The top 8 English learning platform comparison

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

As Internet resources become more and more abundant, many people are accustomed to obtaining information from the Internet and learning various professional skills. Of course, online English learning is no exception. However, among the many resources, how can you choose a suitable online English teaching channel? This article organizes 8 online English evaluations, costs, and comparisons of advantages and disadvantages, to help you select suitable learning resources and quickly improve your English ability.

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7 Benefits of Online English Teaching: Rapidly Increase Your English Ability

Time flexibility: Online English learning can be arranged according to your own time. Some platforms even provide 24-hour online English teaching. Whether you are a college student with flexible time or a busy office worker, You can freely arrange Your study time.

Inexpensive fees: Compared with the operating costs of classrooms and other operating costs for physical English courses, online English teaching only requires a computer or tablet to take classes, so the fees are usually cheaper, which greatly reduces the threshold for students to further study.

Exposure to various accents: On the online English teaching platform, there are English teachers from different countries, allowing you to contact different English accents and improve your English ability.

Not limited by space: whether you are lying in bed wearing pajamas or commuting, as long as you turn on your mobile phone or computer to connect to the Internet, you can use the timeline to learn English online.

Independently choose the class method: Online English teaching has “1-to-1” and “small class”, which can be selected according to your personality and study habits. You can also communicate with the teacher about the direction and difficulty of the course to make English learning easier.

Don’t be afraid to speak English: Many people are worried that their classmates will hear the wrong English. They invite one-on-one tutoring in the coffee shop and are afraid of being stared at by the next table, making it difficult for them to speak naturally and generously. Choose one-to-one online English teaching, you can learn at home, the teacher can correct your pronunciation individually, and practice your fluent speaking ability.

Improve English strength in all directions: Online English teaching has a complete curriculum plan, training listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and taking you to develop a strong English strength!

Online English Learning vs In-person English Courses

In order to help you choose the English learning method that meets your personal needs, we have compiled a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of online and physical English courses:

online english learning
1. The appointment system is adopted, and the time is flexible and arranged.
2. Whether it is one-to-one tutoring or small class courses, the cost is cheaper than physical courses.
3. You can make appointments with different teachers and get in touch with the accents of various countries. If you are not satisfied with the teacher, you can also make adjustments with to consultant’s response.
4. Not limited by space, as long as you can connect to the Internet, you can take classes.
1. The quality of online English teaching teachers and courses varies, so you must choose a trustworthy platform.
2. Learning must be conducted in a stable network environment.
in-person English Course
1. If there is something you don’t understand in the course, you can ask questions at any time.
2. Teachers can pay more attention to the learning status of each student, adjust the progress, and cultivate mutual understanding.
3. Get to know your classmates through the course and make friends who can learn English.
1. Fixed class time and time-consuming commuting is required, and the arrangement of time and space is limited.
2. The teaching materials cannot be customized.
3. In group classes, shy, quiet students are easily overlooked.
4. The cost of the class is high, which increases the cost of learning.
5. All parties must consult and audition to find a suitable cram school.

How to choose online English teaching? Master the 4 general election principles!

Learning English with Filipino Teachers

1. Audition
It is very important to choose a teacher who fits in with you. A good teacher not only teaches seriously but also stimulates your desire to learn and makes your English learning journey smoother! Therefore, before paying the fee, be sure to make an appointment for an audition to see if the teacher’s teaching style suits you.

2. Teachers
After finding a teacher that suits you, it is recommended to fix the teacher so that he can control your learning progress and accompany you to progress together. The quality of teachers on each online English learning platform is different. Some platforms have a high turnover rate of teachers, or the quality is uneven. It is recommended that you choose carefully!

3. Teaching material
If you just chat with online tutors in English, the scope of progress is very limited. It is recommended that you choose an online English learning platform with professional teaching materials so that you can learn English more systematically and strengthen your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities in all aspects.

4. Customer service
Most online English learning platforms have customer service and consultants to solve various difficulties for you, such as changing teachers, adjusting the level or other special requirements of the course, and the customer service channels (calls, messages) and processing speed will affect your Learning.

Online English Comparison: Costs, Evaluations, Advantages, and Disadvantages of 8 English Learning Platforms

The following is a comparison of the latest 8 English learning platforms in 2021 to help you understand the platform features, costs, advantages, and disadvantages, and find an online English learning platform that suits you.

1st Online English Comparison: QQEnglish

QQEnglish is a Philippine language school established in 2009. It has a complete teaching system, experienced teachers, and self-developed professional teaching materials to bring you comprehensive and systematic English teaching services. QQEnglish has thousands of Filipino English teachers. In addition to the undergraduate degree, they all have TESOL teaching certificates, providing professional and stable teaching quality.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison
The top 8 English learning platform comparison

According to the teacher’s grading, the charging method is calculated by “points”, 40 points / 50 points / 60 points / 75 points / 80 points / 100 points teachers, of which the teachers with 50 points are the majority, with an average of 3.5 to 6 USD per class.

Both computers and tablets can be used, and you can use the dedicated platform or the QQ English app to take classes.

