Сургуулийн тухай

Анхан шатны хүмүүс суралцаж болох уу?

Та манай сургуульд ирсэнээр эхний өдрөө түвшин тогтоох шалгалт өгөх ба таны шалгалтын хариун дээр үндэслэн таны түвшинд тохирох хичээлийг бэлтгэдэг учир анхан шатны хүмүүст нээлттэй.

Филиппиний англи хэл нь Америк эсвэл Их Британиас ялгаатай юу?

Basically, Filipino teachers speak American English which is easy to hear for beginners and they all graduated from a university. In QQEnglish, when we hire teachers, pronunciation is one of the most important categories to check. After hiring, our native speakers train and improve more. In order to provide practical lessons, we make an effort to train teachers.

Since this is buffet style, you can choose whatever you want.

Далайн эрэг болон хотын төвийн кампус юугаараа ялгаатай вэ?

Та хоёр кампусын талаарх товчхон мэдээллийг хүлээн авна уу!

Хотын төвийн кампус

“Дараах хүмүүст;
– хотын амьдралд дуртай хүмүүс
– хувийн ажлаа хийх хүмүүс
– амралтын өдрүүдэд гадуур явах сонирхолтой хүмүүс
– залуусын бүлэгт нэгдэн суралцах сонирхолтой хүмүүс”

Далайн эргийн кампус

“Дараах хүмүүст;
– амралтын уур амьсгалыг мэдрэх
– Хотын амьдралаас хол орчинд зөвхөн суралцахдаа анхаарлаа хандуулах
– тайван орчинд суралцахдаа анхаарлаа хандуулах”

Бага насны хүүхдүүд суралцаж болох уу?

Эцэг эх, асран хамгаалагчаас шалтгаална.

18-аас доош насны (15-17 насны)

Зөвхөн далайн эргийн кампус дээр боломжтой. * эцэг эхийн зөвшөөрлийн бичиг хэрэгтэй.

Less than 15 years old (between 4 to 14 years old)

Joining the program without parents/or accompanying adults is allowed for 15 years old or more. 14 years old or less is need to be accompanied by parents/ guardians. Below 14 years old is not allowed to enter the Philippines.

*Parents/or adult companions need to take same amount of lessons with the child/children.

(For those who join the program with parents/guardians
They can join the program in both campuses. In Sea Front campus, a domitory should be deluxe or executive room. In IT Park campus, a domitory should be condominium or designated hotel.

*Students’ domitory is not allowed to stay

Хүүхэд харах үйлчилгээ байдаг уу?


Багш нар байна уу?

for each curriculum, teachers are assigned to your lesson.

Can we change the designated teachers?

If you want to change your teacher, you can do it every Wednesday and Thursday. You can approach the front desk. If there are any available teachers, the teacher will be your teacher starting from the following week.

Хэрхэн бүртгүүлэх вэ?

Та доорх линкээр орж бүртгүүлнэ үү.

Хэрхэн төлбөрөө?

You can pay through a designated bank but I’m afraid that you cannot pay through your credit card and/or electrical payment system.

Can we apply for a revolving payment?

Please pay at once.

How can we calculate if we apply for two or more different plans in your simulation system in the website?

I’m afraid that if you apply two or more different plans, our simulation system cannot calculate them as for now. Please contact us through the below link.

When should we go there?

You will move into the domitory on Sunday, and start your study program on the following Monday.

Is it okay to take lessons on the school closure day if we pay more?

Please undestand that on school closure day, you cannot take any lessons.

Can we extend my dormitory for one day or arrive the day before and stay at the dormitory?

The study program is a weekly schedule so the above are not accepted.

If this is my second time to join, can my entry fee be excluded?

If you join the program within one year from the last stay, the entry fee (137USD) is exempt.

Can we change the date after paying?

Please refer to the study program contract, Chapter 5, “changing contract”.

Can you issue an invoice to my company?

Please tell us the address for a receipt so that we can issue it after confirming.

Can we apply to the "Super Light Plan" anytime?

The plan is applicable only in February, March, July, and August.

After paying, if my schedule is changed, can we change the date?

Please refer to the study program contract, Chapter 5, “changing contract”.

About preparation for the study program

Is a VISA needed?

If you have a Japanese passport, you can stay here for 30 days. When you arrive in Cebu, your stamp for entry is automatically “Sightseeing” so you don’t have to obtain a VISA in Japan.

Those who stay in the Philippines over 31 days, you need to apply for an extension VISA. You don’t have to apply by yourself, but our staff implements it for you.

What is SSP?

SSP stands for Special Student Permission. If you study in the Philippines, you need to obtain it. You don’t have to apply for it by yourself, but our staff implements it instead for you. For more information, please take a look at the contents of “Preparation: when you finish applying, for SSP”.

Do we need to obtain SSP again for my 2nd stay of study in the Philippines?

SSP’s due in a half year, so you need to obtain it if it’s already due.

What is I-Card?

It’s a foreigner’s identification. Those who stay 59 days or more need to obtain it but we apply for it instead of you.

