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170 Most Beautiful Words in English to Know: Vocabulary, Idioms, Quotes


Are you an aspiring poet who wants to use colorful and beautiful words to craft your poetry? Are you a Word Geek, who would like to know more about some beautiful words in English, to improve your vocabulary? Or an aspiring writer who wants to use some accurate and beautiful words for descriptive writing? If so, then keep on reading this article, for you to get to know some beautiful words in English from QQEnglish.

Learning English is fun yet complicated. However, if you are acquainted with some of the beautiful words in English, you can have a wonderful time learning and indulging yourself in acquiring English dynamics. Particularly in using some beautiful words in your daily lives. 

Having a profound knowledge of the various beautiful words in English is such an utmost ability to possess. Wherein, you can easily understand what  others might try to say cohesively and intensively using these beautiful words. Especially after reading and critiquing literary pieces, journals, and other written documentaries. Moreover, not just in reading but also in the other English macro skills —writing, listening, speaking, and viewing!

In addition, the following beautiful words, when used in sentences, can make your writing more colorful to read as they can add life and palette to the context. However, some of these beautiful words are familiar to some readers – may it be simple, negative, or strong words; yet the author considered them as they can be helpful when it comes to having conversations. The following are some beautiful words in English with meanings, examples, and explanations for you to understand words profoundly; beautiful words in A-Z:

26 Most Beautiful Words in English with Explanations (A-Z)


Adamantine (adjective) [ ad-uh-MAN-teen, -tin, -tahyn ] 

  • Meaning: strong and unbreakable
  • Example: The warrior wears his adamantine armor to fight against the dragon.
  • Explanation: The warrior’s armor is very strong and unbreakable. 


Bewildering (adjective) [ bih-WIL-der-ing ]

  • Meaning:  extremely confusing
  • Example: John survived a lot of bewildering problems last year.
  • Explanation: John surpassed all the extremely confusing problems he had last year.


Clandestine (adjective) [ klan-DES-tin ]

  • Meaning: privately or secretly
  • Example: I witnessed my boyfriend’s clandestine meeting with my best friend.
  • Explanation: The girl just saw her boyfriend and best friend’s secret affair.


Dauntless (adjective) [ DAWNT-lis, DAHNT- ]

  • Meaning: A person who is bold, fearless, and intimidating.
  • Example: Jeanne’s dauntless character is her best asset.
  • Explanation: This sentence means that Jeanne’s best reflection of herself is being fearless and bold.


Epiphany (adjective) [ ih-PIF-uh-nee ]

  • Meaning:  a sudden realization, revelation, and insight.
  • Example: Troy had an epiphany last week, so I stopped my unhealthy diet immediately.
  • Explanation: Troy realized that having too much of an unhealthy diet is very dangerous.


Flabbergast (verb) [ FLAB-er-gast ]

  • Meaning: To overwhelm with surprise, shock, and confusion
  • Example: Jones is flabbergasts as soon as he sees his dog wounded.
  • Explanation: Jones is shocked and confused when he sees his dog wounded.


Gregarious (adjective) [ gri-GAIR-ee-uhs ]

  • Meaning: A sociable person; fond of others’ company
  • Example: Gretta is such a gregarious person as she is so lively when surrounded by lots of people.
  • Explanation: Gretta is a very sociable person who can easily adapt to a big crowd.


Harness (verb) [ HAHR-nis ]

  • Meaning: to gain control over something
  • Example: Let us harness the wind to make energy for the town.
  • Explanation: They use the wind to make electrical power through the use of windmills.


Inquisitiveness (noun) [ in-KWIZ-i-tiv-nis ]

  • Meaning: intellectual curiosity or eagerness for new knowledge
  • Example: Agatha’s sense of inquisitiveness about life made her become an existentialist person.
  • Explanation: Agatha has many questions about life and the world, and because of that, she became a great life adviser.


Juxtaposition (noun) [ juhk-stuh-puh-ZISH-uhn ]

  • Meaning: Placing two things together side-by-side, especially for comparison
  • Example: The juxtaposition of the rich and the poor is very alarming.
  • Explanation: There are two opposing ideas here, the rich and the poor, which is alarming, due to the socioeconomic gap between them.


Kaleidoscope (noun) [ kuh-LAHY-duh-skohp ]

  • Meaning: a continuously shifting pattern, a scene, and many more.
  • Example: The 21st century is a kaleidoscope of scientific and technological advancement.
  • Explanation: In the 21st century, a lot of gadgets were made and a lot of research studies have been conducted throughout time.


