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Intensive English Classes: 8 Life-Changing Courses to Enhance Your 4 Macro Skills Quickly for Global Communication​


The global village serves as an avenue for people to connect with one another, may it be of a diverse race, culture, gender, etc. Without being inferior and superior to others in different parts of the world. Consequently, having intensive English classes in a day serves as a ticket to global communication.

It is part of human nature to communicate for us to establish strong relationships among mankind through building rapport and fruitful interactions. With this, it has become an integral part of our society. Not just in the academe, but also in the workplace, government, social media, and the like.

Moreover, in order for us to communicate effectively and efficiently with other people, we must learn the four fundamental macro skills, first, through intensive English classes. This is to avoid confusion and misunderstanding that may lead to conflict in some places, especially when it comes to a multicultural setting through interpersonal communication

Role of the English Language in Global Communications

We live in a world where people can easily access the internet with just a single click. Wherein, it helps us to connect easily and become a borderless world, different from what we had before.

Furthermore, learning English is not just a want but a necessity for global interaction. Especially if you want to go abroad to study, work, and reside permanently. However, English is not a superior language. It is just a medium of communication that helps people understand what others want to convey.

Unfortunately, people usually misunderstand the importance of the English language with a highly intellect individual. Some may say they consider people intelligent when they are eloquent speakers of the aforesaid language. However, this is not always the case. Speaking English is solely for global communication and a prerequisite for job employment if you wish to work overseas or with foreign people as your colleagues, not the other way around.

Easy Access: Quality Intensive English Classes!

With the help of high technological advancements, you can easily access intensive English classes online, whenever and wherever you are. Intensive classes target only one curriculum in a short time, thoroughly; which can help you improve your English skills conveniently.

You can have intensive English classes in your free time at work or when you have nothing to do in your dormitory or house. Living in a dormitory will help you stay in an English-speaking environment every day. Moreover, it is a good avenue for you to indulge yourself in learning English effectively. Aside from being convenient, you can have fun and enjoy your intensive English classes without any distractions.

Hence, instead of using your to phone scroll on social media, you can book 8 one-on-one intensive classes, good for 25 minutes per session. The following are reasons why it is beneficial for you:

People in different race communicate together in English
People communicating together in the world


Having intensive classes is truly advantageous to learning another language. Especially when it comes to online classes. You can check your progress, and assess your mistakes in the application of the knowledge you have learned from each lesson.


You can have online intensive classes on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or any mode of learning gadgets you have. You just have to engage with your teacher virtually for 25 minutes.


Teachers in both virtual and face-to-face intensive English classes are student-friendly. They care much about their student’s learning pace and abilities in how to cope easily with the lesson. When students make mistakes, teachers are there to encourage students to learn more and assess their incorrect answers.


Within the span of a 25-minute intensive English class, you can learn a lot about the curriculum you are taking. In each course, there are units to be catered for and lessons to be taken. Depending on the type of lesson you are having in your intensive English classes.


Each course is engaging in a way that also needs your ideas and opinions on how to make it more fun and interactive. It also has guided activities for you to apply the knowledge you have learned from your teachers. It is not always a pure discussion but also you have time to talk and give examples for you to indulge yourself in learning through intensive English classes.

People communicating in the 21st century

Advance to the 21st Century English Language Skills

Citizens in the 21st Century are not just required to speak English but also to develop skills that are beneficial for both ends. As our world advances, society also changes. Thus, we need to adopt skills for us to adapt to the new environment. Especially when it comes to the dynamics of the English language and its relevance for global communication. These skills are divided into three categories: Learning Skills, Literacy Skills, and Life Skills.

Learning Skills

Learning skills are composed of the Four C’s: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. Thus, with intensive classes, students can develop these 4 areas of learning to help develop their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains and make realizations that can build their metacognition, social connection ethics, and choosing words appropriately.

Literacy Skills

This group of skills helps us to know the meaning of different words for specific purposes and their salient functions. Through intensive classes, students can choose courses and get to know useful terminologies, especially jargon in different professions. Another example, some words can be used for Halloween but are not accurate for the Christmas season. Students can also learn more about some English words related to Information, Technology, and Media.

Life Skills

This is one of our means of survival and how we can deal with others and with ourselves as well. Students can manage their English speaking skills in different contexts, with the help of intensive classes. For a cause, being flexible, a leader, an initiator, and a productive individual with good social skills can help one become confident. Thus, having intensive classes can help students to speak longer English sentences accurately, especially in the workplace.

Intensive English Classes: 8 Life-Changing Courses to Enhance Your 4 Macro Skills Quickly for Global Communication​
Children having fun in their intensive English classes

Build up Your 4 English Macro Skills

Developing these fundamental Macro Skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking; can help you assess which areas of communication are your strong and weak points. Thus, by having intensive classes, you can hone more of your strengths and lessen more of your weaknesses spontaneously. These aforesaid skills are divided into two: Receptive and Productive.

