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Why ESL Kids love QQEnglish

Learning in QQEnglish is fun!

Why do you think ESL kids love QQEnglish?

Teaching Kids is a remarkable job that QQEnglish teachers love doing. Who would not love seeing young learners dancing and singing the alphabet song, right? Knowing that your student misses you every day is just priceless. At QQEnglish, you get to encounter hundreds or even a thousand of ESL Kids online. You might wonder why QQEnglish has thousands of young English learners. The answer is simple – they find learning at QQEnglish fun! But besides that, here are 5 Reasons that prove Why ESL Kids love learning English at QQEnglish.

Happy and Smiling QQEnglish Teachers

Teaching ESL Kids can be tough, especially when they are not in the mood to learn. However, when you know how to get their attention, teaching them can be so meaningful. One key to keeping young learners’ attention is to make them feel excited and alive. At QQEnglish, teachers always greet their adorable students with happy and smiling faces of QQEnglish teachers. These passionate teachers, who like teaching adorable kids, make sure that students learn English online the best way.

It is amazing to see the dedication QQEnglish teachers have when teaching young learners from Asia, Europe, and Latin America. As early as 5 AM, teachers already greet their students online with a warm ‘Good morning!’ before singing the Hello Song! QQEnglish teachers always make sure that these young learners feel their energy and enthusiasm. The growing connection and the bond these kids develop with their teachers give a lasting relationship even when the class is over.

Great Learning Materials

Besides the happy teachers, ESL Kids love learning at QQEnglish because of its great learning materials! Young learners can choose several English learning courses. These books which are exclusive only for ESL Kids have their target language focus that aims to improve the four macro-skills of learning.

Some courses young learners enjoy in QQEnglish is theWe Can” series. This course contains interesting stories and fun ESL games for kids to enjoy in the class. ESL Kids also never want to miss studying English using the Smart Kids Course.

Unlike We Can, the Smart Kids series is an original English material created by QQEnglish for its young learners. Through this course, young English learners learn the basics of English first. They can enjoy learning letters, numbers, colors, etc. not by in-depth discussion but through engaging activities and singing songs. In the higher stages of the course, they can start learning basic grammar, English expressions, new words, etc..

Other English learning materials that kids enjoy at QQEnglish are Magic Phonics, QQ Basics, Topic Con for Beginners, and many more.

Advanced Online Learning Platform

Another way for ESL students to enjoy learning English online is by using an advanced online learning platform. And by advance, I don’t just mean applications like Skype or WeChat. What I mean is an application where ESL kids can write on an electronic board, listen to audio, chat with a teacher, and read the lesson.

At QQEnglish, learning English online is more effective with the use of the QQEnglish Classroom App. This application contains the best features essential to online learning. ESL Kids enjoy their classes using this one because they can do other things besides listening and answering their teachers’ questions.

Moreover, young English learners can directly listen to audios and watch videos. This user-friendly application allows young English learners to give their attention to the class because no book is no longer needed. It also beneficial for the parents and teachers because they can easily save chatbox history. What’s great is that the Classroom App automatically records the classes, so reviewing the lesson will just be easy.

24/7 Availability

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of online learners has grown exponentially and access to education is becoming limited. Young ESL learners have several schools to choose from, but despite the thousands of online schools, many still choose QQEnglish because of its 24/7 availability.

Being the biggest language school in Cebu, Philippines, QQEnglish caters hundreds of thousands of ESL kids across Asia, Europe, and Latin America. QQEnglish makes sure that it is available anytime and anywhere so that young learners can have access to online English education.

Because of the increasing demand, Mr. Raiko Fujioka revised the working timeframe of QQEnglish teachers to ensure that students can learn English with QQEnglish despite the time differences. Now, ESL Kids keep on enrolling in QQEnglish again and again because they’re sure that they can take their favorite teacher’s class anytime they want.

Skilled and Experienced Tutors

Besides being friendly and smiling, QQEnglish teachers are commendable because they’re skilled and experienced tutors. ESL learners always give great commendations for their passion and dedication to teach English. At QQEnglish, teachers use different methodologies for young learners. Teaching here is a combination of imparting knowledge about the English language and entertainment. Young learners get to have the chance to see teachers who dance and sing during class. QQEnglish teachers always give their 100 percent best that’s why ESL students across the globe keep coming back.

Compared to other schools, English teachers in QQEnglish always have the initiative to prepare props and other teaching realia in the class. For example, when the lesson is about colors, teachers would grab their sticky notes and let students identify their colors. If the student wants more, they will get all their pens and pencils. QQEnglish teachers know what’s best in the class. They find ways for their students to enjoy, that’s why ESL Kids admire them.

Enjoy World-class English classes

For those parents who want their kids to learn English efficiently, QQEnglish would be the best training ground. Not only does this company guarantee you outstanding teachers, but your children can also enjoy world-class English classes.

Everything QQEnglish commits to is about giving your children a better and brighter future. With over 10 years in the industry, QQEnglish already topped the list of the best ESL schools in the Philippines.

If you want your kids to experience what others have already been enjoying, then this is the time for your kids to try. QQEnglish promises excellent English Language learning experience. Furthermore, the quality of its classes has helped change the lives of millions of ESL Kids around the world.

Want your kids to start the QQEnglish journey? Check out the website at https://qqeng.net/ to learn more.

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