Sweet and Suite

Just like the words ‘Sow’ and ‘Sew’, the words ‘sweet’ and ‘suite’ are also some of the most common English homophones. Because these words sound similar, a lot of ESL students easily get confused with the words’ correct spelling and pronunciation. The words ‘sweet’ and ‘suite’ are examples of English homophones. If you no longer remember what these words are, then let me remind you what these words are. English homophones are words that have the same sound (pronunciation) but different meanings and (usually) spelling.

However, I assure English learners that they will understand the difference between these words after reading this brief article. So, grab your pen and paper, and let’s learn the difference between ‘sweet’ and ‘suite’.


'Sweet' is an adjective

Even if the words sweet and suite sound the same, these words have different spellings. In oral English, however, we only say sweet when we describe something sugary like ice cream or a cake. Therefore, sweet is an adjective.

For example:

The strawberry cake is sweet. (strawberry cake = sweet)
Yellow mangoes are sweet, but green mangoes are sour. (yellow mangoes = sweet); (green mangoes ≠ sweet)

Besides using it to describe food that has sugar, sweet also describes something very satisfying or attractive.

For example:

She likes the sweet smell of the flower.
He has a sweet singing voice.
The baby is so sweet to her mother.


'Suite' is a noun

How do sweet and suite differ from each other? The answer is very simple. You cannot use a suite for food. Sweet and suite got no difference when you use them in English oral communication because they sound the same. But when you use them in written English, you will find out that the suite has more difficult spelling. While we use sweet in food, Suite is a noun which means a set of connected rooms, especially in a hotel.

For example:

  • The President stayed in his hotel suite after a tiring week.
  • My family stayed in the hotel suite during our vacation.


In conclusion, we use the word sweet to describe something that has sugar like in food and something pleasant. However, we use the word suite means a set of connected rooms like in a hotel.