Summer camp

Summer camp

English study abroad tour

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Jul 10 - AUg 20

(2 Weeks / 4 Weeks / 6 Weeks)

Teenagers (10-15 years old)
Families (Children 4-15 years old)

Camp features

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Beach Front Campus

QQEnglish Beach Front Campus

QQEnglish Beach Front Campus (BFC) is located in Mactan Newtown, Lapu-Lapu City, just a 19-minute drive from the Mactan International Airport!

Mactan Newtown is a significant comprehensive urban development project in the Philippines that integrates residential, commercial, retail, entertainment, and tourism facilities, making it a popular vacation destination that attracts many tourists.

The Beach Front Campus is located in the heart of Mactan Newtown! The building has 14 floors and covers about 12,000 square meters! It integrates office, teaching, accommodation, restaurant, and leisure spaces, making it a one-stop shop for all your needs. And get this, it can accommodate over 1000 teachers and 600 students!

The environment is excellent. Residential areas, hotels, resorts, beaches, restaurants, night markets, grocery stores, and a bus terminal station are all within easy reach, providing a convenient and comfortable living experience for everyone.

Learn English Abroad at QQEnglish Beachfront Campus

Private Beach

The beautiful private beach of Mactan New Town with a very pleasant view and other facilities, is usable for our students.

Summer camp
Summer camp


  • There are over 2,000 teachers. All are TESOL certified.
  • All of the teachers are full-time professionals and have at least a college degree or higher.
  • All teachers are required to complete a four-week training course and to pass four rounds of examinations before they can take up their posts, to ensure that they are qualified.
  • All teachers must receive regular monthly and quarterly training and evaluation, including students’ evaluation of them, to ensure that our teaching quality reaches the highest level.
  • All teachers must pass the quarterly assessment before they can be promoted to ensure that our teaching standards are consistent and the quality is guaranteed.
Summer camp
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Lesson arrangement


  • 3 one-on-one classes

Match courses according to English level and learning purpose to improve English ability systematically.

  • 3 group classes

(2 small group classes+1 big group class)

  • 4~6 years old:

Focus on increasing the interactivity and interest of the course, stimulate students’ interest and initiative in English, and make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

  • 7~15 years old

Situational teaching, the course content close to daily practical scenes (hotels, airports, restaurants, shopping centers, lectures …), can be used immediately after learning, and truly apply what you have learned.

  • Evening self-study

One-hour self-study time every day, consolidate what you learned that day, and the teacher will accompany you and answer your questions at any time to ensure a better learning effect!

  • Weekly progress test

The weekly progress test helps students understand their learning progress, making learning more targeted and fulfilling!

Summer camp
Summer camp
Summer camp
Summer camp


Capsule Dormitory

  • Quiet and private: each capsule is triple sound insulation, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their own private space while being quiet.
  • Complete facilities: bedding, bookshelves, mirrors, sockets, lamps, and so on, and a coded lock to ensure property safety.
  • Social atmosphere: students of different nationalities live together, so everyone can make international friends and increase the chances of using English to communicate.
  • Safety guarantee: Life teachers will live in capsule dormitories to ensure the safety and health of students, pay attention to and take care of their life needs at any time, and reassure parents.
a bed in a room
a bed in a room
a black rectangular object on a wooden surface
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Teaching zone

The 4th and 5th floors of the teaching building are dedicated to providing class space for offline students to ensure that they can study in a quiet and comfortable environment. These floors are completely separated from online courses, providing a place for students to concentrate on learning and interact. Whether it is classroom teaching, group discussion, or practical activities, our teaching building can meet the learning needs of students and provide a good learning atmosphere and conditions for their learning journey.

a room with many empty cubicles
a room with two computers
a room with cubicles and desks

Multi-purpose hall

QQEnglish’s double-decker multi-purpose hall combines the functions of a reception area, office area, restaurant, leisure area, and library, providing diverse space for our students.
After class, students can freely use this comfortable space. Whether enjoying food, chatting with friends, reading books, or relaxing after a day’s study, our multi-purpose hall is an ideal environment.

a room with white couches and lights
a restaurant with a counter and chairs
a room with tables and chairs
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Savoy Hotel

(1-minute walk)

Summer camp
  • One of the newest hotels in Cebu. It has 547 fully furnished rooms and suites designed for leisure and business stays.
  • Come upon outstanding dining options offering indoor and alfresco seating. There’s also a fully equipped gym and an outdoor pool that boasts astonishing views of the business district.
  • The charming and spacious private beach allows you to enjoy your vacation time.


Choose from different Savoy Hotel Mactan Newtown rooms in Cebu. All are furnished with comfortable beds and decked with splashes of calming blue for a relaxing stay. 

Common room amenities:

  •  Coffee- and tea-making facilities
  •  Mini-bar   
  •  Wi-Fi connection
  • LED TV
  • Electronic safety box
Summer camp
Summer camp
Summer camp
Summer camp


QQCafe Food

Carefully matched rich recipes, delicious and nutritious.

a bowl of food in a container
a bowl of food with lemon slices
a group of food in containers
a bowl of sliced fruit
a bowl of salad on a stove
a bowl of food in a bowl

Special food event

Special food events, enjoy all kinds of delicious flavors.

a group of people in a market
a table with food on it
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Student Care

24-hour resident nurse

  • 24-hour resident nurse, that always pays attention to students’ health needs.
  • Medical professionals regularly visit the school to provide specialized advice.
a man wearing a mask and a stethoscope
a room with a bed and a poster on the wall

International staff support

Our international staff provides exceptional support and seamless communication to ensure all campers have an enjoyable, stress-free experience!
Languages: Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian,  Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Persian.

a group of people posing for a photo
a group of people posing for a photo

Accompanied by a life teacher

Life teachers accompany students 24 hours a day on campus, and live in the same dormitory with each group of students, always paying attention to students’ life dynamics and needs.

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two women posing for a picture

24-7 security

  • 24-hour security guards to ensure the safety of all students.
  • The summer camp has implemented strict rules and an access control system! Security guards are stationed at the entrance and exit of the teaching building and dormitory area.
  • A policy of no entry without ID is enforced.
a man standing at a reception desk
a man and woman wearing masks standing in front of a glass door
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Indoor activities:

Group dance:

Summer camp

Cultural appreciation class:

Summer camp

AI teaching class:

Summer camp

Outdoor activities

One day a week for off-campus travel activities.

Island hopping:

Enjoy the beautiful island scenery of the Philippines, and enjoy a swim in the blue sea!

a dock in the water
a person swimming underwater with their hands up


Swim with whale sharks at close range and see its huge body.

a woman swimming with a whale shark
a group of girls standing on a boat in the water


Feel the shock of the sardine storm and the tenderness of turtles.

a turtle swimming in the water
a person swimming underwater with bubbles
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