5 Strong Benefits of Learning English Online for ESL Speakers: Check them out!

5 Strong Benefits of Learning English Online for ESL Speakers: Check them out!

Nowadays, online learning has been a norm and has been a trend for many non-English language speakers. Since the global pandemic transpired, almost all of the educational systems in the world have been affected including those in the ESL industry.

There have been a lot of ESL schools that offered online lessons even before the pandemic started. These ESL schools have proven that learners know the many benefits of learning English online which is one of the reasons they study English through their platforms.

The English language is an in-demand course in online learning.  Many ESL speakers, particularly from Asia and Europe have been learning English both offline and online. Due to the huge impact of COVID-19, the number of English learners online has increased. With the help of modern technology, many ESL schools have improved their platforms for online learning as well.

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Why do ESL Speakers study English online?

ESL speakers, both kids and adults study English for various reasons. Primarily, they want to improve their English communication skills – pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Some professionals study English for business-related purposes. A lot of people in the corporate world engage in business opportunities abroad.

In addition, parents want their children to learn English at a very young age to prepare them for their future. So aside from the real classroom setting, kids attend classes after school through online learning. Behind these reasons, these language learners are grateful for having studied English because there are a lot of benefits to learning English online.

What benefits can ESL Speakers get from studying English online?

Are you an ESL speaker but never tried learning English online? After reading the 5 strong benefits of learning English online below, you might change your mind and start enrolling in online classes.

1. It can boost your self-confidence

When you enroll in an online class, it will only be the teacher and you inside the online classroom. Your teacher helps you feel comfortable and at ease while having a lesson. Do not be afraid to raise any questions or to tell your teacher about your concerns regarding your English skills. While you are learning, you are growing your self-confidence as well. At the same time, you increase your chance of getting more benefits from learning English online.

In some cases, there are online group classes with a maximum of five students in a class. If you are part of it, you will be able to interact with your classmates and develop your confidence to a higher level. All of you are there to learn so you do not need to worry about being embarrassed by your pronunciation or grammar. At the end of the day, your main goal for enrolling in an online lesson is to learn.

2. Less costly and more convenient

Although it is a good thing to attend a face-to-face class with a teacher, it does not guarantee you convenience. It is because you need to go to an ESL school which will cost you pennies.

Usually, second language learners in Asia study abroad like in the Philippines, and spend a lot of money on their tickets, visas, study permits, accommodation, food, insurance, and everything. That would mean a big hole in their pockets. On the other hand, studying online helps you save time and money.

You can choose your preferred time in the comfort of your home without a hassle. An hour of an online class per day is already a great help to improve your English communication skills. You also gain more benefits from learning English online rather than studying English abroad, face-to-face.

3. You get the chance to learn on your own even without the help of a teacher

Studying English online does not only mean learning with a teacher. Many self-learning resources from reliable websites are published online where students can study at their own pace and time. These websites provide authentic learning materials such as articles for reading, video and audio tutorials for pronunciation, practice quizzes for exams, songs, educational games, and the like.

Working professionals who do not have extra time to attend classes with a teacher can opt to try self-regulated online resources for additional knowledge about the English language.

Various benefits of learning English online can help you gain more knowledge even through self-learning as you will have the chance to learn on your own depending on your free time and your access to the internet.

4. Focus on your learning needs and achieve your learning goals

You are on your way to having competent English communication skills. When you decide to study English online, you have to consider your learning needs and what learning goals you need to achieve. It is a matter of importance and urgency. Prioritize your learning need that you think needs more focus. Learn English step by step.

What areas of the English language are you weak or less knowledgeable in? Then that should be your first priority in learning. Is it grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, or comprehension? Focus on one area at a time, but if you can learn all of them at once, it is good too.

By doing so, you are teaching yourself to concentrate more on areas that you need retention. Retention of what you learn is one of the benefits of learning English online. Through this, you will retain your level of interest or more so, level it up.

5. You gain an advantage when you engage in English conversations

Engaging in daily conversations using the English language is one way to improve your communication skills, particularly in speaking. You get the chance to expose yourself freely and express your thoughts on particular topics wherever you are.

Whether you studied English online with a teacher or you did it through self-regulated learning, the knowledge you gained from your sources has created a mark on yourself. That mark cannot be taken away from you which means you can now converse in English. You have the advantage because you have learned a lot from your resources.


How can ESL Speakers Study English Online?

There are various methods of learning English online. It solely depends on your preferences. ESL speakers can choose from among many resources for effective online learning. Here are some recommended methods:

Enroll in ESL schools that offer online lessons

These schools use teaching platforms to teach their students online. You may choose the schools located in the Philippines. Try learning English with Filipino teachers. They are the most sought-after teachers by many ESL learners. By choosing them, you will gain more benefits from learning English online from these teachers.

Register for online courses

There are websites that offer free online courses where you can choose to study according to your availability. These websites offer students self-learning materials and are available anytime, anywhere. These materials can also be downloaded for reference in case you are not connected to the internet.

Watch video tutorials online

YouTube is the most famous video-sharing company and it contains different kinds of videos including tutorials. Many English platforms upload their video tutorials on YouTube as well. You may check these YouTube channels to learn English in 2022.

Download mobile apps

There are learning mobile applications available for download anytime through iOS or Android. These apps are useful for learning English, especially for kids. Included in the apps are videos, short quizzes to check your knowledge, and other articles for reading practice. Here are some recommended apps to start off your English learning.

Entertain yourself with music, TV, or podcasts.

Whether you are taking a bath, relaxing on your couch, eating your meals, or working out in the gym, you can still learn English by listening to music or podcasts to improve your pronunciation. These are helpful tools to familiarize yourself with English terms and how they are pronounced especially by native speakers.

It is better to listen to speakers whose native language is English as you can learn how they utter words in their own way. Not only you will be entertained, but you will learn as well.

Your Takeaway on the Benefits of Learning English Online

Learning English can be done wherever you are. It depends on your preferred platform. Your main goal is to improve your English communication skills and become fluent in all its areas. Whatever method you choose for studying English online, you will still benefit from it and become proud of yourself.

How many benefits of learning English online do you know?  Share it with us here!

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