Loquacious (adjective) [ loh-KWEY-shuhs ]

  • Meaning: a person who is very talkative, bubbly, wordy, and the like
  • Example: Yuri’s loquacious friend made our picnic wonderful and lively.
  • Explanation: Yuri’s friend talks a lot about various topics at the picnic so that they don’t get bored.


Mellifluous (adjective) [ muh-LIF-loo-uhs ]

  • Meaning: so sweet and smooth and pleasing to the ears
  • Example: Tiara’s mellifluous voice sounds like heaven.
  • Explanation: Tiara’s voice is very pleasing to the ears just like the sound of an angel singing in the heavens. 


Nocturnal (adjective) [ nok-TUR-nl ]

  • Meaning: active at night, productive during nighttime
  • Example: Johannes is a nocturnal person and prefers to work at night.
  • Explanation: Johannes is active at night and does a lot of work compared to daytime.


Omniscient (adjective) [ om-NISH-uhnt ]

  • Meaning: having unlimited knowledge, understanding, and awareness of such things
  • Example: Teacher Wilf knows many things. He’s truly an omniscient person.
  • Explanation: Teacher Wilf is very knowledgeable about everything people ask him about, like a human Google or a walking dictionary.


Pandemonium (noun) [ pan-duh-MOH-nee-uhm ]

  • Meaning: a state of uproar, extreme confusion, and a very chaotic situation
  • Example: There was a pandemonium that happened after they heard a loud massive bomb.
  • Explanation: People are confused and make loud noises in an uncontrolled way when they hear the bomb.


Quintessential (adjective) [ kwin-tuh-SEN-shuhl ]

  • Meaning: It represents the most perfect or typical example of a thing or idea.
  • Example: Analee was the quintessential strong-independent woman.
  • Explanation: Analee is the perfect example of a strong independent woman.


Ravenous (adjective) [ RAV-uh-nuhs ]

  • Meaning: extremely hungry
  • Example: John feels ravenous after lifting heavy things lately.
  • Explanation: John wants to eat a lot because he used all his energy lifting heavy things earlier.


Schadenfreude (adjective) [ SHAHD-n-froi-duh ]

  • Meaning: a person who finds satisfaction in someone else’s misfortune
  • Example: Lowell’s way of pleasure is being  schadenfreude.
  • Explanation: Lowell finds happiness in other people’s misfortunes or mistakes.


Tempestuous (adjective) [ tem-PES-choo-uhs ]

  • Meaning: very stormy; a person who has strong, intense mood swings and emotions
  • Example: Heather’s tempestuous rage of anger makes the class scared.
  • Explanation: Heather’s intense emotion of anger made her classmates scared.


Ubiquitous (adjective) [ yoo-BIK-wi-tuhs ]

  • Meaning: can be seen anywhere at the same time
  • Example: These ubiquitous posters about the election are along ABC Street.
  • Explanation: A lot of posters related to election campaigns can be seen everywhere on ABC Street.


Vivacious (adjective) [ vi-VEY-shuhs ]

  • Meaning: lively, exciting, and attractive
  • Example: Jewel’s vivacious attitude is her greatest asset.
  • Explanation: Jewel’s lively attitude is what makes her unique and her possession that no one can copy.


Worthwhile (adjective) [ wurth-HWAYL ]

  • Meaning: anything that is worthy of money, effort, time, etc.
  • Example: It is my pleasure to have this worthwhile book.
  • Explanation: This sentence says that the book the person bought is worth the money, time, and effort one has given to get it.


Xenophilia (noun) [ zen-uh-FIL-ee-uh ]

  • Meaning: an individual who has a strong attraction to foreign people, culture, food, etc.
  • Example: Anthony has a strong xenophilia for German culture.
  • Explanation: Anthony has a strong desire to learn more about Germany’s culture.


Yearning (noun) [ YUR-ning ]

  • Meaning: a deep longing for someone or something, especially sadness and strong emotions
  • Example: Demeter is yearning to see her daughter Persephone.
  • Explanation: Demeter has deep intense feelings about seeing her missing daughter Persephone.


