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Challenge Yourself: Learn English Abroad but Consider These 7 Things

Do you want to improve your English communication skills? Are you an ESL learner who wants to be fluent in the English language and speak like a native? Challenge yourself and learn English abroad.

In recent years, the trend in English studies has been booming especially before the pandemic. Many non-native English speakers learn English abroad to improve their English communication skills. You, too, can be like them.

Whether you have been studying English online or attending English in-person classes in your hometown, your main purpose is to enhance your language skills in English and get a chance to interact with many people from around the world.

Now is the time to leave your desk and learn English abroad. Don’t be stuck with your computer or within the four walls of the classroom you are attending English in. You can be an adventurer while studying English.

Challenge yourself and learn English abroad.

Where to Learn English Abroad?

Are you thinking about where to learn English abroad? There are a lot of countries in the world where you can study English. Canada, Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand are native English-speaking countries where you can learn English easily.

In Asia, there are countries that offer English language programs for ESL learners. Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines are among those countries. The question is, where do you want to learn English abroad?

When you decide to learn English abroad, there are various things to consider before you can finally travel, and look forward to beating your English language difficulties. Below are some of the things to deeply think about.

  1. Cost of the program – This is the primary concern of most second language learners before they learn English abroad. Consider the cost of the language program you want to take and how much budget you have.
  2. Distance from your home country – Aside from the cost, you should also consider the distance from the country where you want to study English. Do you want it to be near your country, or one that is further?
  3. Quality of Service – Because you want to improve your English language skills, you want to receive the best quality service from these countries that offer language lessons. Quality includes intensive teacher training, expertise in specialized courses, excellent communication skills of teachers, and accommodating staff.
  4. Language Courses – You also have to consider your learning goals, preferences, and needs. What do you want to improve on? What kind of teacher do you want to teach you? What kind of learning environment do you want to study English in? What specific English aspect do you want to focus on more?
  5. Security and safety of the place – Of course, you want to travel safely and securely while you learn English abroad. This is one thing to consider especially when you are alone.
  6. Feedback about the ESL school – Positive reviews about ESL schools are important when choosing a school to learn English abroad. You can research these schools and check their reviews. If you have friends who have been abroad studying English before, you can also ask them about their experiences.
  7. School Accreditation – You would want to learn English abroad in schools that are accredited to global standards. Some students look for Cambridge or British Council accreditations, which are the best providers of English courses for easy learning.

There are numerous things to consider before you decide to learn English abroad, but the choice always depends on you. Studying English abroad requires deep thinking and perseverance. Now, think about which places in the world you would like to learn English by considering the things mentioned above.

Not decided yet?

The Philippines is one of the best English language study destinations in all of Asia. Aside from the fact that you can have fun and adventure in the country, your English language study is a sure hit.

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Where to Study English in the Philippines?

Highly urbanized cities in the Philippines like Manila, Baguio City, Davao City, Iloilo City, and Cebu City have several international schools that offer a wide range of language programs for ESL learners.

ESL schools in the country have been catering to language learners from different parts of Asia and Europe even before the pandemic. Most of them offer in-person classes, and some of them offer online English lessons.

Cebu is one of the best language program destinations for ESL learners. In Cebu, ESL schools provide packages for accommodation, transportation, meals, and extra-curricular activities for students who learn English abroad with them.

Where to Study English in Cebu?

Out of many ESL schools in Cebu, QQEnglish offers the best language courses for learners of all levels. Teachers are internationally qualified and they give the best quality service to language learners who aim to improve their English language skills.

Teachers at QQEnglish are TESOL-certified. They are intensively trained to provide quality lessons for students. When you learn English abroad at QQEnglish, you are being prepared to be globally competitive.

There are various language courses that QQEnglish offer. Business-minded people can take Business English courses with their chosen teachers. If you want to improve your grammar and vocabulary or enhance your pronunciation skills, you can take English conversation lessons too.

If you have children who you want to be more adept at the English language, you can enroll them in camps or kids’ curriculums suitable for their language level.

If you are preparing for an international examination like  IELTS or TOEIC, QQEnglish can help you prepare for that. Other exams like Eiken in Japan are also offered in QQEnglish by the best certified raters.

If you want to speak English quickly, you can take the Callan Method, originally introduced by Cambridge.

QQEnglish is not just an ESL school providing English lessons and exam preparations. It is globally recognized for giving quality service to students based on international standards. The courses are specially designed for learners’ proficiency following the CEFR levels based on international standards.

What is best about QQEnglish is that students gain new friends and get a chance to converse and interact with other students from other countries. Aside from that, students also learn about the culture of each country, making them more engaged in conversations and practicing their speaking skills.

Learn more about QQEnglish’s study abroad program at https://qqeng.net/.

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When is the best time to learn English abroad?

When you want to learn English abroad, you have to prepare a lot of things and do some research about the place you want to learn English in.

Some students prefer to learn English abroad during long holidays like Golden Week (Japan) and the Spring Festival (China). Others also choose to learn English abroad during their winter or summer break.

It always depends on your preferences because when you learn English abroad, you are like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to study English, but enjoy exciting adventures at the same time.

However, if you choose the Philippines as your next English study destination, then the best time would be ANYTIME.

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Ready for the challenge?

Learning English abroad should not be difficult. It should be easy, fun, and engaging. Start planning your next English study abroad and expect a positive outcome after. Accept the challenge and conquer the world with the new YOU.

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