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The Difference between Discrete and Discreet

Are you ready to know the difference between discrete and discreet?

The words discrete and discreet are two similar-sounding words that have different meanings. While we don’t always use these words in daily English conversations, learning their difference can also be helpful. The truth is, we can hear these words in movies and books, and also when having a conversation with a native English speaker.

One common thing about these words is that they are both adjectives. However, we use them in different situations. We use discrete more to describe the non-continuity or separation of one thing from the other. On the other hand, discreet has something to do with privacy or secrecy.
To make things more clearer and comprehensive, let us move one step closer and understand the definition and differences between discrete and discreet.

What does discrete mean?

As defined, discrete means not connected to something. This adjective has the same meaning as separate, distinct, or individual. For us to completely see the difference between discrete and discreet, let us try using the word discrete first in the sentence.
For example:
Although lemons and limes are citruses, they are two discrete fruits.
A butterfly passes through several discrete stages.
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What does discreet mean?

The word discreet means exercising caution to avoid causing embarrassment or attract too much attention. It is interesting to note that the difference between discrete and discreet is unrecognizable because they have the same number of words and use the same letters.
Despite their similarities, the word discreet has something to do with privacy or secrecy.
For example:
Most celebrities wear sunglasses, caps, or masks when they go out in public hoping to be discreet.
Mary was always very discreet about her love affairs.
My friend is very discreet. She never tells her secret to anyone.


Now, let’s jump into conclusion by reiterating that there’s a difference between discrete and discreet.
Discrete means separate or having a different shape or form. Its synonyms are distinct or individual.
Discreet means not attracting attention or being careful about one says or does to avoid upsetting others.
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