Learning the Callan Method: Is the course effective?

In recent years, the number of students learning the Callan Method has been increasing, thanks to the efficiency of the lesson.

For those of you who are first-timers, the Callan Method is the only surviving direct method of teaching English. It is a lively and entertaining method preferred by ESL learners who want to learn English quickly.

Mr. Robin Callan devised the Callan Method in the 1960s while he was teaching out in Italy. And after the proven effectiveness of the method, he brought it over to London and established the first Callan headquarter there.

When learning the Callan Method, the teacher teaches students in a more natural way, like a child. The student constantly learns to speak English and use it very naturally as a native would. During the lesson, the mistakes of the students are immediately corrected by the teacher. This style allows the student to progress at a rate that’s unmatched by any other program.

Moreover, the student follows a systematic style of acquiring words when learning the Callan Method. The content of the method is also devised in a way that words and grammar lessons are arranged according to their level of difficulty. Through this style, students can learn all the language not only to be able to communicate freely but also to pass any exams that they might want to take in any of various levels (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CAMBRIDGE.)

The Callan Method is a tried and tested method and people know it works well and it has a fantastic reputation. At QQEnglish, the Callan Method has been one of the most celebrated courses in both online and offline classes. Besides its proven efficacy, students would prefer learning the Callan Method because it’s fast and absolutely fun!

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Where must you learn the Callan Method?

Nowadays, ESL schools offering the Callan Method are rising in the Philippines, particularly in Cebu. However, not all of them are capable of teaching it the right way.

One very important factor to consider when learning the Callan Method is to ensure that the school is a Callan-accredited school. Many ESL schools are offering the Callan Method in their academic courses, although they don’t know how to teach it correctly.

Clearly, it’s very important for ESL students to learn the Callan Method in a Callan-accredited school so that they can experience the real Callan Method and get the value of their money. Also, ESL students can also know that the standard of teaching’s going to be high and the materials used are authentic.

Furthermore, another benefit of learning the Callan method in an accredited school is the quality training of all its teachers. Teachers coming from a Callan-accredited school are the only ones who have received intensive training courses from the experts from the Callan Method organization.

QQEnglish makes sure that the school gives every English learner an authentic Callan Method experience. This sole reason makes QQEnglish one of the best schools to learn the Callan Method in the Philippines. Besides, the school interest is always about the education it gives and the way their teachers teach the Callan Method, and the value for money. And even if QQEnglish teaches the Callan Method correctly, the school also believes that it is not enough to keep its reputation at the top.

As the leading ESL school in the Philippines, QQEnglish believes that the market is constantly changing. Recently, it already introduced additional courses like Callan for Kids and Callan for Business. These courses made QQEnglish ahead and more competitive compared to other schools.

learning Callan Method in QQEnglish

What are the courses available when learning the Callan Method?

Callan Method General English course

The Callan Method General English course comprises 12 levels (or “stages”), and caters to all learners, from total beginner to advanced. It is taught at Callan Accredited Schools and Online Partners, by Callan Registered Teachers, and through Callan Online.

The Student’s Books are available in printed format or as eBooks with integrated audio. By learning the Callan Method General English course, you can learn everything from the basics up to the hardest words and grammar lessons. Moreover, the course also has lots of interactive exercises to revise grammar and vocabulary effectively.

Callan for Kids

Callan for Kids is a fast and fun way to introduce your child to learn English.

The course is full of exciting and engaging activities that help kids learn through play.

Through the constant question-and-answer technique, every child in the group remains focused and interested though the lesson.

Callan for Kids builds in children the confidence to speak rather than just understand.

Moreover, the Callan for Kids course covers all the language a child needs to reach level A1 on the CEFR through the world of Charlie, Kate, and their friends.

Your child will get to speak, listen, and love learning English!

Callan for Business

Learning the Callan Method allows you to widen your knowledge in business, English, and management. The Callan for business is specifically devised for people who need to speak English confidently in a professional working environment.

The course covers about 700 business-related items of vocabulary, useful phrasal verbs, common work-related language, and idioms. It also allows you to learn how to write business letters, reports, and memos.

The course is similar to the other stages of the Callan Method. Clearly, this course gives a strong focus on listening and speaking. Moreover, the course also includes readings and dictations and lots of practice to build fluency and improve pronunciation.

What are the 4 Parts of Learning the Callan Method?

1. Revision – This is the part where Callan students review the words and sentences they had in their previous lesson. The revision part also polishes what students have learned and corrects his/her phonetic or usage errors in words and constructions.

2. New Work – In this part of the Callan Method lesson, the students learn new words and their definitions and how to use them correctly in the sentence. This part of learning the Callan Method lesson involves students answering new questions about the new words learned by the teacher.

3. Reading – Reading is the part where the student reads a specific lesson to test his/her memory and pronunciation of the previously learned words. In this part, the teacher silently reads along with the student and corrects him/her right away if he/she commits any pronunciation mistake.

4. Dictation – When learning the Callan Method lesson, the student gets the chance to test his writing and listening skills on this part. The dictation part allows the students to practice writing English words given by his/her teacher correctly.

What are the advantages of learning the Callan Method?

The Callan Method, unlike any other method, has been proven to be effective by the majority of ESL learners. Among the following advantages that prove it’s way better than any method are as follows: 

Well-organized Lessons

1. Learning the Callan method is different from other teaching methods because it emphasizes more on revision. Teachers use the same learning material so you learn the lesson quickly because you’ll become familiar with it. Through constant practice and revision, you can polish your pronunciation and improve fluency at the same time.

2. Carefully organized learning material that allows students to learn from the basic to the most complicated words and grammar. Regardless of what your level is, it is a guarantee you’ll learn and can hold an English conversation quickly.

A fun and lively method!

3. Callan Methods allows you to learn English in a fast, fun way. Additionally, the method lets you practice speaking all the time and gets you into full of action. You can enjoy learning it every hour, whether you’re at home or at school while making steady progress.

4. Learning the Callan Method quickly improves your speaking and listening skills to help you become a proficient English speaker. Teachers teach the lessons completely in English that allows learning everything in English without translating it into your own language.

5. The Callan Method requires you to learn English at a natural speed similar to that of native English speakers. As a result, students can practice speaking it quickly since the teacher speaks English quickly as well. Moreover, the speed of the lesson does not give you time for translation or feel worried about the correct grammar. Instead, you practice speaking English as a reflex, just like learning the language when you were a young child.

6. There is an immediate correction from the teacher when you make a mistake. Unlike any other method, we do correction, not through a lengthy explanation but by imitation and emphasis on the error and then giving the correct version for you to repeat.

Affordable yet effective!

7. Learning the Callan Method is very cost-effective, yet results are clear in a shorter time, unlike any other teaching method.

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