IELTS Preparation Increase Your English Level in 20 Days

IELTS Preparation: Increase Your English Level in 20 Days!

What is IELTS and IELTS Preparation?

Do you dream of studying abroad, working internationally, or migrating to an English-speaking country? Why not prepare yourself and take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Achieving a high score on the IELTS is crucial.

IELTS is a globally recognized standard examination that is trusted by many governments, foreign employers, and high-standard universities around the world. English speaking countries usually require IELTS to those who want to study, work, or migrate there.

The main aim of this testing system is to help test takers achieve their personal, professional, and academic goals. The exam assesses your English proficiency level according to your four macro-skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

To achieve your desired band score, IELTS preparation is necessary. You have to attend intensive and rigorous IELTS courses to achieve your desired band score.

This, too, was experienced by one of our IELTS students in QQEnglish. Here’s an excerpt of her interview regarding her IELTS preparation journey with us, from a band score of 7.5 to 8.5 in only 20 days!

Part 1: Student's Interview


We introduce to you Yoyo, an outstanding student who took the IELTS preparation courses in QQEnglish and achieved high band scores for the third time. Let’s check out her story in this interview.

Interviewer: Tell us briefly about yourself.

Yoyo: Hello there everyone, my name is Yoyo. I am currently a high school sophomore student.  I wanted to apply for a university so I decided to study IELTS at QQEnglish in the Philippines for three weeks. The course was intensive.

IELTS Preparation test

The Philippines as her preferred study location


Interviewer: Why did you choose to study in the Philippines?

Yoyo: I chose the Philippines because when I was young, I had studied twice here before. I like the experience both outside and inside school, because people around me speak English. I had a very immersive atmosphere.

Now, I am taking my IELTS preparation courses here because I am planning to apply for a university. For me, it’s more efficient to spare some time and focus on taking IELTS preparation courses in the Philippines than taking them online or attending some make up classes in China.

About her weakest IELTS test aspect


Interviewer: Which aspect of the IELTS exam are you weak at?

Yoyo: I think it’s hard for me to improve my speaking and writing. During my IELTS preparation course in the Philippines, I studied listening and reading questions every day. I also had two speaking lessons daily. The intensive learning was helpful because I was able to improve my listening, speaking, and reading.

The improvement of her IELTS band score


Interviewer: Has your IELTS band score improved?

Yoyo: Actually, I took the IELTS test in February this year. My scores during that time were 7.5 in listening, 7 in reading, 6 in writing, and 6.5 in speaking.

When I took the IELTS preparation courses in this school for 3 weeks and studied intensively, my second test scores improved a lot. I achieved scores of 8.5 in listening and reading, 6.5 in writing, and 7 in speaking. These were significant improvements!

IELTS Preparation
IELTS test result

The language environment in the Philippines


Interviewer: What’s the local language like in the Philippines?

Yoyo: I’ve been to a lot of English-speaking countries as well as non-native English speaking countries before. I comparison, the language environment in the Philippines is really good. Wherever I go, people speak English. The locals can talk to tourists in English even if they speak Filipino as their native language.

In the past, I heard that Filipino teachers have local accent, but it was different when I was in class. I felt fine. Some IELTS teachers have more native-like accents than other foreign teachers, haha. They really help a lot in improving my speaking scores.

Choosing QQEnglish Language School


Interviewer: Why did you choose QQEnglish language school?

Yoyo: When I was young, my family took me here to study. Now that I want to take IELTS preparation courses, I immediately decided to have them at QQEnglish.

I like the concept of the classes here. There are 3 classes in the morning and 2 in the afternoon every day. If you want to strengthen your knowledge, you can study by yourself in the evening.

Moreover, the school’s location is very convenient and accessible. The entire IT Park is green and the transportation is very good. After class, we can go out for a walk and enjoy the ambiance of the surroundings.

There are also many restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers around the area, which are very convenient for students like me. There are also night markets in the evening, which is not that different from what we have in China.

IELTS Preparation courses: Take them in QQEnglish

Part 2: Parent’s Interview

Interviewer: Are you going with Yoyo?

Parent: Since this is the third time studying at your school, it would be only her this time. We won’t be accompanying her.

The first time we went there together was ten years ago, when Yoyo was on her first grade in elementary. The second time, she went there with a study tour group by herself. Since this time it’s to take IELTS preparation courses to prepare for the test, I decided to let her go on her own as the purpose is clear. This is also a practice for her to be independent.

Interviewer: Why did you choose the Philippines for her IELTS preparation study?

Parent: It was Yoyo’s personal decision to study IELTS in the Philippines because of her good impression of the study tour she joined.

For me, I chose the Philippines to study English because firstly, it’s a Southeast Asian country close to China. Secondly, the language environment in the country is very good. During the Chinese New Year, my children had difficulty choosing a school. During the winter vacation, I had the time to study for a few weeks and I didn’t expect to see such progress.

Furthermore, my daughter has been to several study tours with your school and is very familiar with your school’s accommodation, environment, teachers, etc. As parents, I am relieved. The overall cost-effectiveness is highly recommended.

Interviewer: What do you think about the Philippines?

Parent: It is inevitable that we hear news and current affairs between countries, and many people think that the Philippines is in danger. However, we don’t think it that way. We are still very confident about your school.

We have been there a lot of times, and the school is surely in a very safe and comfortable zone. School staff and teachers are friendly, and the Filipino people are very welcoming. Talking to them makes me feel cheerful.

We were touched by the teachers’ enthusiasm and work dedication. They made our study tour experience memorable.

On the weekends, the school organizes outdoor activities like island hopping, banana boat riding, and diving. We can go to nearby islands like Bohol and experience tourist attractions. These really help us feel the strong ambiance of a tropical weather.

Whether it’s for sightseeing or learning, every study tour in the Philippines leaves us memorable experiences and wonderful memories.

two happy people


You, too, can be like Yoyo. If you are aiming to improve your IELTS band score, you can take the IELTS preparation courses with QQEnglish. Yoyo has testified the effectiveness of the courses as she was able to improve her scores too.

Ready to take the leap? Start it now.

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