Zing (noun) [ ZING ]

  • Meaning: a quality that makes something interesting, exciting, and lively.
  • Example: Samuel can make a performance with lots of zing.
  • Explanation: Samuel is the key to making their performance lively and more exciting.
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Other 104 Beautiful Words: Example Sentences Only

Some most beautiful words in English are very useful in your daily conversations. Learning these beautiful words in English makes you more confident and proficient in the use of the English language. Especially if you are a non-native English speaker, thus, these beautiful words are helpful for you. Hence, indulge yourself with these 104 beautiful words with example sentences only:

  • Abyss – Her parcel fell into the Pacific Ocean’s abyss.
  • Altruistic – She felt altruistic in the middle of the movie.
  • Auspicious – Shane celebrated her auspicious day of birth.
  • Amity – Jen and John are now in amity after hating each other for too long.
  • Affable – Jeanne is affable and she goes along well.
  • Bliss – I felt  bliss as she kissed my cheeks.
  • Bonny – She felt bonny when her crush waved at her.
  • Benign – Jack’s benign attitude and mysterious character make him handsome.
  • Bequeath – Queen Anastasia bequeathed her assets to her son, Prince Dwayne.
  • Bedazzle – Let us bedazzle the judges with our group presentation.
  • Bourgeoisie – The bourgeoisie mocks the children on the streets.
  • Catalyst – Agatha is a catalyst for change in their community.
  • Crestfallen – Jones went crestfallen after he was rejected.
  • Cascade – Teacher Oswell cascades the information immediately.
  • Camaraderie – The camaraderie among members of my team is awesome.
  • Clamor – University students have lots of clamor regarding their heavy projects.
  • Conundrum – Esta raised a conundrum with her teacher about the Parts of Speech.
  • Connoisseurship – Adam’s connoisseurship in fine arts made him famous in town.
  • Cacophony – The cacophony of fireworks, bells, and yelling excites me every New Year’s Eve.
  • Demeanor – I adore Calvin’s demeanor, so relaxed and composed when mad.
  • Demise – The demise of people in the Philippines due to COVID-19 is increasing.
  • Deterioration – The deterioration of our natural resources is becoming high.
  • Exhilarating – Science experiments are exhilarating.
  • Ecstatic – Owen feels ecstatic when watching his favorite anime.
  • Euphony – The euphony of different musical instruments makes me feel happy.
  • Ephemeral – The ephemeral view of the sunset’s beauty is so relaxing.
  • Electrifying – The crowd went wild during Taylor’s electrifying live performances.
  • Epitome – Alyana is the epitome of a woman with beauty and brain.
  • Embodiment – Malala is the embodiment of a brave woman.
  • Flamboyant – She makes flamboyant gestures to attract men.
  • Frivolous – Serena feels frivolous lately after the test.
  • Flimsy – I have just found some flimsy documents in the closet.
  • Facade – The facade of Burj Khalifa is very outstanding.
  • Fortnight – Let’s see each every fortnight this month.
  • Gobbledygook – Franz thinks he is smart, but all those things he said are gobbledygook to me.
  • Gargantuan – The dinosaurs would look gargantuan if they still existed today.
  • Humility – He possesses utmost humility regardless of how many achievements he has.
  • Humane – The government releases a new law focusing on the humane treatment of endangered animals.
  • Halcyon – The halcyon days during summer vacation have come to an end.
  • Hunky-dory – Stop expecting people to be hunky-dory for you even if you treat them well.
  • Ineffable – His ineffable character makes me feel shy.
  • Incinerate – The culprit incinerated all the pieces of evidence.
  • Ingenuity – I adore her ingenuity when it comes to art and design.
  • Jubilant – I feel jubilant whenever I eat ice cream.
  • Judicious – The council’s judicious decision to eliminate him is bad.
  • Jovial – Raven’s jovial smile was gone when she lost her mother.
  • Kryptonite – Cheating, lying, and manipulating are kryptonite to a strong relationship.
  • Kismet – His family’s kismet lies in his job.
  • Luminescence – The algae along the seacoast are producing purplish luminescence.
  • Lagniappe – The manager gave lots of fruit as a lagniappe to his fellow employees.
  • Lackadaisical – He felt lackadaisical when his mother scolded him.
  • Mesmerizing – The beauty of the moon with twinkling little stars is so mesmerizing.
  • Mellow – Zen has a mellow voice even when she gets mad.
  • Myriad – There are a myriad of cultures across the world.
  • Mirthful – George’s mirthful laughter made people laugh as well.
  • Meticulous – Josh is meticulous when it comes to grammatical arrangements.
  • Melancholy – She felt a little melancholy these past few days.
  • Mischievous – Tory’s mischievous act puts him in danger.
  • Maleficent – Delilah’s maleficent intention for Samuel is discreet.
  • Nonchalant – Zion’s nonchalant reaction to winning the first prize is very odd.
  • Nefarious – A lot of nefarious activities happen in the city at midnight.
  • Notorious – Jane became notorious after killing the president.
  • Notwithstanding – Leo’s having a bad birthday notwithstanding, his friends were there to comfort him.
  • Obscure – Skyscrapers obscure the beauty of the sunset on the beach.
  • Optimistic – I remain optimistic no matter how many problems I have.
  • Obnoxious – The odor of dead animals is obnoxious.
  • Oblivion – Sean went into oblivion after he collapsed.
  • Pulchritude – Catriona’s unwavering pulchritude is jaw-dropping.
  • Perilous – We went through a perilous situation in the jungle.
  • Poignant – Allan recalls poignant memories of his past lover after smelling the perfume.
  • Petrichor – I love the petrichor outside after the rain.
  • Picturesque – His picturesque story made us imagine beautiful things.
  • Quivering – His body is quivering in front of the crowd.
  • Queue – The queue in the register area is very long.
  • Rendezvous – Jonie proposed to Joe at their rendezvous.
  • Rapturous – Her answer to the question gained rapturous cheers and applause. 
  • Rancid  – The rancid smell of the spoiled meal is disturbing.
  • Serendipity – Verda finds serendipity in her new boyfriend after being treated poorly by her previous lovers.   
  • Solitude – My way of solitude makes me feel charged.
  • Solace – I found solace in his tender-loving arms.
  • Scintillating – The nerd made a scintillating entrance during their prom night. 
  • Stoic – He has a stoic soul regardless of being treated poorly. 
  • Stellar – His stellar poem won the major award.
  • Splendiferous – The group’s splendiferous stage play made the audience stand.
  • Tantamount – Jerry’s laziness is tantamount to poor grades.
  • Treacherous – The treacherous thief is still unknown.
  • Tormenting – The pain that you have caused me is tormenting.
  • Unorthodox – Annie made an unorthodox novel by mixing different genres in each chapter.
  • Unprecedented – The sudden outbreak of the unprecedented COVID-19 is affecting the world.
  • Unscrupulous – Jane is secretly unscrupulous toward her boyfriend to get what she wants.
  • Vividly – I can vividly imagine how we kissed in the rain that night.
  • Valorous – Malala’s valorous action for her fellow women to have proper education is immeasurable.
  • Vis-à-sis – Danny’s effort in his job vis-à-vis John is way different and off.
  • Vindictive – Catherine became a hostage of a vindictive person.
  • Voracious – His voracious study habits made him rank 1 in his school.
  • Whimsical – The storyteller last night was quite whimsical and playful.
  • Wanderlust – My wanderlust kicks in as I watch the wonderful sceneries in the Philippines.
  • Woebegone – Harry became woebegone when he found out he was a second option.
  • Xenocentric – Deanie’s xenocentric side to going abroad became higher as her country made underpaid employees.
  • Xenial – Filipinos are known for their xenial attitude towards foreign people.
  • Yonder – I can see wildfires yonder in the forest.
  • Yuletide – The Yuletide season has arrived and I can’t wait to get my gifts.
  • Zenith – Ray’s zenith study time is in the morning, around 5 am – 8 am.
  • Zestful – The zestful runway models are having fun showcasing the designer’s masterpieces.
Young Man and Woman writing beautiful words in letters

