The Callan Method: Why learning the English Method is Best in QQEnglish?

What is the Callan Method?

The Callan Method is a fast, fun, and easy way of learning English that focuses on improving students’ listening and speaking skills. It is the only surviving direct method of teaching English invented in the 1960s by Robin Callan from the UK. The first Callan School of London opened in the UK 50 years ago and is considered the largest private language school in Europe.

Unlike any method of teaching English, the Callan Method allows students to learn English through repetition. This method provides carefully programmed practice to ESL learners with different English levels. In every lesson, English learners can learn new grammar and vocabulary and immediately practice them. Moreover, the Callan Method teaches English learners by giving them a quick review to make sure they remember what they have learned from the previous lesson.

English learning using the Callan Method books

Why the Callan Method is efficient?

Learning English using the Callan Method is probably unique and very different from other English lessons you will ever experience. What makes the Callan Method efficient is because you need to be an active listener and focus during the class.

1. No Free Conversation

During the lesson, you must not sit in silence and there is no free conversation in the class. Clearly, this method encourages you to speak all the time, even when doing reading comprehension and grammar exercises from a book.

In the Callan Method lesson, you must not talk about topics not related to the class, as this will defeat the purpose of the lesson. It is of utmost importance that you learn the target language every after class.

2. Constant and Immediate Correction

What makes this method different from other English methods is that it requires constant and immediate correction. In a Callan Method lesson, your teacher corrects your pronunciation and grammar mistakes, but not in the usual way.

The correction follows a systematic process which includes repeating your mistake first and then giving you the correct answer.

The pronunciation correction is done like this, “NOT loom … ROOM”, “NOT resson… LESSON”, etc.

Unlike other English teaching methods, learning English using the Callan Method requires active listening, focus, and concentration.

3. Learning English at a Normal Speed

Regardless of what level your English is, your teacher in the lesson asks questions quickly. You will practice learning English at a normal speed, like being engaged in a real English conversation with a native speaker.

As you progress to the higher stages, you will soon be able to understand without first translating into your own language. The fundamental idea of the Callan Method is to not let you translate the questions into your own language. This technique hastens your thinking ability in the target language and helps you practice speaking English like a native speaker.

In addition, this method lesson is an engaging way to learn English because there is no time to get bored and be silent. The method enforces every student to focus, comprehend carefully, and speak quickly during the entire lesson.

4. Learning by Repetition

The Callan Method is learning English by repetition. When learning a foreign language, it is very important to hear, see, and use words and grammatical structures several times so you can easily remember them and can use them confidently.

In learning the Callan Method lesson, it is a routine to complete the daily revision first before starting a new lesson. This method follows a carefully constructed style of revision. You need to review first the language you have learned in your previous class to ensure you still remember them. Then, you follow the same process of practice using a new target language, answering questions, and saying the answers and getting constant corrections for any lapses.•

5. Learning new words and grammar structures

Besides repetition, the Callan Method is best for learning new words and grammatical structures. In every class, you can learn the most practical and useful vocabulary and the basic and most complex grammar structures.

However, the Callan Method follows a unique system of teaching you grammar. Your teacher in every lesson teaches you grammar not by giving you exercise but by telling you how to use verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.

6. No Homework

At QQEnglish, we don’t give you homework after each lesson in the Callan Method. Instead, we make sure that you finish the lesson with the proper guidance and instruction of the teacher.

However, your Callan teacher will remind you to read, review, and practice the target language of the lesson regularly.

Learning the Callan Method in QQEnglish

learning Callan Method in QQEnglish

Out of the 100+ ESL schools in Cebu, it is best to experience the Callan Method in QQEnglish. Learning this unique way in QQEnglish assures you of the correct way of teaching the method since the Callan School of London has given QQEnglish an accreditation to teach the course. All teachers in QQEnglish received the toughest training by the Callan teachers from the Callan School of London.

Annually, Callan teachers from the United Kingdom visit QQEnglish to train Filipino English trainers and teachers and evaluate their Callan Classes. All teachers in QQEnglish takes a two-week extensive training by the school’s excellent trainers. After the training, QQEnglish teachers must pass the final class demonstration first before the school allows them to teach the course.

QQEnglish ensures that all students receive the correct way of teaching the Callan lesson from QQEnglish teachers.

Benefits of studying the Callan Method in QQEnglish

For more than a decade, hundreds of thousands of English students have already celebrated the benefits of studying the Callan Method in QQEnglish. QQEnglish boasts itself for being the biggest Callan School in Cebu City with over 1, 300 trained teachers. Apart from a fun and efficient learning English experience, you can also have the following advantages once you study the Callan Method in QQEnglish.

  • You can learn to listen and respond to English spoken with accuracy and fluency.
  • You can think and speak directly in English without first translating.
  • Improve your English knowledge by learning practical, useful words, and grammar structures.
  • Quickly improve your pronunciation, intonation and grammar skills every day with immediate correction by the teacher
  • You can practice speaking English at a normal speed.
  • Evaluate your understanding and progress by reading and writing regularly.
  • Receive maximum speaking practice in a one-on-one with a trainer Callan teacher.
  • You can study as long as 3 hours offline and as many times as you want online.
  • Teaching-quality guaranteed.

The Online Callan Method Lesson

1. You can learn the Callan lesson for 25-minutes online.
2. At QQEnglish, you can enjoy learning the lesson via Skype or using the Classroom Application.
3. Learning the lesson is available 24/7.
4. Our online Callan lesson is a one-on-one class, which means you have all your teacher’s attention and time to speak.

The Offline Callan Method Lesson

1. The offline Callan Method lessons give you the chance to enjoy an intensive 50-minute face-to-face class.
2. You can learn this method in a private shared space with your teacher.
3. You can learn the lesson for 3 hours with different teachers.
4. There is only one student per class, which means your teacher’s attention is on you alone.

Why study the Callan Method in QQEnglish?

QQEnglish, unlike any other school in the Philippines, promises world-class English language learning. For over 10 years in the industry of English Language learning, the school already has an unparalleled reputation as the best language school in the Philippines. It is no doubt that QQEnglish is the best school to study the Callan Method, online or offline.

Learning this English method in QQEnglish will help you advance in your English language study. With its well-trained Filipino English teachers, QQEnglish will give you the best English learning experience in the Philippines.

With the Callan Method, you will learn English most efficiently. You will soon forget textbook lessons because the Callan Method is a fun and effective method of learning English.

This method is statistically 4 times more effective than other general English learning methods.

In no time, you will notice your improvement in your English communication skills with the guidance of your outstanding Filipino QQEnglish teachers.

At QQEnglish, you will learn the proper way of teaching this method. The accuracy of learning this unique method in QQEnglish has helped ESL students become more confident in learning the English language in the Philippines. Your English skills will improve, your pronunciation and grammar mistakes get a constant correction, and you will be ready to speak English fluently.

QQEnglish’s Callan Method together with its other English learning curricula guarantees you quick and quality learning of the English language.

Learn English at QQEnglish and improve your English at maximum speed!