PH Department of Tourism features QQEnglish

JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) in Indonesia featured QQEnglish in a virtual tour last August 28, 2020.

The virtual tour was a campaign between Destination Tour, Indonesia, and the PH Department of Tourism that aims to promote tourism in Central Visayas. Roughly around 100 Indonesian spectators attended the tour.

The PDOT chose QQEnglish because of its reputation as the biggest ESL school in Cebu and the Philippines. Miss Dory, QQEnglish Seafront Manager, hosted the virtual tour which took nearly over 30 minutes.

Indonesian Virtual tour in QQEnglish Seafront Campus

“I am thrilled that QQEnglish got featured again,” Dory exclaimed. “I am proud that our beloved school got this opportunity because I think QQEnglish deserves this recognition. This will be great for introducing QQEnglish to Indonesia. I’m glad that the tour went well. I had fun hosting the tour.”

During the tour, Miss Dory told her virtual audience about why QQEnglish is the best amongst other ESL schools in the Philippines. She toured them on the whole campus, starting from its white beach front and cozy beach villa. She then continued with a quick tour of the cafe and showed Indonesians the International cuisines students they can enjoy. With its high-end facility, students got amazed when they saw QQEnglish’s operations floor and other facilities they can enjoy.

QQEnglish hopes that the virtual tour would pave the way for Indonesian English Language Learners to visit the Philippines. Moreover, the leading ESL in the Philippines is positive that the success of the said virtual tour would boost the tourism industry of Cebu.

Sir Gian and Miss Ivy of Destination Tour and Sir Eugene of QQEnglish moderated the said of the virtual tour.

Other featured Attractions

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, virtual tours are becoming popular in Indonesia as their way of exploring the beauty of other countries. During the virtual tour, the PDOT also other attractions in Central Visayas. For instance, the Philippine Department of Tourism also featured Ninoy Aquino International Airport. During the tour, Miss Rosal, of the PH Department of Tourism, mentioned the flights available from Jakarta to Manila and Cebu. She also some things that tourists can enjoy in the Philippines, like Jollibee and the cheap flights of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

Meanwhile, Miss PG, the local tour guide from Cebu, opened the Cebu tour by welcoming tourists to Mactan International Airport. She also made the tour more exciting by giving the audience a brief history of the world-renowned Sinulog Festival. Miss PG also toured them to the Island Souvenir shop and Alegre Guitars. Besides popular shops, she also took her audience to Mactan Shrine and the Statue of Datu Lapu-Lapu, the Island famous chieftain. The Magellan Shrine and the ‘Victory of Mactan Festival’ were also tour-stunners during the tourism summit.

The virtual tour also highlighted the islands of Hilutungan and Nalusuan. These islands are among the frequently visited islands in the region. Despite being like Indonesia in terms of geographical aspects, the Philippines is still a must-try for Indonesians. Sir Tyler brought the virtual tourists on cloud nine as he showed the crystal blue water of the islands and the beauty that lies underwater. The energetic tour guide also highlighted the fresh produce that tourists can try during their island-hopping excursions.

Philippine Department of Tourism Giveaways

Besides the informative tour about Cebu, the Philippine Department of Tourism also brought the audience excitement to a new level with its giveaways. The PH Department of Tourism handed in some souvenirs to the virtual tour audience.

QQEnglish, on the other hand, awarded 2 lucky winners who answered the questions correctly with a FREE 1-month package each. For the audience to experience QQEnglish, the leading ESL school in the Philippines also started another activity via its Instagram account. The 5 winners who took part received 5 free classes each so they can try QQEnglish’s world-class learning.

QQEnglish just started in Indonesia this year, and it hopes to help Indonesians reach their dreams through English. Indonesians who want to learn English can inquire via Facebook and Instagram account.

Watch Miss Dory introducing QQEnglish at the 29:59 mark in the video below.

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