How to learn English fast: 15 Most Effective tips

Tell me, how many times did you close your eyes and wish to become a great English speaker? I’m asking you the question because I’m no stranger to it as well. And I bet you did countless times too since! As English learners, we share the same goal – to become proficient speakers of English. We want to speak like native English speakers and we idolize great English public speakers and aspire to become like them. There are so many things we want to achieve. Ironically though, we can’t even answer this very simple question – HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH FAST?

In this globally competitive world, learning English has become such a necessity for almost everyone. Even countries like China, Brazil, and Japan are already learning it. Why? Because English is a universal language and the language used in law and commerce.

English is a fun and crazy language to learn. Having over 750, 000 thousand words, the question of how to learn English fast could probably be a mystery even to native English speakers. This is the language where even the best, most skilled learners can’t perfect the correct spelling and pronunciation of all words.

However, I’m not here to tell you that mastering the language is impossible. It is, though, it will take you years or maybe a lifetime depending on how willing you are.

Learning English is mind-boggling, but once you learn it, the prize you’ll get is beyond what you can imagine. But I’m here to tell you that there is a shortcut on how to learn English fast.

Here are the 15 most effective tips on how to learn English fast:

1. Practice the Listening Game.

Wherever you tune in to – radio, TV, laptop – you’ll always hear songs, videos, and other stuff. In our daily lives, every single minute at work, at school, or when we’re stuck in traffic, using e-gadgets has already become our hobby.

Yes, it’s true that other people consider doing this a waste of time but admit it, technology has already become a necessity to almost all of us. And since we can’t live without them, we better see how can we benefit from these gadgets.

Watching English movies and imitating how the actors deliver the lines will help you to how to learn English fast. If you’re stuck in traffic, play a song or listen to a news report so you don’t waste your time.

Doing something is better than doing NOTHING, right? And let me tell you, great songs and inspiring podcasts from the best English figure can change your mood for the day.

2. Learn at least one vocabulary per day.

As a child, I hated English more than any other subjects in the class. But after realizing how important English can be, I started learning it but improving my vocabulary box first. What did I do? Learning at least ONE English a day and using it several times a day.

You can’t remember the word IF you don’t use it countless times. This might sound crazy, but try using them in the sentence. And if sometimes the word is appropriate, use it.

When you do this as a routine, remembering the word will just be easy. And when it’s already inculcated inside your mind, it will just naturally pops out of your mind when you need it.

3. Speak your mind.

Another tip we have about how to learn English quickly is this: Always SPEAK YOUR MIND. You can never become a good English speaker unless you open your mouth and bring your thoughts and ideas to life.

If you are born shy, use your friends and family members to practice speaking in English. Whether you’re at school or in the office, try using English as your medium of communication. It’s okay to stutter and commit grammar mistakes because that’s part of the entire process.

As you move along the process, you’ll realize without even knowing that you already know how to point out your mistakes and self-correct.

Make speaking English every day a habit and you’ll sure learn English fast. Again, don’t forget the 3 S on how to learn English: Speak, Speak, Speak.

4. Start loving books and other reading materials

If you dislike reading, well, you got to remove ‘dis-‘ and like reading. You have no choice because reading is essential if you want to improve your English skills.

Dictionaries, books, newspapers, magazines, social media feeds, and even directions about using a product: if it’s in English, read it. Why? Well, this content is a world filled with juicy new vocabulary and terms and expressions you haven’t encountered before.

These reading materials are great if you want to learn English fast. Fun fact, every day, new English words and expressions are being added and these readable is a great avenue to discover these words. Moreover, you can also re-discover the words you’ve already forgotten, thus reinforcing those words again in your mind.

Additionally, learning new words and expressions is necessary to building your lexical knowledge especially in a language like English with so many words!

Flip the page, jot down every word, use them, and repeat the same process. You should never forget this tip if you really want to solve the mystery of how to learn English fast.

5. Watch Hollywood movies and remember some useful English expressions.

It’s not just about the visual effects and cinematography that people around love about Hollywood movies. But people around the world, particularly, non-English-speaking people watch it to learn English.

Truthfully, Hollywood movies are packed with the most practical, craziest, and funniest lines suitable for everyday use. What’s interesting is that they use different accents which are very fun to imitate. For instance, the Harry Potter series uses a strong Cockney English accent whereas Spiderman adopts a strong General American English accent.

