The difference of Burakay and Palawan

Palawan and Boracay — which names synonymous with “island paradise” – have been lauded World’s Most Beautiful Places by Big 7 Travel.

The island of Palawan, the 2020 World’s Best Island, ranked 8th in the list. Meanwhile, the Travelers Choice Top Beach in Asia—Boracay claimed the 18th spot in the official updated list. The proclamation of the result became public on October 30, 2020.

Undoubtedly, the world-renowned travel content site included Palawan and Boracay among the world’s most “magnificent and wonderful places” possessing culturally rich ancient sites and bewitching sceneries.

Palawan and Boracay hailed World's Most Beautiful Places

Jaw-dropping coves and unbelievable beaches

Big 7 Trave earlier listed the Palawan islands as the world’s best Bucket List travel spot for the new decade. Moreover, the island province was also among the most popular post-lockdown travel destinations. The online travel site described it as the home of diverse wildlife, intricate landscapes, and underwater beauty.

“This immaculate string of islands is seen as some of the best in the world, and it’s pretty obvious why. Palawan is a fantastic triple threat of diverse wildlife, pristine landscapes, and subterranean marvels. Because of its stretch across the Sulu and South China seas, it boasts an enormous variety of nature from steep limestone cliffs to jaw-dropping coves and unbelievable beaches,” the Big 7 Travel feature described the island.

Clearly, out of the 7, 107 islands in the Philippines, only Palawan, and Boracay made it on the list.

In the meantime, the pristine island of Boracay was lauded for its serene beaches, sumptuous foods, and casual nightlife.

“Just an hour away from Manila, Boracay is tucked away in The Philippines’ Visayan region. This pristine island is one of the world’s top destinations for some R&R. Tranquil beaches, casual nightlife, and lush tropical scenery makes it easy to see why. Besides, the peaceful island also boasts a unique food scene and has maintained its unique Aklanon culture.”

Palawan and Boracay -Recognition can inspire tourists

The Department of Tourism (DOT) celebrated the added recognition for Palawan and Boracay, the country’s prime destinations. In a Facebook post on October 30, the DOT posted that the recognition can inspire tourists to explore again the wonders of the Philippines.

“The DOT is optimistic that the inclusion in this prestigious list will inspire more people to regain the confidence to travel. Consequently, it can also help the Philippines’ tourism industry to recover after this challenging period,” said Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat.

Palawan and Boracay have been a recipient of countless travel awards over the years. Some awards include the world’s best in 2015 and 2018, according to Condé Nast Traveler. Moreover, it also took the world’s best by Travel & Leisure in 2016 award and voted best islands in 2017 by international tourists.

Boracay island
Palawan and Boracay lauded World’s Most Beautiful Places by Big 7 Travel
Palawan and Boracay lauded World’s Most Beautiful Places by Big 7 Travel
Palawan and Boracay
Palawan and Boracay lauded World’s Most Beautiful Places by Big 7 Travel
Palawan and Boracay lauded World’s Most Beautiful Places by Big 7 Travel

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