Provide customer service channels such as Line, Skype, and FB.

1. The teachers have undergone unified professional training, and the teaching quality is stable.
2. Teachers take classes in the language center, and the quality of the network connection is stable.
3. Self-developed professional teaching materials, which are authorized official colleges by Karen in the UK.

1. It is difficult to make appointments with popular teachers.
2. Course reservations must be canceled 12 hours in advance in order to refund all the points of the class.
3. The points of the current month must be used up in the current month.

2nd Online English Comparison: Engoo

Engoo is an online English platform endorsed by YouTuber Adi. The teaching team consists of thousands of well-trained teachers from more than 60 countries around the world. Classes are made by appointment, there are many teachers to choose from, and many free textbooks are provided. I believe that “environment” is the most important factor in learning English.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

The price varies according to the number of classes purchased each time, and the price range is between 2.5 to 9.5 USD per class.

You can use Skype or the platform’s class system, and most courses are by appointment.

Online customer service, but the customer service efficiency is not good, and it takes multiple contacts to get in touch.

1. Teachers are rich in choice and learning resources and provide many free textbooks.
2. The teacher’s teaching style is funny.

1. The quality of teachers varies, and it is very difficult to make appointments for popular teachers.
2. The quality of teachers’ courses varies, and teaching is less systematic.
3. Customer service contact efficiency is not good.
4. It is stipulated that at least 8 classes are taken in a month, and the fee will not be refunded if the monthly class is not completed.
5. The automatic deduction system is adopted. If you do not continue with the class, remember to cancel the next month’s class.

3rd Online English Comparison: Hi Tutor

Hi Tutor is the first multi-language learning platform in Taiwan. It not only teaches in English but also has Korean and German teachers. It provides one-to-one efficient learning courses, emphasizing free, independent, and self-learning models to help students develop good study habits. The course includes six major indicators, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary, to help students systematically increase their English ability.
Teaching with Filipino teachers.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

The general course fee ranges from 7 to 14 USD per class, and the price of commercial English is about 14 USD to 26 USD per class.

Own learning platform / use Skype software to take classes.

Provide Skype online voice customer service. In addition to course problems, there are also technical support engineers who can troubleshoot class connection problems.

1. The customer service is thoughtful, the first class will be arranged by a special person, and the customer service will help you find a suitable teacher according to your personal needs.
2. Teacher accent standard, suitable for those who are just beginning to learn a language.
3. Can learn a variety of languages, such as Korean, and German.

1. There will be no video chat in class, only voice teaching. The form and interaction of the class is relatively simple, a bit like listening to the radio.
2. Class hours are limited, and classes are not available 24 hours a day, which is not suitable for language learners with busy schedules.
3. A certain number of lessons need to be purchased at a time, which must be used up within the time limit.

4th Online English Comparison: Actions Language Online

Actions Language Online is one of the few teaching platforms founded by professional English educators. The founders provide Taiwanese with professional teaching materials and teaching environments based on their own teaching experience and foreign professional teachers. Most of the teachers on the platform are Filipino teachers with rich teaching experience. They adopt a system of fixed teachers. Each teacher will adjust the teaching progress according to the student’s abilities. If you want to change, you can also contact customer service.

Teaching with Filipino teachers.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

The price of a 50-minute one-on-one teaching ranges from 9.5 USD to 10.5 USD per class. The more classes you buy, the cheaper the price per class.

Online teaching using Skype with Google Word Whiteboard.

Skype voice, although the customer service is not fixed, the efficiency is good, usually reply to messages within a day, and are very familiar with the course content.

1. Courses will not be forced to sell.
2. The teaching materials will be arranged according to the level of the students.
3. Classes can be stopped at any time without being bound by an appointment.
4. The class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard to enrich the course content.

1. The teachers are not transparent, so you cannot choose the teacher yourself. If you want to change the teacher, you need to contact customer service.
2. It is not possible to take classes at any time 24 hours a day, and the flexibility of the course arrangement is low.
3. The price is on the high side, and you need to purchase several volumes of classes.
4. One class must be arranged every week, and the number of leave requests is limited.

5th Online English Comparison: P&P Language Online

The founders of P&P are several girls with an English major background, hoping to create “warm online learning” and subvert the traditional learning environment. P&P Language Online has professional foreign teacher resources, plans customized and original teaching materials, and combines computer technology to create an English learning platform that is most suitable for Taiwanese to address the English mistakes that Taiwanese often make.

Teachers Provide Taiwanese and foreign teachers.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

There are two types of courses: a fixed system and a flexible system. The average fee for the fixed system is 10 to 10.5 USD per class; the average fee for the flexible system is 12 to 13.5 USD yuan per class.

The fixed system uses Skype and Google Cloud for one-to-one lessons; the flexible system uses the built-in call and video system.

Through LINE or customer service mailbox, customer service responds quickly, with a positive and friendly attitude.

1. Provide Taiwanese teachers suitable for English beginners, do not have to worry about being unable to communicate with foreign teachers.
2. Customized teaching materials can be planned according to the level and needs of students.
3. Pay attention to the students’ learning status, and will make a complete learning tracking report.