Do we need to do a vaccination?

No need.

Before you search by yourself about disease and illness in the Philippines, please take a look at the homepage of foreign affairs, vaccination.

If you have your own chronic illness, please ask your doctor first.

Do we need to apply for travel insurance?

Please apply for basic travel insurance.

In order to stay mentally comfortable, we recommend that you apply for travel insurance because there are possibilities of illness, lost valuables, pickpockets, and so on. When you apply for it, please check whether it has “Japanese help desk”. If your credit card contains insurance, still please check whether it has “Japanese help desk” or not.

What kind of things should I bring to the program?

Please take a look at the link below.

What kind of clothes are better?

Basically, summer attire is suitable since the temperature here is between 25℃ to 32℃.

Some of the places are cold because of air conditioning so please bring hoodies or cardigans.

Japanese appliances can be used in the Philippines directly?

The voltage of electricity in the Philippines is 220 v. Please check if your appliances can be adjusted or not such as hair driers and shavers because there are a lot of products applicable in the world.

The Plug type is the same as Japan so you don’t have to bring a plug-transfomer.

How should I study before the program?

Lessons are mainly a speaking curriculum. QQEnglish provides an Online lesson so you can get used to one-on-one lessons. In order to have lessons practically, we recommend for you to study grammar and vocabulary for Jr. high and high school students.

About daily life in Cebu

Is the Philippines a safe country?

Cebu is one of the most famous resort places in the world, it’s not a dangerous place. Especially in IT Park where the IT Park campus is located, and Sea Front campus are 24 hours secured by guards so it’s also a safer place than other areas.

“But same as other countries, there are still pickpockets and light crime so you should be careful. You are safer if;
– you watch out for your valuables
– you don’t go to downtown at night
– you don’t walk alone at night
– you don’t go out with strangers”

How much should we pay for daily life?

Lesson fee, domitories, and three meals are included in the program.

Daily cost

About 30,000 to 50,000 yen for a month.

Payment when you arrive

You need to pay SSP, VISA, electricity (if you stay in a dormitory or a condominum, if you stay in a hotel, no need), text fee, and airport usage fee (850 pesos) in the Philippines.

How can we change my money?

You can change your Japanese yen into Philippine Pesos in IT Park, Ayala mall, and SM mall (For the first day, we will guide you as to where there is a money changer near the campus). You can also withdraw from your international credit card and cash card, so please check your credit card company. Please do not take big amounts of money with you for your safety.

Can we use PC at the campus?

I’m afraid that you cannot use any PC in the classroom after the lesson.

Should we bring contact lenses and household medicine?

We recommend to bring the necessary amount.

You can purchase them in Cebu but we cannot assure that they suit your body.

What should we do if we get sick?

There is a school doctor twice a week on weekdays in the IT Park campus. In Sea Front campus, there is another school doctor three times a week and if it’s in February, March, July, and August, five times in a week.

If it’s an emergency, you are sent to the hospital. There is a hotel which we can be served in Japanese so you can be comfortable with it.

Is there anything which I need to be careful with sanitary conditions?

Philippines’ tap water is not good for Japanese so please avoid drinking it.

Please also be careful with local food. It might cause you a stomachache.

How can we spend the weekend?

There are a variety of ways to spend weekends such as studying in the study-room at the campus, studying and chatting in the domitory, going to the shopping mall, joining activity tours, and exploring resort places. A lot of students speak English which they learn in the lessons.

Can we do laundry?

There are laundry services both in IT Park and Sea Front campus. In IT Park, you can use a laundry shop just outside of the domitory and those who are staying in a condominium can also use it. In the Sea Front campus, there is the laundry shop in the campus. It costs 100 pesos for 6 kilos and if you bring laundry soap, you can wash your laundry by yourself.

Is there a hair drier?

There is no hair drier service in student dormitory and condominium for IT Park. In Sea Front campus, you can rent it for 200 pesos per week (limited amount).

About IT Park campus

How about facilities and domitories service?

Can we use a gym and pool?

You can use the gym and pool served by the Water Front Hotel.

Are there restaurants and supermarkets near here?

There are famous restaurants and cafes such as McDonalds, Starbucks, and so on. You can also enjoy not only chain restaurants but also Filipino, Italian, Korean, and Japanese restaurants. Besides, there are pharmacies and covenience stores so you can buy daily items.

Meals are Japanese?

There is Japanese food. We serve a variety of food such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Filipino food. Besides, there are Japanese restaurants in IT Park.

I'm not good at making meals. How do you provide meals?

Since this is buffet style, you can choose whatever you want.

Can we eat meals in the domitory?

If you get meals by yourself, you can eat them.

Can we drink alcohol?

You cannot drink any alcohol at the campus and domitory.

Can we smoke?

There is a smoking area.

Is there a rule for going outside?

There is no curfew for adults (18 years old or more).
Please be in your domitory by 10 P.M. for 17 years old or below.

Tell me about pick up.

Pick up service is picking you up from the airport and escorting you to the dormitory.

