Learn English Effectively at Home: 7 Effective Ways

Do you sometimes feel like dragging your feet to school to learn English? Or do you find it inconvenient to deal with traffic on your way there? Easy-peasy! There are ways to learn English effectively at home. Even in your most comfy clothes or pajamas, you can make use of your home as a learning venue.

Can we really learn English effectively at home? Not all successful learning experiences take place in the four walls of the classroom. Some of them can already take place at home. How is this possible? First and foremost, establishing the habit of learning is a must. Consistency is very important for any progress you want to see. Second, be clear with your goals. This means that you can learn English effectively at home if you know your specific aims which are realistic and time-bound. Finally, make use of every possible resource you find at home. From books to Netflix, take a pick from available options as long as it also interests you.

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Ways to Learn English at Home

1. Enroll in online English classes.

Indeed, the most convenient way is to learn with a teacher. There are already a lot of online platforms and sites that can cater to your learning needs. One of those you can check out is QQEnglish from the Philippines. You will surely find a number of courses to choose from. If you are someone who needs more guidance from a teacher, then this is for you.

2. Grab a book.

More often than not, we forget that one of our greatest tool for learning are books. Even with the hype of technology, books still work magic in improving our reading skill in English. You can start with simple storybooks to immense novels. You can never go wrong with them.

3. Stay updated with the news.

Whether be it on TV, online, or on paper, invest time in reading or watching English news. Not only you become widely informed of current events, but you are also working on your listening and reading skills. Learn English even in the news. In short, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

4. Make podcasts and movies your friends.

Due to work-from-home situations at present, it has become more convenient to insert quick entertainment sessions. With applications such as Spotify or Netflix, podcasts and movies are right at your fingertips. Choose those topics or genres that spice up your interest. Watching the American English series “Friends” is definitely a must-try. It may not be that easy to catch all English words at first. But once you get accustomed to listening to the language, some words and expressions will become more familiar and faster to remember. There’s a plus! What we acquire by listening will likely be applied in speaking.

5. Connect with people.

If you and your friend or family have the same goal (to learn English), then it’s best to learn together. Instead of using your local language, set a time for an English-only conversation. May it be in person or online, it does not matter. Finding the opportunity to speak the English language is what’s important.

6. Record yourself.

If engaging in an English-only conversation with your peers does not work so much for you yet, then it’s time to record yourself. One good thing about recording yourself speak is that you can track your progress. Moreover, you can spot common mistakes that you make upon watching the replay. This will also help when you prefer someone else to evaluate you. And if you’re confident and brave enough, why not start your own vlog? Who knows what you do for learning is also helping others learn.

7. Make journaling a habit.

Writing in a diary may sound so old school, but it will never go out of style in language practice. You can begin with simple brief entries of how your day went. Or you can try writing down your thoughts on issues where you want to prove your point – even just in writing. Or yet, a very simple alternative is posting on your social media using the English language.


What has been shared with you are just some of the ways you can learn English effectively at home. If you do have other ideas that suit your learning style, then you are still on the right track. Just remember, establish your learning habit, use what interests and motivates you, and choose which is not hefty for your pockets. After all, learning a language does not have any fixed process. Just enjoy while you learn!

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