1. There are fewer teachers to choose from on the platform, and it is difficult to make an appointment during popular times.
2. The fixed system cannot change the time freely, lacks the flexibility of the itinerary, and also has a limit on the number of leave requests.

6th Online English Comparison: Tutor ABC

Tutor ABC is the world’s first technology company to launch a reformated learning platform, combining language teaching with an online platform. It is also the world’s first platform to provide real-life teaching on 365 antennas. It has put a lot of effort into brand management. Very high profile. In addition to language learning, it also provides services such as user communities, business meetings, and corporate education and training.

Teachers come from all over the world, mostly South African teachers.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

The price information is relatively opaque. The price of small-class courses is about 12 to 20 USD per class; the price of one-to-one courses is about 35 to 70 USD per class. It is recommended to negotiate with consultants more accurately.

Using Tutor ABC’s exclusive online system for teaching, the leave requirements vary according to the type of course.

Provide 24-hour telephone, email, and line customer service.

1. Classes are available 24 hours a day.
2. Abundant teaching resources and rich course content are provided.
3. Teachers major, through TESOL, TEFL, and other educational qualification certification.

1. The quality of teachers varies greatly, so we cannot choose teachers freely, and can only respond to consultants.
2. Business sales calls are frequent.
3. The contract must be bound, and the course price is high.

7th Online English Comparison: Amazing Talker

The English online platform founded by a Taiwanese team promotes online English teaching with the concept of sharing economy. More than 60 languages can be learned on the platform. The number of teachers is more than 3,000, and most of them have professional teaching certificates. It is a good choice for learning multiple languages.

Teachers are all over the world.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

According to the different teachers, the cost of an hour class is about 13.5 to 24 USD.

You can use Zoom to take classes, and you can choose your favorite teacher.

The official website provides information on customer service, and the response is fast.

1. The teacher is patient in teaching and carefully prepares teaching materials.
2. Web page operation is simple and intuitive.
3. There will be no business sales calls.
4. The fixed teacher teaching system is adopted, and you can choose the number of lessons to buy; if there are remaining lessons, you can contact customer service to deduct the course fee after changing to a teacher.

1. The course needs to be arranged according to the teacher’s schedule, and the schedule is less flexible.
2. The price is slightly higher.

8th Online English Comparison: Cambly

Most of Cambly’s teachers come from English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. In addition to general English courses, Cambly also provides academic tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and other professional examination courses. Cambly has launched different course plans and sometimes offers special offers.

Most of the teachers come from European and American countries.

The top 8 English learning platform comparison

The payment plan is divided into monthly payments, quarterly payments, and annual payments, and the course price ranges from 19 to 26 USD per class.

Use the exclusive app or video system to take classes, and the class method is one-to-one.

There is currently no customer service channel in Taiwan, and you must join the Chinese WeChat account Camblychina to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Most of the teachers are native English speakers, so they can learn the most orthodox pronunciation.
2. Course appointments are free and can be canceled at any time.

1. Not suitable for English beginners. It is difficult to communicate with native speakers in English.
2. Lack of customer service channels, it is difficult to get in touch.
3. The teacher’s class style is more casual, and the quality is uneven.
4. Poor connection quality during popular times may interfere with or interrupt learning.

girl study online

Online English Teaching FAQ:

Am I suitable for online English learning?

1. Is online English learning suitable for me?

People who have never experienced online English teaching will always worry about whether they can use it or not, and whether it is suitable for them or not, and they are afraid that they will waste money! When you are worried about whether to join the online English platform, the following items provide you with a self-check:

  1. Life is busy, and it is difficult to squeeze out a fixed period of free time.
  2. I feel that traditional learning methods are boring and lack novelty.
  3. He is a self-disciplined and active learner.
  4. Going out to class requires dressing up and taking a ride, which is very troublesome.
  5. Have a certain understanding of your English level.

If you meet the above 5 conditions, it means that online English is very suitable for you! But even if you don’t meet one or two items, you don’t have to worry too much. For example, if you feel that you are not self-disciplined, you can choose a platform with a fixed teacher to monitor your learning progress; if you don’t know enough about your English level, you can also take the level assessment test, which will be conducted by a professional consultant. Plan for you.

2. How to choose teachers from Europe, America, and the Philippines?

Many people have a myth that they need to find European and American teachers to learn English, but in fact, the teacher’s educational background, teaching experience, whether he holds an educational license, and his unique teaching method and style are what you are choosing teachers for. The point! As for European and American or Filipino nationality, as long as there is no serious accent, it will not affect your studies.

Online English learning recommendation: QQEnglish helps you quickly improve your English skills

QQEnglish has 11 years of online English education experience. More than 1,300 full-time English teachers, all of whom have TESOL certificates for teaching English as a foreign language, can provide high-quality teaching services, provide 24-hour one-on-one online courses, and can book classes at any time, allowing you to be free to Schedule class time. In addition, we also have self-developed professional teaching materials and multilingual customer service teams to meet the needs of various students. If you want to learn more about online English courses, please contact us, and we will have a dedicated person to serve you.

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