YouTube Channels for Learning English: 12 Recommended Channels

The advancement of technology brought the whole English language learning experience to a whole new level. Now, wherever you are – school, office, cafe, – learning English has never been this easy with the Internet. Apart from learning English online with a teacher, another practical way of learning is taking advantage of YouTube Channels.

Don’t lie to me, but you love YouTube as much as I do. Often, we watch our favorite vloggers and tune in to the cool music of our favorite artists. So, if you’re bored at home, why not try learning English with YouTube?

Here are my highly recommended YouTube Channels for Learning English at home:

YouTube Channels for Beginners

BBC Learning English

I bet you already have an idea of what the BBC stands for. If it’s your first time, let me first tell you what the BBC stands for. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is a British institution and probably the best YouTube channel for learning English the British way at home. The very popular British channel publishes new lessons daily on the BBC Learning English channel. Although, you might find the British accent a little difficult to understand at first, trust me, their lessons are so educational.

This YouTube channel also offers a super informative feature called the BBC News-Review. In this segment, reporters discuss interesting subjects and stories about how to use the newest language you’ve learned in your everyday English. Moreover, the BBC Learning English website also offers some English learning materials perfect for learners of different ages.

Learning English with YouTube

Easy English

Another Youtube channel for learning English at home is Easy English. Unlike any Youtube channel, beginners, especially kids, can improve their English by learning expressions used in real-life conversations and situations. Easy English offers all ESL learners the necessary vocabularies so they can handle English conversations well enough. Interestingly, this channel doesn’t just teach you vocabulary used at schools or offices but in almost all situations. So, if you think you’re the practical type of learner, give this channel a try!

Jennifer ESL

Before I tell you something about who Jennifer is, let me tell you one thing – she’s not an actress or a singer. She is America’s most loved English teacher. In her YouTube Channel, Jennifer ESL, teacher Jennifer teaches everything about the English language – grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. Trust me, this is the best YouTube channel for learning English if you’re a big fan of American English. Besides, what’s good about Jennifer ESL is that all her lessons don’t just focus on improving one or two macro-skills of learning, but ALL. Besides, you’ll also be learning some fascinating knowledge about American culture and some other interesting things.

In contrast to other YouTube channels for learning English, teacher Jennifer learns together with her students, which makes the lesson more realistic and intimate.

Learning English with YouTube

Speaking English With Mr. Duncan

If you’re new to learning English, maybe Mr. Duncan’s YouTube Channel is the best for you! This self-proclaimed English addict will wow you with his passion for the English language. Amongst the list of recommended Youtube channels for learning English, his channel is so perfect for beginners. On his Youtube channel, you can learn English three times a week for free. His English lessons are very educational and informative. Besides, all his videos are fun and easy to watch. Moreover, he focuses more on practical language and teaches you how to correctly speak it. And although he doesn’t explain grammar that much, he teachers other interesting topics otherwise. For instance, he enjoys talking about nature, news, fashion, practical and survival English, and a lot more.

YouTube Channels for Intermediate

On the GO with EF

You might find this a little different, but the EF YouTube Channel has a very entertaining approach to language learning. Why? Simply because they take you on a virtual holiday while you learn. If you have ample time, this is the YouTube channel for learning English you should choose at home. Certified EF Vloggers travel the world to show you some of the best cities and discuss languages and culture on the way. Discover Los Angeles with Angelina, Cape Town with Maria, and Vancouver with Asia while learning used English key phrases and vocabulary found in the videos.

Learning English with YouTube

VOA Learning English

The Voice of America (VOA) Learning English channel is suitable for learners who love learning English through international news. This YouTube Channel for learning English gives you the chance to master the language using captioned TV news reports, using simpler language, and read at a much slower speed. Furthermore, you can also learn about current news and allow you to become familiar with English news.

EnglishClass101 is one of those YouTube channels to learn English at home that has everyone’s needs. With hundreds of videos available for free, anyone can learn English regardless of their age and communication needs are. Generally, all videos available on these channels cover topics that are essential for you to learn English quickly. So, if you’re a learner of hate jumping from one channel to another, you might subscribe to and have fun!

Learning English with YouTube

YouTube Channels for Advanced

Rachel's English

Do you have English pronunciation and fluency problems? Then, Rachel’s English is the best place on YouTube Channel I can recommend you. Teacher Rachel takes her online student’s to a pronunciation class like no other for her student’s speaking English naturally. An interesting trivia, teacher Rachel is a classically trained opera singer and an expert in English pronunciation.

Business English Pod

The Business English Pod is the YouTube Channel for learning English I can recommend you if you’re a student or business person. In this channel, you’ll learn the most essential English knowledge you need to have when having meetings and presentations. I know you hate delivering reports and giving business presentations, but you don’t have any choice. It is your task to do it. So, if you want to learn this field of English, head to Business English Pod and you’ll surely get what you need.

Language learning for children

British Council Learn English Kids

Kids will truly find this YouTube Channel for Learning English entertaining, especially during this pandemic. LearnEnglish Kids from the British Council offers to learn English with action in a variety of formats. When you use this channel as your child’s preference for learning English, they’ll not just learn how to speak but also executing “How To” tasks’ successfully. Besides “How To” videos, this channel is also full of nursery rhymes, songs, and stories, perfect for younger children.

YouTube Channels for Learning English: 12 Recommended Channels

QQEnglish Official

If you’re a QQEnglish student and love to learn new words other grammar tips, the QQEnglish official YouTube channel might also be helpful to you. Although the contents aren’t that many yet, QQEnglish learning videos allows you to learn English in the simplest way possible. QQEnglish Official offers you videos with brief yet accurate definitions of English Homonyms and Homophones. Apart from that, the channel also gives you a quick preview of learning IELTS and the Callan Method.

Learning English with YouTube

Fun Kids English

Fun Kids English is an amazing YouTube Channel for learning English for children of all ages. This channel has been created by English teachers, musicians, and published children’s authors. And since the contributors of the videos are so knowledgeable in English, this channel is full of educational animated English videos and catchy songs. With new videos made available weekly, your child will have a plethora of learning videos to choose from daily. Instead of letting them play, why not let your child learn the alphabet, phonics, animals, foods, colors, actions, etc? Wouldn’t that sound more worthwhile?

Learning English with YouTube

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