20 Christmas and New Year Wishes in English for Different Occasions


Holidays are one of the best moments for us to take a break and relax our minds from our daily endeavors in life. As the year ends, the Christmas season is fast approaching. Also, as sweet as the cold wind blows, we can truly feel the essence of it. Joyous as it may seem, we are excited to relish it with our loved ones, too. Spread joy and cheer this festive season with heartfelt Christmas and New Year wishes in English with vocabulary, poems, and 20 sample messages for each you may use to send to your dearest ones. 

These two, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, are also considered twin occasions as they are the alpha and omega holidays of the year. Beyond horizons, miles apart, and even in one house that may seem distant at heart, these are the moments when we can celebrate and communicate our feelings toward one another. 

With this, people with diverse beliefs can still feel connected through communication, and sending Christmas and New Year wishes to someone who deserves to hear one’s thoughts will last forever in one’s heart.

Significance of Christmas and New Year Wishes

Ho! Ho! Ho! Howdy, folks! Feliz Navidad! Christmas is coming to town and the New Year is awaiting you around the corner. Hence, it’s a bright idea to send messages to someone we hold dearly in our hearts.

Sending messages to someone, like Christmas and New Year wishes, makes us feel heard, and receiving one makes us feel remembered. Thus, it is such a wonderful gift that even money can’t replace. Simple yet powerful! Moreover, how we knock on one’s heart is such an exquisite feeling. The following are its importance and how it affects our lives:

  • Fosters Strong Connection

Some of us may be far from each other. For us to keep in touch, we need to communicate with one another via phone calls, messages, letters, etc. Even people living in one house need a strong connection from their deepest hearts because they have gaps within. With simple messages like Christmas and New Year wishes, we can make one’s world better and we can share how we feel to fill that gap.

  • Shares Unsaid Affection

There are moments when we can’t say how we feel to someone. Especially when something had happened beforehand. Thus, sending Christmas and New Year wishes can make them feel that you are still there for them. We may not always be on good terms with the people we love, and sometimes stumble into ill situations. However, through simple messages we can show them that we still care, regardless of any circumstances.

  • Alleviates Bad Situations

Every day is not always sunny. With this, we may face unwanted situations, particularly from someone we love. Nonetheless, we can uplift that through simple Christmas and New Year wishes. On the other hand, there are situations where we are not included in one’s life. Wherein, they are dealing with their own life with a heavy heart, alone, that they never share with anyone. Thus, to mitigate these negative feelings, sending Christmas and New Year wishes will serve as a bridge to let them light their dark days. Happily, we can create values for one another, too, even in subtle ways.

  • Establishing a Firm Foundation

Emotional connection is one of the strongest forces that helps people feel connected, together as one. Consequently, we can build a strong sense of trust in someone we love. Sending messages, such as Christmas and New Year wishes, shows that we remember them even on our busiest days. Most importantly, to those people whom we haven’t met for a long time. The feeling of being valued is truly irreplaceable. Thus, sending Christmas and New Year wishes is a great alternative for those people who don’t have enough money to spend on gifts. Moreover, we can instill love in just simple little ways.

  • Savoring a Memorable Occasion

Sending and receiving something from someone shows optimum gratitude to one another. It caters to the emotional needs of both parties: to feel heard; and to feel remembered. In this manner, even simple Christmas and New Year wishes can make one’s holidays more enjoyable and worth remembering. Especially sending Christmas and New Year wishes to our friends, and co-workers in interpersonal communication and settings.

In a nutshell, we need to foster strong connections with others by sharing our unsaid feelings towards them, to help alleviate bad situations, which can establish firm foundations to fully savor memorable occasions of world love, peace, and joy. Especially in the Christmas and New Year holidays; to give life to the spirit of Christmas, and give sparkles to the bliss of new beginnings via sending valuable Christmas and New Year wishes.

