our daily OOTD, learning English at home gives you the ultimate clothing freedom. You can just wear your pajamas, have a cup of coffee, and relax on your couch.

With this type of hassle-free preparation, your mind’s more relaxed and ready to learn! If you are in a comfortable place, at home or in your office, you won’t have other things to distract you.

5. There’s always immediate correction and feedback.

When I asked my student: “Why learn English online?”, he right away answered: I want immediate correction and feedback. After hearing him saying that, I realized learning English online is indeed a big deal for ESL students.

Now, imagine you are in an English class with twenty other students. How much attention do you think your teacher can give you? When we do the math, your teacher can just have 5% of the time, maybe less!

Contrastingly, when you learn English online with a private teacher, your teacher can give you 100% of his attention. Thus, giving you immediate correction to your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary mistakes. This kind of attention we give to all our online students at QQEnglish helps them improve much faster. Here we have compared the features of individual and group classes in more detail.

6. It’s all about the money!

Did you ever compare the fee you pay at school versus the fee of online schools? I say the latter is cheaper, right?

Why do you think this is so? Here’s the tea…

English-language schools are more costly because they have to pay for other things besides their teacher. This may include classrooms, utilities, electricity, etc. Unlike some schools, online ESL schools like QQEnglish offer learning packages and freebies for their students. Also, they’ll provide you soft copies of their learning courses without the need to pay an extra dollar. With this style, you can save more money by studying English on the internet because online schools don’t charge you for these things.

7. Learn English according to your own choice.

25 minutes or 50 minutes? Every day or five times a week? Individual or small group classes? Well, it’s your choice when you learn English online.

Comparatively, online schools are usually more flexible than traditional academies. These flexible features of an online school, like QQEnglish, allows you to have more options to choose from. Besides, learning English online allows you to create a learning schedule that suits your life and needs.

Why learn English online
Why learn English online
Why learn English online

8. Enjoy the chance to use exciting technology.

If I ask you other reasons, why learn English online, you’d probably tell me, you like surfing the net. Who wouldn’t right?

And if I ask you, which’s more interesting: a lesson with a whiteboard and paper or classes with pictures and videos? You sure would choose the latter.

Nowadays, online teachers have been using more advanced technology in lessons. Modern technology helps both teachers and students to have fun and more engaging online class. At QQEnglish, for example, teachers have already opted to use a more advanced application besides Skype – the Classroom. Now, you can write your answers on the electronic board and record your classes daily. Furthermore, the app also has amazing features that allow you to watch and listen to the video at the same time.

Generally, it has been proven that the use of high technology, like Youtube to learn English makes the entire process of learning the language much more engaging and dynamic.

For instance, when you’re reading, not only can you transport an unlimited number of books onto a single device, but you also have the advantage of carrying an integrated dictionary in your reader as well. This whole modern way of learning gives you the chance to make an immense improvement in learning the language. Also, it hastens your chance of learning new practical vocabulary in every sentence.

On the other hand, when writing, you’ll find that not only do you have access to an online thesaurus and spell checkers. Now, new apps that even correct your grammar and help you write many better-constructed sentences. Feeling like a pro, right?

9. You’re helping Mother Earth since it’s a paperless class.

In school, they teach us to save Mother Earth. However, they require us to buy books and papers. Did you know that millions of trees are cut just to make our books and papers? It’s ironic.

Learning English online is paperless, and with your little way, you are helping Mother Earth’s recovery. With all your lessons and materials on your computer, you don’t have to feel guilty about wasting paper.
Besides, by not driving or taking a bus/car/train to a school, you use less petrol and emit fewer greenhouse gases… Online English classes help you protect the environment!

So, there are many ways to learn English, and everyone is different. Whatever way you choose, the most important thing is to find a teacher and a method that suits you.


10. You can make friends with people from around the world.

One thing that makes learning English online exciting is making friends with foreigners. Without the need to travel abroad, you still can make friends with your teachers and other students. And when you are lucky enough, there’s a bigger chance that you get to find the love of your life. Who knows, right? The possibilities are endless with the internet.

This might sound cringe but several lucky ones married their students and teachers. And who would think that you might the next on the list? We’ll never know. As the song goes, “when love calls, yeah, you’d better answer…”