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Seafront campus

Seafront Campus is located along the beach area. You can focus on learning English away from real life.

White sands and blue sea

You can feel the comfortable atmosphere in this luxury resort area.

The image of Cebu is of a luxury resort area. Our Seafront campus is located in a place with a lot of luxury hotels along the sea. You can be satisfied with not only the sea and beach, but also restaurants and bars in the hotels.

Alrededores del campus seafront 24/7


Maribago Chicken Grill & Restaurant

The restaurant looks like a cottage in the jungle. You can feel the tropical atmosphere and enjoy the Filipino style of barbecue.

The Cove sea view restaurant in Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort

You can enjoy having seafood in front of the sea and choose whichever fish you want to have from the water tank. The most famous fish, Lapu-lapu, is recommended.

Allegro buffet restaurant in Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort

The lunch buffet is recommended. There are a variety of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. There is also tasty Filipino cuisine.


You can have Japanese cuisine such as raw fish and Niku-Jaga. There are also interesting shows to watch.


Resturants & Bar at Cebu White Sands Beach Resort

You can have a variety of alcohol beverages while enjoying the beautiful night view. You can also enjoy drinking while feeling the night wind.



The first Civet coffee in Cebu. The price is a little bit expensive but you can enjoy civet coffee which is said to be of world-class quality.


There are so many branches in Cebu. Aside from coffee, their cookies and bread are famous and you can easily stop by.


Cebu Prana Spa

This is an Asian spa where you can have an oil massage in a cottage. When you feel tired from studying so many hours, it is recommended.


This is a famous massage chain in Cebu. You can choose several kinds of massage such as dry massage and aloma.


Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort

You can feel the resort atmosphere in cottage type rooms. This is one of the luxury hotels with a private beach. You can enjoy lunch and dinner in restaurants.

2 minutes from Seafront campus

Cebu White Sands Beach Resort

This famous hotel has a private pool, and a variety of amusement facilities for tourists. This has the nearest bar to Seafront campus.

2 minutes from Seafront campus



This is the nearest supermarket to Seafront campus. You can buy daily necessities and souvenirs such as dried mangoes.

Currency exchange


This is the nearest currency exchange. It’s located in SAVEMORE supermaket.

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