However, always bear in mind that even though these two may have been related to each other, they still have different letters for particular occasions. Specifically,Christmas and New Year wishes are to be used. Some words may not represent such particular occasions, such as “Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Santa Claus, etc.” for New Year; and “Resolution, New Beginning, Fireworks, etc.” for the Christmas season. We are not going to use them interchangeably.

Below are some vocabulary words related to the Christmas holiday and New Year celebration that are useful in understanding some specific word choices in Christmas and New Year wishes for someone.

10 Key Vocabularies for Different Occasions

Christmas Vocabulary Words

x'mas tree
  • Santa Claus – an icon we use to represent the Christmas season. He is a fat old man with a long white beard and a mustache who wears a red coat and has reindeer that carry the sleigh as they fly.
  • Xmas – it is an abbreviation of the word ‘Christmas.’
  • Gifts/ Presents – the things we give to and receive from our loved ones, either tangible or intangible things.
  • Red, White, and Green – the color palette that symbolizes Christmas.
  • Xmas Letters – it is a written message for someone with either Christmas wishes or appreciation, longings, etc.
  • Decorate the Xmas Tree – to make a pine tree beautiful with lights and other hanging objects.
  • Mistletoes and Hollies – the plants and leaves usually used during the Xmas season; the former is a type of Christmas plant with white berries whereas the latter are with red berries. However, these berries are not edible.
  • People Caroling – people who are singing songs related to Christmas.
  • Gingerbread – the human-formed cookies people usually make during the Christmas season.
  • Hang the Stockings – big socks usually where gifts are placed for a specific person.

New Year's Vocabulary Words

  • New Beginnings – the starting point of another year.
  • Chapter – another year page of one’s life, just like a book of someone’s diary.
  • Fireworks – the bright different-colored lights booming in the air as the clock strikes midnight.
  • Journey – another path and decisions to take all the days of the year or another cycle.
  • Resolution – the goals we set to achieve in the new year.
  • Chanting Yells – the loud noises we make as we celebrate the new year.
  • Trumpets and Chimes – In the Philippine setting, trumpets and bells are played to express the enjoyment of another year. In Japanese, these are played 108 times to get rid of bygone earthly desires or mistakes made last year. It also has different meanings in different countries, too.
  • New Year Messages – the words or phrases we send to our loved ones.
  • Fruits and Feast – the food we prepare to celebrate as we gather with our relatives and family for a very long time.
  • Prosperous – a state of being successful and blessed with wealth and optimism.
A Person Writing a Letter

Thoughtful Christmas and New Year Wishes for your Loved Ones

Christmas and New Year wishes terminology is crucial to keep in mind when sending messages to our loved ones to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. These specific words help to supplement the message one tries to convey accurately for a specific occasion to the other. Although Christmas and New Year wishes are not the main focus of these two holidays, still little things mean a lot to somebody.

Hence, the following are some Christmas and New Year wishes to help you get an idea of what you may send to your loved ones. May these sample Christmas and New Year wishes give light to someone and sparks joy within their hearts. 

Family Celebrating Christmas Eve

Xmas Time

Time flies so fast.
Tick-tock, snap and clap.

Candies, stockings; red and white;
Gifts and letters of delight;
Crunchy cookies, apple pies;
Waiting for the clock, midnight.

Santa smiles in shining blithe
Mistletoes and radiant lights;
Dazzling balls and candlelight
All in all, in winter night!

Gift of the Christmas Holiday

Christmas season is the time when we merrily celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, for Christians; and the sending of gifts from Santa Claus, for non-Christians to good children, on December 25th, when the clock strikes at 12:00 o’clock, midnight. Happily, people around the world decorate their houses with a red, green, and white-colored palette; Mr. Snowman smiles as mistletoes flicker with bright lights; and many more; to revive the spirit of Christmas as it arrives.

This is also the time for world love, peace, and joy as we rejoice with the people we hold dearly in our hearts —friends, family, relatives, neighbors, husband, wife, etc. Now, go get your pens and papers. Let’s make Xmas cards and craft words worth remembering!