It’s free service but if you don’t need it, please let us know through a memo in the application form.

Pick up service is only applicable between 8 A.M to 24:00 midnight.

If we arrive at the time which is not applicable for pick up service, what should we do?

Please approach our office IT Park (8 Floor of Skyrise 4 building) between 13:00 to 21:00, so we will give you a key for your dormitory.

Do you have transport service?

When you go to the airport after the program, please go there by yourself.

There are a lot of students going to the airport by taxi. If you want to apply for transport service, please approach and reserve at the front desk ahead of time (500 pesos).
From IT Park campus, there are two schedules going to the airport on Saturday.

Depart the domitory at 5:05 A.M., arriving at the airport 5:55 A.M.

Depart the domitory at 8:45 A.M., arriving at the airport 9:30 A.M.

About Sea Front campus

Do you have transport service?

Please take a look at the link.

What's the difference between executive and deluxe room?

There is a bathtub in the executive room and all of them have a sea view.

Besides, it’s bigger space than the deluxe room.

There is no bathtub in the deluxe room and some of them are not facing the sea.

Are there supermarkets or restaurants around there?

There is a supermarket around 10 minutes by foot and a money exchanger is also there. You can also go to a Korean restaurant and a pizza restaurant within walking distance. Sea Front campus is located in the resort area so there are restaurants and spas in the luxury hotels.

Is there Japanese food? Is there a Japanese restaurant around there?

We provide Japanese food as well as other national foods.

There is no Japanese restaurant within walking distance but there are some of them around 5 minutes by taxi.

I'm not good at meals. How do you provide meals?

Since this is buffet style, you can choose whatever you want.

Can we eat meals in the domitory?

In order to avoid ants and other insects, and it might cause trouble with other students, eating food in the dormitory is strictly prohibited.
You can eat your food in the cafeteria.

Can we swim in the pool?

The pool opens from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. If students are below 15 years old and want to swim in the pool, parents/guardians should thoroughly take care of them.

Do you have transport service?

You cannot drink any alcohol at the campus and domitory.

*you can drink it in the Villa. Please approach the front desk.

Can we swim between the lessons?

Yes, you can.

Тамхи татаж болох уу?

Тамхи татах цэг дээр татах боломжтой.

Кампусаасаа гарч болох уу?

Та кампусаас гарахдаа тусгай маягт бөглөөд гарч болно.
4-18 насны хүүхдүүд гарахдаа заавал эцэг эх, асран хамгаалагчийн хамтаар гарна.

Дотуур байрнаас гарахыг хориглосон цаг байгаа юу?

Даваа гаригаас Пүрэв гариг хүртэл мөн Ням гаригт оройн 23:00 цагт дотуур байрандаа орсон байх, энэ цагаас хойш дотуур байрнаас гарахгүй байх

Харин Баасан, Бямба гаригт шөнийн 02:00 цагт дотуур байрандаа орсон байх, энэ цагаас хойш дотуур байрнаас гарахгүй байх

*Хэрэв та дээрх хориглосон цагийн дүрмийг зөрчвөл анхааруулга захиа авах ба 3 удаа анхааруулга захиа авсан тохиолдолд сургуулиас шууд хөөх болно гэдгийг анхаарна уу!!

Онгоцны буудлаас тосох үйлчилгээний талаар

Онгоцны буудлаас тосох үйлчилгээ нь таныг тосон авч дотуур байранд хүргэн өгдөг.

Энэ нь үнэгүй үйлчилгээ ба та бүртгүүлэхдээ заавал өөрийн мэдээллийн хэсэгтээ тэмдэглэн манай ажилтанд мэдэгдэх ёстой гэдгийг анхаарна уу!

Онгоцны буудлаас тосох үйлчилгээ нь Ням гаригийн 24 цаг буюу 00:00-24:00.

Хэрэв бид тосох үйлчилгээ авах боломжгүй цагт ирвэл яах ёстой вэ?

14:00 цагаас 21:00 цагийн хооронд кампус дээр очин ресепшинээс түлхүүрээ аван өрөөндөө орж болно. Хэрэв бусад цагт ирвэл өрөөний түлхүүрээ харуулаас авч болно. 

Тээврийн үйлчилгээ байгаа юу?

Та сургалтаа дуусгасны дараа онгоцны буудал руу өөрөөWhen you go to the airport after the program, please go there by yourself. There are a lot of students going to the airport by taxi.
If you want to apply for the transport service, please approach and reserve at the front desk ahead of time (500 pesos).

Application is due on Thursdays by noon.

About Online lessons after the program

Can we continue our progress in Cebu with online lessons?

Yes, you can.

However, the system of online and the Cebu study program is not connected so your record of Cebu cannot be seen in the online system. If you want to continue to the last lesson, please indicate your last lesson of online in the memo space in the application page so that our staff can arrange the lesson progress.

Can we continue the curriculum which I studied in the online lessons?

ThereYes, almost all curriculum of online can be handled in Cebu.
Unfortunately, some of them cannot take it in Cebu. For more information about online text books, please refer to the below link.

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