10 Beautiful Words: Scintillating Idiomatic Expressions with Explanations

Aside from beautiful words, some wonderful phrases and expressions exist, which can add spice to your sentences or daily lives. These can be applied to some form of literary piece or mode of communication. Moreover, these beautiful words can be useful in different contexts as well. May it be sarcastic, satirical, or hilarious which are fun to use. Some are simple but when placed together, they can create beautiful words with lots of thoughtful meanings.

This time, let us dive deep and go beyond the semantic level of how these beautiful words into phrases and expressions play in sentences. The following are some beautiful words in idioms, you may already know or may not be known for you:

1. The ship has sailed

  • Meaning: the opportunity has already passed.
  • Example: Sarah wanted to buy the cute teddy, but a few minutes later, the ship has sailed. Someone has already bought it.
  • Explanation: The phrase “the ship has sailed” is not interpreted literally in this sentence. It simply means that the opportunity to buy the cute teddy bear has already been gone a few moments later because someone bought it.

2. Storm in a teacup 

  • Meaning: to get angry about something unimportant
  • Example: During our meeting, there was a bit of a storm in a teacup caused by Tiara.
  • Explanation: This sentence used “storm in a teacup,” such beautiful words, which entails that Tiara got angry about something not related or important in the meeting, which made them feel confused.