These skills are vital to enhancing our communication skills with others. First, Receptive Skills are receiving information from a certain source which includes listening and reading. On the other hand, writing and speaking are Productive Skills because we are the creators of the idea that we are about to convey. The following are some intensive curricula that are beneficial to enhance your macro skills:

Intensive English Curricula for Adults

  1. CALLAN Method
    If you want to improve your English skills and widen your vocabulary, having this curriculum for your intensive English classes is the best choice for you. This curriculum can greatly help with how you respond to longer sentences, along with the guidance of your teacher. You will listen and repeat what the teacher says. There are also times when you are going to read for the Reading part, write for the Dictation part, and Speak critically for subjective answers.
  2. Basic English
    Those who have difficulty in English can enjoy this curriculum comprehensively. As it offers a variety of English skills which highlight more on the grammar structures. Moreover, in each of this course’s curriculum, you can use a lot of key expressions that are useful for your daily life. Especially in the workplace wherein you have international colleagues, co-workers, customers, etc. Thus, through intensive English classes, you can surely see your progress.
  3. New Topic Conversation 
    This curriculum’s asset is to help students express their opinions on a certain topic or issue around the world. It could be an idea of a place, a famous person, life-changing events, etc. that can help you develop your cognitive skills. Intensive English classes with this curriculum a day can help you realize a lot of things related to society, personal life, health, etc.
  4. News Alert 
    Are you a journalist? Or a person who is fond of reading news articles? Yes! We got you covered. News Alert as one of your chosen intensive English classes can help you understand the happenings in the world. It keeps you updated about what is going on in the outside world aside from your home. Furthermore, it also helps to develop more of your speaking skills as it asks a lot of thought-provoking discussion questions to stimulate your ideas related to the topic. It also has vocabulary words that can help you understand more of the international article.
  5. English Phonetics 
    This curriculum’s main focus is to help you speak fluently, and accurately, and pronounce the words effectively using the English language. Especially, to those students who cannot easily pronounce the words in English. There are only 26 Alphabet Letters in English. However, these alphabets have 44 different sounds. There are 20 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds. Enrolling in this course can help you know how to pronounce each phoneme in segments before going to the whole word.
  6. SDG Topics
    It mainly focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals spectrum only. It is good for students who want to talk about  global issues in English. Including this curriculum in your intensive English classes can help you understand the inevitable world problems and find ways to mitigate and counter these deteriorating phenomena. You are also going to write your opinions on how to lessen and stop the growth of these 17 social issues.
  7. New Daily English
    Those learners who want to use English to communicate can have fun learning this curriculum. It offers grammar structures, picture analysis, and tasks related to real-life scenarios. Through intensive English classes, you will know how to connect with others, especially the people around you, in a multicultural setting or place.
  8. IELTS Courses
    This curriculum is suitable for students who want to take the IELTS Exam for specific purposes. May it be to go abroad for academic purposes, job employment, or life skills in an English-speaking country. Moreover, it is divided into 4 categories, specifically targeting your 4 English Macro skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Through intensive English classes with this curriculum, you can improve a lot, not just in one area, but all of the aforesaid skills simultaneously and comprehensively.

Intensive English Curricula for Kids

  1. Smart Kids
    Highly recommended for children who want to build a strong foundation in English language communication. It has lots of games that make the student feel engaged. Moreover, each level has its own degree of difficulty. Along with jolly songs, students can enjoy this curriculum a lot. Entertaining yet fruitful learning is the asset of this curriculum.
  2. Good English
    If your child is having fun reading and listening to some bedtime stories, well, this one is for them. This helps a lot in building up reading comprehension and listening skills. These are fundamental aspects of understanding what you have read and listened to; higher-order thinking skills. With the help of intensive English classes, they can widen their vocabulary and use some words in the future; in both academic and daily English conversations.
  3. CALLAN for Kids
    For students who want to improve their listening and English speaking skills, they can include this in their intensive English classes. Students are honed to listen carefully and speak quickly in longer sentences. They will know how to answer questions in complete sentences, not just in broken English. They can also learn vocabulary related to their own level of understanding.
  4. Time to Talk
    There is also a curriculum that teenage students can relate to. This curriculum explores the scope of morality, literature, and scientific-related topics. Wherein, they can improve their reading comprehension skills and widen their vocabulary as they encounter words related to each topic. Indulging in intensive English classes with this curriculum can have great benefits to students’ macro skills like learning to put a value on the moral lesson, etc.
  5. We Can
    Students who want to learn usable English vocabulary words and phrases are truly helpful for them. Especially if they want to use it every day when they go to school and have an English-only policy in the class. This is a spiral curriculum wherein the level of difficulty also increases as the lesson progresses.
  6. Write Source
    Students who have a weak foundation in writing can have this curriculum. This can help them to improve their productive skills. Wherein, through intensive English classes, they can learn the fundamental elements of constructing sentences. With this, learning the basics of writing is important in building a strong foundation for writing. Especially making English sentences independently.
  7. Magic Phonics
    Having good word articulation and clear pronunciation are two of the best ways to communicate effectively with others. Students who want to improve their pronunciation skills can have fun taking intensive English classes. This curriculum can make you sound like a native English speaker. You will minimize the syllabic speaking tone.
  8. English for Little Ones
    This curriculum is intended for students who have zero knowledge of the English language but are eager to learn. With this, it helps preschool students to make simple sentences as their foundation and recognize objects profoundly. Having intensive English classes like this can help them remember some objects they can see everywhere in their daily lives as they grow older.
Adults spending their leisure time with online intensive English classes

Key Takeaways!

Make your leisure time productive! Having access to the internet and gadgets is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the English language and its dynamics through intensive English classes. Spending some time during your non-working hours  learning English conveniently is a good way to develop your global communication skills.

Moreover, QQEnglish company is a haven of dedicated and well-trained teachers, built to cater to your needs in regards to acquiring the English language. With this, don’t miss out on the chance to learn with QQEnglish teachers and be able to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Further, aside from offering a variety of curricula, teachers here are promoting a student-centered way to provide you with the desired learning you want to achieve at the end of the day with their utmost effort. With great personalities, you can, indeed, have a fruitful learning outcome with them.

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