6 great strategies to overcome the fear of speaking English

6 Simple Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English:


Speaking a new language can be intimidating, especially when it comes to English. As an adult learner, you sometimes think about your fluency in speaking. Your fear of speaking English fluently then occurs and you are just embarrassed to express yourself confidently using the language.

What are you afraid of when you speak English?

To overcome your fear of speaking English, it’s crucial to understand the root cause of your anxiety. Is it a fear of making mistakes, being judged, or not being understood? Identifying this will help you address the specific issues and work towards overcoming them.

You can overcome your fear and become more confident in speaking English when you act on things willingly. In this article, we will explore six simple yet effective techniques that will help you overcome your fear and improve your English speaking skills.

Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English

  • One of the best ways to overcome your fear of speaking English is to practice active listening. Engage in activities such as watching English movies, listening to podcasts, or even having conversations with native English speakers. Paying attention to how native speakers utter their speech will make you become more familiar with the language, its distinctions, and its pronunciation.
  • Another simple yet effective strategy to overcome your fear of speaking English is to immerse yourself in English. Not only can you watch movies or have conversations with native speakers, but you can also read English novels or news articles where you can find new vocabulary words. In your free time, you can do these activities at home, even for just a short time. Gradually, you will boost your confidence in speaking English.
  • Enroll in online English classes where you can learn a lot about the language. You can set your own time and have a private lesson with a language teacher. You don’t have to be shy when you are with an English teacher because they can help you surpass your difficulty and fear of speaking English.

There is actually nothing to worry about because language tutors are always there to help and guide you throughout your language-learning journey.

  • Regular practice is the key to overcoming your fear of speaking English. Set aside time each day to engage in speaking activities, such as role-playing, rehearsing conversations, or participating in language exchange programs. Consistent practice will help you become more comfortable and proficient at expressing yourself in English.

Your language teachers can help you with your regular practice. If you have an upcoming interview and you are not sure how to answer interview questions in English, you can ask your teacher to practice it with you.

If you have an upcoming presentation and you are going to present in front of your foreign colleagues, you make your teacher an audience to give you feedback about how well you presented, or what you need to improve.

Your fear of speaking English is not a big deal if you are eager to improve your English language skills. By regular practice, you can have a smooth and natural conversation with anyone who speaks English.

  • Another effective strategy to overcome your fear of speaking English is to set realistic goals for yourself. Setting realistic goals is crucial when it comes to overcoming your fear of speaking English. Break down your language learning journey into smaller, achievable milestones.

For example, aim to hold a conversation with a native English speaker for five minutes without feeling anxious. You can also ask a friend or  colleague to speak English with you. If you attend an adult online English lesson, you can also tell your teacher what your goals are so that they can help you achieve your target goals. As you achieve these small goals, your confidence will grow, and and your fear will subside.

  • Don’t be shy; be limitless. This is the best of these five simple yet effective strategies to overcome your fear of speaking English. When you are willing to improve your English language skills and achieve your targets, you should bear in mind that being confident is the key.

Be confident. Never mind how people react about the delivery of your speech. Remember, it is okay to commit mistakes. That is why we make mistakes because it gives us the chance to correct them and improve. No matter how bad or awful your English is, just be confident and expressive.

It’s important to embrace mistakes and learn from them when speaking English. Remember that everyone makes errors while learning a new language, and it’s a natural part of the process. Instead of being afraid of making mistakes, view them as opportunities to improve.

Overcoming the fear of speaking English is a journey that requires patience, practice, and perseverance. You must have a strong will and determination to succeed in attaining your goals. Practice active listening, immerse yourself in English, enroll in English classes, have regular practice, set realistic goals for yourself, and don’t be shy; be limitless.

By instilling these strategies in your mind, you can gradually build confidence and proficiency in speaking English. Embrace the journey of learning and growth, and remember that every step forward is a step toward conquering your fear.

Adults studying English in a group class

Overcoming Language Barriers in English

Language barrier is one common problem for ESL speakers learning English. Because they are non-native English speakers, they are unable to clearly express themselves in English. Has this problem come into your mind as well?

Are you anxious to speak English in front of other people? Check your anxiety and examine yourself: What are you anxious about?

Because of your fear of speaking English, you become anxious to speak with confidence. You think about language barriers that may come your way. How do you overcome language barriers that may hinder your success in becoming a good English speaker?

Overcoming language barriers in English is just the same as overcoming your fear of speaking English. If the language barrier is one of your fears, so how you conquer it is to be confident and not be afraid to make mistakes. It is okay to use hand gestures while uttering words because it can make you more creative and artistic.

By showing confidence and a willingness to improve, you will notice a significant improvement in your English speaking skills over time. So, don’t let fear hold you back. Take a leap and start speaking English with confidence!

6 great strategies to overcome the fear of speaking English

Why English Language Learning Matters to Adults

Learning English as an adult is crucial for personal and professional growth. It opens up vast opportunities for career growth and advancement, as well as social interaction.

English language learning matters to adults because it can give them the chance to excel to their own advantage. It is important for adults who are into business, tourism and hospitality, the economy, education, and other aspects where English is essential.

Adults who seek growth in their chosen careers are more likely to become globally competitive individuals. They don’t feel any fear of speaking English because they have become more confident and limitless in their own ways.

You can be like them too!

Get Rid of Your Fear of Speaking English

Just like any other adult, you too can be confident and limitless. Get rid of your fear of speaking English by engaging in online English lessons with QQEnglish teachers. Here are the reasons why:

    1. QQE teachers are well-trained; you can learn English easily.
    2. QQE teachers are kind and friendly; they teach gently according to your language level.
    3. QQE teachers give quality feedback aligned with your set goals.
    4. QQE teachers can guide you throughout your language learning journey.
    5. QQE teachers make your lesson fun and exciting, even when you have difficulty learning English.
    6. QQE teachers do not rush your learning. They know how to adjust their teaching pace so you can understand the lesson better.
    7. QQE teachers always show you smile, even on your worst days.
    8. QQE teachers are committed to teaching.

There are no perfect English lessons but you can make your experience perfect with your QQEnglish teachers. Enroll in online lessons with them and slowly notice how your English skills have improved. You can never imagine that someday, you will have gotten rid of your fear of speaking English and will have become confident and expressive using the English language.

Start your English language learning journey at QQEnglish. Choose English courses that fit your preferences and needs.

6 great strategies to overcome the fear of speaking English
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Key takeaway!

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Just be confident. Be yourself. Be limitless.

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