3. By word of mouth

  • Meaning: being told by another person
  • Example: Quennie heard the news by word of mouth that Joan is pregnant and the father is our boss.
  • Explanation: The line “by word of mouth” talks about Quennie hearing rumors from someone that Joan got impregnated by their boss. 

4. Learn the ropes

  • Meaning: to learn the basic skills for the job
  • Example: Harith has to learn the ropes before we hire him as an ESL teacher.
  • Explanation: In this stance, it uses  “learn the ropes” which means that Harith must learn the basic skills to become an ESL Teacher to be qualified for the job.

5. Once in a blue moon

  • Meaning: something extremely rare in occurrence
  • Example: Jim treats his friends to a restaurant once in a blue moon.
  • Explanation: This one uses the phrase “once in a blue moon,” it shows that Jim rarely takes his friends to the restaurant for free meals.

6. Have a bun in the oven

  • Meaning: to be pregnant
  • Example: Finally! Jenny has a bun in the oven after many years of waiting and praying.
  • Explanation: This scenario uses “bun in the oven” which talks about their excitement about the news relating to Jenny finally bearing a child, after waiting for so long.

7. The ball is in one’s court

  • Meaning: being responsible for taking the next action or decision in a situation
  • Example: Let us wait for Jason as the ball is in his court before we go home.
  • Explanation: This one has “ the ball is in one’s court,” which means that the members are waiting for Jason’s decision, their leader, for them to go home.

8. Blue blood

  • Meaning: a member of a royal, noble, and wealthy family
  • Example: Andrea carries blue blood but is humble and studies in public.
  • Explanation: In this case, the beautiful words “blue blood” mean that Andrea comes from a wealthy family but remains humble and studies in a public school, in which no one else can notice that she is extremely rich.

9. Skeletons in their closet

  • Meaning: a secret from one’s past
  • Example: I believe Sheril and Troy have skeletons in their closet because they seem so bitter with each other.
  • Explanation: The beautiful words “skeletons in their closet” pertain to Sheril and Troy’s past romantic relationship that has long been destroyed which made them feel bitter towards each other.

10. Up in the air

  • Meaning: no decisions have been made yet
  • Example: The Chief of Justice is up in the air due to the powerful evidence presented.
  • Explanation: Notice that there is the “up in the air” here, simple yet beautiful words combined to make another meaning, which talks about how the Chief of Justice has not been decided yet due to the strong pieces of evidence the two opposing parties have presented.

Other 20 Beautiful Words: Idiomatic Expressions, Example Sentences Only

There is a wide array of beautiful words, especially idiomatic expressions in the English language, which is approximately 25,000, in total. However, these selected beautiful words are randomly selected only from all those beautiful words in idioms. 

According to Thayb (2016), in his study, learning idiomatic expressions helps non-native speakers of a language become more fluent, and sound more native-like. Thus, with these beautiful words as idioms below, you are helping yourself to become an efficient speaker of the English language, regardless of whether you are a non-native speaker or the other way around. The following are some of the most beautiful words as idiomatic expressions in English:

  • Born with a silver spoon in her mouth – Sophia was born with a silver spoon in her mouth yet she shows the utmost humility.
  • Shop till one drops – It’s salary day, so Nathalie shops till she drops, as a treat for herself.
  • One over the eight – Hanz did one over the eighth beer after his ex-girlfriend dumped him.
  • Go Dutch – Cedric and Reyvan went Dutch last Sunday at the Fuel Restaurant.
  • Ray of sunshine – In a circle of friends, there is that one ray of sunshine who makes us laugh out loud.
  • Sleep on the wheels – Eason sleeps on the wheels even if there is a wildfire.
  • Feels off-color – Rowie feels off-color after sleeping for only 2 hours.
  • Rub salt into one’s wound – Russel rubs salt into Josephine’s wound after losing the game.
  • Smart cookie – My seatmate is a smart cookie who always excels in class.
  • Break a leg – Go break a leg and get that first prize!
  • Tickled pink – He went tickled pink when his crush approved him to be his girlfriend.
  • Don’t cry over spilled milk – There are lots of opportunities ahead, so don’t cry over spilled milk, and learn from your past.
  • Take someone for a ride – Jazz takes Jill for a ride along the years of their relationship.
  • Lie like a rug – He lied like a rug when he said he was not a cheater.
  • Hot potato – Corruption became a hot potato than a 299-peso engagement ring.
  • A shoulder to cry on – Kida is a shoulder to cry on when I have a problem because she always listens without judgment.
  • Tighten one’s belt – I have to tighten my belt for survival because I have lots of debts to pay.
  • Keep something under one’s hat – I entrusted you to keep my secrets under your hat but you revealed them to others!
  • A memory like a sieve – Jeon has a memory like a sieve because he can’t remember what happened yesterday.
  • Fits like a glove – The trousers I bought online fit like a glove for the party.
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Beautiful Words: 10 Thoughtful Quotes and Sayings in English

