Interesting Facts about QQEnglish Online Campus

What is “Online Campus?”

Online Campus is the newest and most challenging English learning program of QQEnglish launched in this pandemic. In this study program, online students get the chance to experience learning English for 50 minutes straight using the Offline Curriculum. This is the newest study program of QQEnglish is best for prospected Offline students who can’t study abroad because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Advantages of “Online Campus”

The Online Campus gives language learners the chance to continue improving while staying at home. The program offers several advantages, apart from the fact that it’s hassle-free and convenient Here are some more benefits when you learn English through

Online Campus Program:

The program gives you the chance to learn English extensively without going to the Philippines. Through this program, you will have the chance to improve your English proficiency level because we get the courses from the Offline Program of QQEnglish. You will have a private 50-minute one-on-one class with the best TESOL-certified teacher of our school.

It gives you an array of study courses that hasten the improvement of your Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading skills.
The Online program guarantees you quick and quality learning at an affordable price.

This program helps you cut-back on some other expenses because you are just staying at home. Though learning in the Philippines is also beneficial, this program guarantees you the same learning and improvement. You will receive the same class quality from the same excellent teacher.

The Online program guarantees you 24/4 online customer care to assist should technical problems arise Online Regular Program and Online Campus We prove both Online Regular Program and Online Campus to be the best way to learn English efficiently. The differences between these two programs are the (1) Length of Class and (2) Study Courses.

There is no certainty which of the program is the best because it would somehow depend on the schedule and availability of the student.

Length of the Class

The Length of the Class is one factor to consider when comparing the two study programs of QQEnglish. The Online Regular has 25-minute class time while the Online Campus is a 50-minutes class. Explicitly, the Online Regular program may seem to be the best option for working individuals. This is because they have limited time to take online lessons. Most of the students in this program aspire to speak English first before they start their own personal hustle at work or at school.

The Online-Campus is advisable to those students on vacation, stay-in parents, and those who are planning to immigrate or take exams like TOEIC or IELTS.

Because this study program offers extensive training, you sure will progress in no time. You’ll have more chances to practice more and learn a plethora of vocabulary since you will tackle more lessons in your class.

Study Courses

Considering the Study Courses, the lessons found in the Online Regular Program are brief, short, and comprehensive enough for you to learn something within the time. You can learn sentences beneficial in meeting your communication needs in your daily life and at work.

In contrast to Online Regular, Online Campus gives you the chance to learn English in a more challenging way. It’s challenging because you will not just learn basic English words, but you’ll also learn how to express your thoughts and opinions in English. That’s why this program is best if you have ample time to study English.

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