Learning English with Filipino Teachers: 5 Convincing Facts You Must Know

Learning English with Filipino teachers offline and online has become very popular among ESL students around the world recently. For several reasons, the Philippines doesn’t just attract tourists because of its beautiful tourist attractions but also with the Filipinos world-class teaching and training quality. We can’t deny it – it’s more fun in the Philippines!

With the rise of the internet, the world has become more accessible and smaller. People get to easily connect themselves to countless opportunities, way better than several decades ago. Making friends and doing business has become easier and the possibilities are never-ending.

But even if there’s already progress, learning English has put billions of people in a major struggle. A person cannot and will never thrive in the business successfully if he/she can’t communicate clearly in English. In recent years, the number of people learning English continues to rise to leverage the demand for English proficiency.

A would-be English speaker can choose to study in the UK or the USA, but some opted not to. Why? Because it’s pricey. Others have planned to learn English in Canada or Australia but didn’t because of the distance. For most Asian ESL learners, learning English in the Philippines already tops their priority. Not only it is affordable, but the Philippines also offers them a retreat over the busy work and city life.

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Learning English in the Philippines

The English language, unarguably, is now the official language of commerce in almost all countries. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese companies would pay hundreds of dollars just to send their employees to learn English. These companies believed that learning the language improves their employees’ negotiation skills and widens their clients’ and business partners’ circle.

On the other hand, English is not only the language used in business, it’s also the global language for travel. Wherever you go, English is a necessary tool that will make your travel experience a memorable one. And since the majority can understand and speak English, you can sure enjoy communicating with the local people. Moreover, learning English can also help you understand their instructions that might be crucial for the moment.

For instance, when you visit Singapore, you’ll come across signage that says “no chewing gum allowed.” Although it’s just a very simple sentence, you can pay a hefty fine of 5,500 fine or may be imprisoned for a year if you don’t understand what that sentence means.

English is so valuable, right? So if you have plans of learning English, where you learn it? Who do you get as your teacher?

You would say British or Americans but I got you a recommendation – Filipino English teachers. Regardless if you are new to the language or an advanced learner, trust me, they might be your best teachers!

Here are 5 convincing facts about learning English with Filipino teachers.

1. Filipinos have the highest English proficiency rating in Asia.

The Philippines was once an American colony for 50 years. Historically, during the American regime, the Americans made English the official language of Philippine education. As a result, the Filipinos have gained the language and used it as the primary language in commerce and politics. It is interesting, but some Filipino teachers speak like native Americans. Some instructors also have a clear neutral Filipino English accent which is very suitable for beginners.

For several decades, the Philippines has maintained an exceptional record as one of Asia’s best in English proficiency. It even toppled the USA as the world’s No. 1 country in business English.

According to the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), the Philippines is ranked second in English Proficiency in Asia in 2020 with a rating of 562.

Besides, the Filipino literacy rate is the highest in Southeast Asia at 97.95%. Most Filipino English teachers offering English tutorials in the Philippines are degree holders. Additionally, they also have TESOL/TEFL certifications.

Learning English with Filipino teachers will surely be memorable for you. Filipino English teachers are very passionate and they know how to feel since they’re also English learners. They know how to empathize with and understand their students. And most of all, they’ll sure give you world-class quality training by satisfying your communication needs.

2. English is the Second Language for Most Filipinos.

With the Philippines ’ powerful connection to the USA, the English language continues to flourish even today.

The Philippines is a nation that has over 170 dialects and languages, including English. However, despite having multiple languages, the Filipino language shines as the official language of the Philippines. English comes second.

It sounds a little confusing, but did you know that some people speak English better than Filipino? Weird, right? This is because Filipino is in use only by the people of Luzon, the location of the country’s highest political seat.

Yes, English is just the country’s second language, but it is the medium of instruction for government offices, formal dealings, educational institutions, and the list go on. And this is still the case as of today.

With most Filipino English teachers living in this environment, you can learn English from an English speaker close to a native speaker’s level.

3. Learning English with Filipino teachers is affordable.

Learning English with a native English speaker can be really expensive, that’s for sure. But when you’re learning English with a Filipino teacher, you’ll save more than what you are expecting.

Normally, an American English teacher will charge you $25 to $45 an hour but only $3 – 5 dollars with a Filipino teacher. In fact, some schools like QQEnglish for example guarantee you the best price ever. QQEnglish, one of the biggest ESL schools in the Philippines, charges its students $3-5 only for a 25-minute online class. And if you’re planning to study English in Cebu, the school only charges you $600 – 1200 dollars a month depending on the learning package you want to avail yourself of.

The price may look cheaper than any other school, but trust me, you’ll get the best value for your money! World-class quality training guaranteed!

4. Filipino English teachers have a clear American accent.

Besides the Philippines, several countries use English as their second language. But why do most ESL students prefer learning English with Filipino teachers?

Unlike other countries, Filipinos have a clear American accent which is easier to understand. As mentioned, the Americans and the Philippines have a long history in the past. The Philippines has the American culture deeply embedded in media and society. That’s one reason Filipino English teachers have clear American pronunciation.

In recent years, ESL schools and international companies set their call centers in the country to serve American, British, and Australian clients. With the strong influence of the Americans on Filipinos, they have quickly learned the accent that’s almost similar to native speakers.

Filipinos are great English students and since they learn it well, they can surely teach it well too!

5. Filipino English teachers are passionate, creative, and dedicated.

One very important asset Filipino English teachers have is that they are very creative and dedicated.

The ESL industry in the Philippines will never thrive if students are not happy, right? For years, the country has been the ESL hub all over Asia, thanks to its passionate, creative, and dedicated teachers.

Additionally, Filipino English teachers are always funny and full of energy in the class. They are not boring teachers since they themselves are happy and very positive people. There is no dull moment for most Filipino English teachers.

When learning English with Filipino teachers, always expect fun-filled classes where lessons are delivered playfully. Also, most Filipino English teachers have this natural ability to relate to any conversation. If you are a talker, you can surely talk to them about any topic under the sun.


There you have it. These are the advantages you can expect when you hire a Filipino English teacher. If you want to experience the best experience learning English with Filipino teachers, you can register and try QQEnglish free trial classes online. And if you want to study English in the Philippines, you can reserve a slot through our online website. See you soon and enjoy learning English!

Learning English with Filipino Teachers
Learning English with Filipino Teachers

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