There are a lot of beautiful words that are unfamiliar, which make them colorful in sentences. Especially on how letters combine to make unique beautiful words; coin beautiful words to make exhilarating phrases; build phrases to make sentences with diverse meanings; and use sentences with myriad meanings to make us feel intrigued, motivated, and elated. However, some beautiful words do not just consist of one or two. The following are some beautiful words in sayings and quotations to inspire you, as well as the author’s interpretations:

“Not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do is the secret of happiness.”
-J.M. Barrie

  • Explanation: These beautiful words entail that it is not the things you do that make you feel motivated, but what makes you feel motivated to do something is the key to living a happy life. It takes dedication and passion for you to live your life fully. We cannot attain full happiness if we are forced to like what we are doing.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

  • Explanation: Everything starts with you. If you wish to see change, then take the first step and be the change the world needs. Let your actions and deeds motivate the people around you. A ripple effect will follow afterward.

“If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, is that wishing doesn’t make it so.”
-Lev Grossman

  • Explanation: There are no regrets if you do your best in every single aspect of your life. No wishes to be made like “I wish I could have done better,” “I wish I had studied more,” and whatsoever. This teaches us to live in the present to the fullest as the past can never be reverted and the future is still unknown.

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”
-John Muir

  • Explanation: This saying is a metaphor for something wonderful about life, which is very interesting, as it talks about what lies beyond the mountains. Thus, nothing will ever happen if you do not respond to the call. You cannot start your life and learn how to overcome some obstacles that may come your way.

“The more we live by our intellect, the less we understand the meaning of life.”
-Leo Tolstoy

  • Explanation: In this case, it is not necessary to be always perfect, nor always do the right thing, or even avoid committing mistakes because your mind says that these things are unethical. However, you may not know that mistakes help you mold yourself how to be for some of what we consider Moral Standards may not apply to our morale. Overthinking too much can trigger these. The best way to find meaning in life is to experience mistakes, not avoid them. 

“If you can’t change it. Change your attitude.”
-Maya Angelou 

  • Explanation: There are things in this world that are constant and cannot be changed no matter how hard we try. Let things be as it is and change your attitude as to how you perceive them. In this case, by looking at a third perspective, you can find ways on how to handle it.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
Michael Altshuler

  • Explanation: Indeed, time flies so fast but it is your decisions and actions that make your flight wonderful. Michael’s beautiful words of wisdom entail that you are in charge of your direction and no one is allowed to take that away from you. Although external factors may influence us but it is how we handle ourselves when storms pass by. 

“You will never reach your destination if you stop every dog that barks.”
-Winston Churchill

  • Explanation: Do not get distracted by criticisms or what others may say to you because people will always have something to say. Whether you do bad or good things, they will always drag you down. Thus, just keep on moving forward to reach your goals, and use their opinion as cornerstones for a better life.

“The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.”
-E.E. Cummings

  • Explanation: These beautiful words serve as an inspiration to someone who has been dealing hard with life lately. We all live with lots of expectations around us which shape us into what we are today. However, this can be a great factor in losing our true identity. Wherein, it is a dilemma between yourself and society. You are limiting yourself to be what you want because you want to please people for the betterment, thus, you choose to mask yourself, which is suffocating and tormenting.

“Always do what you are afraid to do.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Explanation: Great things happen not in your comfort zones but in those things you cannot believe you can surpass. Fears, doubts, and lack of self-confidence are kryptonite to having a good life. These beautiful words say that it is better to try to face what you fear and make mistakes than to stay comfortable and stop growing. Learning from mistakes is what makes you reach your goals and discover your utmost potential.

Key Takeaways

There are lots of beautiful words in English that are unknown to us and some are recently coined words due to globalization and digitalization. However, some people may say that English is solely a means of communication. Little did they know that communication could be a form of artistry, as well. With these beautiful words above, you can have different colors in your sentences.

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