Altogether and All Together: Know the Difference

Altogether and all together seem to take similar usage, as these words do not vary in their pronunciation. Most people use them as identical terms since they both contain the word “together”, making them seem alike. So what is really the difference between these two confusing words in the English language?

Both these words function as adverbs. We use the word altogether to emphasize that something is done or expressed completely, as a whole or in total. In particular circumstances, we commonly use this when stating a general conclusion to one’s statements or when talking about the sum of many components. In contrast, all together express that everything or everyone comes or acts as a group. Just think about going on a family trip. Isn’t it more fun to go all together?

These are just bits and pieces of how these words differ. Well, let us read on and have a peek at more examples.

The Usage of Altogether

The famous Abraham Lincoln once said, “The struggle for today, is not altogether for today–it is for a vast future also.” To imply something that bears the meaning of entirely or completely, we use the word altogether. Besides this, altogether can also mean in total, which carries out the sum of several things. Check out these examples below:

Our excursion in Palawan was really exhausting, but it was altogether wonderful.

Purchasing cosmetics online cost me $3000 altogether.

The squeals of the animals stopped altogether the moment the caretakers fed them.

The Usage of All Together

Time to break your puzzlement about the difference between these similar-sounding words. As a distinction, the two-word phrase all together bears a similar meaning to an assembly of items. We use this to imply that a collection or group of things are in the same place. Just as when we refer to a library, we can say that it is where we can find books kept all together. Moreover, this phrase could also mean that individuals do something as a group or in a collective manner.


The choir members sang beautifully all together during the ceremony.

Since we are heading to the same venue, why don’t we go there all together?

Ethan wrote his articles all together in one journal.

Points to Remember

Choosing between altogether and all together is now probably easier for you. Despite how similar they appear and sound, let us take into mind how distinct they really are.

When talking about how much your bill comes up to, about how completely something takes place, or about the general condition of people or things, it is right to use altogether. On the other hand, if the context states that a group of people does something together or that a group of items is collectively in one area, then it is safe to use the latter.

The essential points of these two words have been explicitly written here all together just for you. Hopefully, your confusion has altogether come to an end.

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