5 Helpful Benefits of Joining In-Person Group Classes for English Language Learning

5 Helpful Benefits of Joining In-Person Group Classes for English Language Learning

In today’s digital age, where online learning has become the norm, in-person group classes still hold a special place in English language education. These classes offer a unique and engaging learning experience that online platforms often struggle to replicate.

Learning English as a second language can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. While there are various methods available, joining in-person group classes offers several unique advantages that accelerate language acquisition and provide a supportive learning environment. Before we explore the five key benefits of joining in-person group classes for English language learning, let’s read first an overview of in-person group classes and how they work.

What are “in-person group classes”?

When we say “in-person group classes”, we mean that students attend a group class in a face-to-face setting. In this setup, the teacher teaches more than one student and students can be with other students who are from different countries.

In-person group classes happen when students, specifically non-native English speakers, join a group class at an ESL school, whether in their home country or in ESL schools in other countries. Students study abroad to learn English, giving them the chance to improve their English language skills with a live instructor and to do sightseeing at the same time.

Tasks and activities in in-person group classes are shared by students. They get to enjoy the lesson because group work and some pair tasks are possible, leading to a more interactive way of learning. As a matter of fact, many ESL learners want to improve their English skills easily, so they enroll in in-person group classes so they can share their ideas and opinions about certain topics using the English language.

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Benefits of joining an in-person group class

If you’re serious about learning English, then in-person group classes are a great option. They offer various benefits like an interactive learning experience, immediate feedback and correction from tutors, exposure to real-life conversations, motivation, and support from other students, and a fun and engaging learning environment.

Let’s delve deeper into each benefit.

    1. Interactive Learning Experience

In-person group classes provide an interactive learning experience that goes beyond textbooks and online resources. With the guidance of a skilled instructor, students like you can engage in interactive activities such as pair work, group projects, and language games. These hands-on activities foster active participation, allowing you to practice your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a dynamic and engaging manner. The interactive nature of group classes promotes better retention and understanding of the language.

    1. Immediate Feedback and Correction

In in-person group classes, you receive instant feedback and correction from a qualified instructor. This immediate guidance helps you identify and rectify language errors, pronunciation issues, and grammatical mistakes. Regular feedback sessions enable you to track your progress, address specific areas of improvement, and fine-tune your language skills. The personalized attention and guidance you receive from an experienced teacher ensure rapid language development and foster continuous improvement.

    1. Immersion in Real-Life Conversations

One of the most significant advantages of attending in-person group classes is the opportunity for immersion in real-life conversations. Engaging with fellow learners and a qualified instructor helps develop your conversational skills in a natural setting. Through discussions, debates, and role-plays, you gain confidence and fluency in expressing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. This immersive experience prepares language learners like you to navigate real-world English conversations with ease.

    1. Engaging Activities and Games

In-person group classes offer a wide range of engaging activities and games that make English learning fun and interactive. From role plays and debates to language-based games and simulations, these activities keep students actively involved and motivated to learn. The hands-on approach enables students to apply their language skills in real-life situations, fostering a deeper understanding and retention of the language.

    1. Cultural Exchange and Networking Opportunities

Group classes often consist of learners from diverse cultural backgrounds. This multicultural environment provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange, allowing students to learn about different traditions, customs, and perspectives. Building connections with classmates from various countries not only enriches your language learning but also expands your cultural awareness. Furthermore, networking with peers who have similar language goals can open doors to new opportunities and create lifelong friendships.

Joining in-person group classes for English language learning offers numerous benefits that enhance language acquisition, boost confidence, and create a supportive learning community. The immersion in real-life conversations, interactive learning experiences, peer support, immediate feedback, and networking opportunities contribute to a holistic and effective language learning journey.

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Things to consider before joining in-person group classes

There are many language schools in the world where English language learning is taught. Teachers or tutors handle in-person classes and they will be either one-to-one class or group classes. If you want to join an in-person group class, you must think about some important things before joining it.

■ Affordability – Think about the price of the in-person group classes you would like to take. If your budget is tight, you can find some language schools that offer discounts for students who stay longer with them.

To many second language learners, the Philippines is their best choice to study English abroad because the price of language learning is affordable. In Cebu, for example, students who come to study English not only enjoy learning English they also have fun sightseeing and visiting popular tourist destinations during their free time.

■ Accessibility – Before you enroll in a language school of your preference, make sure to choose an accommodation that is accessible to and from the school. In addition, some language schools have stay-in accommodation for their students and this is already included in the package you can avail of. QQEnglish in Cebu, Philippines offers stay-in accommodation for language learners who want to study English abroad.

■ Quality – Aside from the affordability of the lesson package price and the accessibility of the accommodation, always think about the quality of service that in-person group class teachers can provide. Sometimes, you have to consider the results of your language-learning journey while you are enrolled in an in-person class. So, make sure that the service you avail has the best quality.

If you decide to join an in-person group class, consider taking it with Filipino teachers. Not only would you learn effectively, but you would also be able to have a fun atmosphere while in class.

Risk– Take note that when you decide to study English abroad, you are taking a risk. You go to a country where you are not sure of the outcome, so it is important to be positive, especially if it is your first time. Anyway, the risk you are taking is for you and not for anybody else.

 Your willingness and availability – Before you travel to your desired English school abroad, make sure that you are 100% sure of your decision and you do not doubt yourself for making that good decision. At the same time, consider your schedule. Choose a time when you are not too busy at work and when you don’t have to rush things when you go back to your home country. In addition, the duration of your stay abroad must not be compromised as well as your personal time after studying English abroad.

It is not easy to decide on studying English abroad because there are things that you need to consider before finalizing your plans. The good thing is that you will be able to improve your English skills while enjoying the place where you decide to study.

Consider joining in-person group classes

As you have read, there are many language schools in the world where you can join in-person group classes. So, if you’re looking to fast-track your English language skills, consider joining an in-person group class and unlocking the full potential of your language learning experience.

Try joining an in-person group class in QQEnglish and see the quality of service we can offer as well as the accessibility and affordability of our services.

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