Examples of Christmas wishes in English:

  • Have a sweet holiday and a good night’s sleep!
  • How do you do? Wishing you good health always!
  • I appreciate you and I see you. Happy holidays there! I LOVE YOU.
  • May you receive the gifts of love, peace, and joy.
  • I wish your humble abode would be filled with much love and greatness.
  • You matter to me. I’m here when you need me.
  • May your eyes sparkle with joy, your heart sleeps in peace, and a smile full of love.
  • Merry Christmas and wishing you the best holiday ever!
  • Santa Claus is looking and he sees your goodness.
  • I see your efforts and always remember you are loved. Best wishes!
  • Have a jovial moment with your family and loved ones.
  • May your wishes come true this Christmas!
  • Have a wonderful holiday! I miss you a lot.
  • May your tears of sadness be turned to joy this eve. Best wishes!
  • Hugs and kisses to you. Happy Yuletide!
  • May you feel the warmth of Christmas this season.
  • Sending love, strength, and a happy heart to you!
  • You are the star on top of my Christmas tree. The best gift I’ve ever had!
  • Our home misses you! I wish you were here.
  • May all your dark sorrows be filled with bright morrows.
Kids Celebrating New Years Eve

New Year's Chime

Fireworks gleam and shine
In the cold winter night
Joyous yells and tiny chimes
Fill the air in sweet delight.

New wishes meant to make
Another dreams to fulfill and chase.
Fresh new journeys to grasp and take;
And get rid of all the last year’s waste.

Anew resolution sprouts,
As the best year began.
Words we can’t say with our mouths;
May our sorrows be all gone!

As we embrace this year
Let us savor love, joy, and care.
For the love ones we hold so dear;
Will have all the answered prayers.

Bliss of New Year’s Holiday

New year marks the genesis of a new set of milestones in our lives. New resolutions to be set; new doors of opportunities to be opened; and new journeys to be taken as we leave trails in our route of diaries.

This is the time when we set goals as we depart from the previous year and embrace the arrival of another odyssey. Fireworks glitter in the night, loud noises yet pleasing to hear the harmony of fireworks, bells, and yells fill the air. As the starting page of our calendar begins, it is vital to celebrate it with our loved ones as well. We will start the year with them, similar to how we end the year. Thus, sending holiday messages in English to them makes it more memorable and worth reminiscing about.

Examples of New Year’s wishes in English:

  • May you have a prosperous New Year ahead!
  • I wish you all a year full of love and joy.
  • Let the fireworks in your heart boom with grace.
  • May you reach your dreams this year!
  • You will become successful this year. Claim it!
  • Have a wonderful journey. Best wishes!
  • Always start your year with a smile. Love you lots!
  • Joyous new beginnings to you!
  • My family wishes you the best year in your life.
  • You are my midnight sun. Happy New year!
  • You bring light to my New Year’s Eve!
  • I want to relish this beginning with you.
  • You are my plume in my diary called Life.
  • May you have a wonderful journey.
  • I want to keep a Polaroid with you on this day.
  • Congratulations! You made it this far. I’m so proud of you!
  • May you achieve all your New Year’s resolutions.
  • Have a memorable year!
  • When life gets hard on you, I’m here for you.

Improve your Christmas and New Year Wishes

See? There are other ideas and words to express yourself. Improving your Christmas and New Year wishes to be sent to your loved ones gives them a sense of surprise as they are not expecting messages aside from the cliché lines, “We wish you a Merry Xmas” and “We wish you a Happy New Year.” You may use some of the aforesaid heart-warming Christmas and New Year wishes to someone you love which are worth emulating and radiating.

To sum it all up, it is not just about the wish, but the message it tries to convey in your Christmas and New Year wishes. In which it can add meaning to our lives and we can feel the essence of it. Most essentially, that the words we make come from the depths of our hearts, not just the cliché ones. Withal, The QQEnglish family wishes you all the best in the forthcoming Christmas holiday and a prosperous New Year ahead! Happy holidays, dear visitors!

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