And because English has various accents, sometimes, we find it very difficult to understand the lines. So, I suggest you watch your favorite movies/ TV series twice – on the big screen, then at home. My tip to help you how to learn English fast – grab a pen and paper before watching it again. Then pause and write all unfamiliar words and expressions and research about them after.

You’ll not just learn unfamiliar words and understand accents, but you’ll also learn when and how to use them properly.

6. Talk with real humans.

What is a language for if not to communicate?

True, we are the best communicators when we chat via Skype, Line, Instagram, etc. However, but when we’re asked to open our mouths, speaking in English becomes a form of trauma that causes us sudden paralysis. The truth is, writing and listening are too different from speaking.

As would-be speakers of English, you got to practice communicating with real live humans as well. Many learners have turned to talk into a huge, insurmountable barrier that only serves to psyche them out. Go out of your comfort zone and try talking with your friends. Eat-in the restaurant and talk to the cafe staff. Jam with your friends and apply what you learned in movies, newspapers, and songs. Travel and meet other nationalities. Or when you go clubbing, converse with them in English.

All these activities are fun and exciting. You may spend a couple of dollars, but it’s priceless when you practice your English skills and befriend other people.

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7. Subscribe to English podcasts or YouTube Channels.

Interested in ‘vlogs’, cooking shows, reality TV, pop culture, motivational and inspirational videos? Well, this tip about learning English fast might the best choice for you – YouTube Channels. The very popular American online video-sharing platform brings you almost all forms of learning and entertainment materials you need. This channel has countless English videos which are very helpful for learning English.

All you need to do is subscribe to a specific channel and you’ll be able to watch their videos. There are also downloadable videos for you to watch when you go on trips or when your internet connection’s unstable.

If you got stuck in traffic or commuting to work, make it a habit to listen to podcasts from remarkable people. You can also enjoy listening to some inspirational and motivational audios for you to start your day right.

If you want something for your Kids, why not let them enjoy Peppa Pig and other famous educational videos?

At first, you might find the native accents difficult, but once you get used to it, you’ll soon love it! Just stick with it and enjoy learning lots of new vocab from a native speaker.

8. Learn English Songs.

Tried all the tips given about how to learn English fast but ended up sleeping or getting bored? Why not try learning while grooving to the beat of English songs? Wouldn’t that sound way better?

English songs can also be your ally to learn English fast. Not only are they full of words and amazing expressions, but they’re also filled with meaningful metaphors.

Besides the content, learning songs can also improve your pronunciation skills, speed, and fluency. If you’re a beginner, try some slow-paced songs like that of Adele and John Legend. Then step the game up with Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift’s songs if you think your English level is intermediate. And try catching up with tongue-twisting rap songs of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B to improve your speaking speed and fluency.

9. Start learning from what will be most beneficial to you.

English has several areas for a specific purpose and learning them all together will surely drive you crazy. If you are an entrepreneur, learn Business English. Learn Travel English first if you want to travel abroad. Studying English will be more beneficial to you if you know your motives for learning.

Are you going abroad for a conference? Equip yourself with some conversation starters to use with the other participants. Got a long holiday from work? Looks like you got to learn travel vocabulary before your trip. If you think diving all the areas of English will help you learn everything, you’re definitely making fun of yourself. Instead of learning it, you’ll end up having a brain filled with exhaustion. Learn it one step at a time…

10. Be curious.

In another context, we say “curiosity kills the cat” but when learning English, it is the absolute opposite. When you are learning English, a mountain of questions will rock you. Learning English entails a combination of doing intensive researches and solving many cases and unlocking mysteries.

Clearly, your curiosity as a learner will propel you to become fluent and knowledgeable about English. You will never learn if you sit on your doubts. Rather, you got to hit the library and learn the rules or seek answers from your teachers.

However, if you’re learning alone, you better open your PC and find answers by reading through forums, blogs, or grammar websites. Worry no more because the answers are already there.

11. Study English abroad.

If you’re an adventure-seeker who wants to learn English fast, this might be the best choice for you. Several would-be English speakers considered studying English abroad as their top recommendation to people who want to know how to learn English quickly. Being a universal language, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Thus, you can enjoy learning it in several learning environments based on your preferred climate, city, or dream destination. Consider the US and the UK and Canada in the West or maybe Australia or New Zealand. But if you’re on a budget, head to the Philippines. You will not only enjoy learning English but also its tropical climate and paradise islands, which are also the best in the world.

12. Practice makes perfect.

Well, learning English fast would be impossible without practicing it regularly. Clearly, the process of learning the language is endless. No man in history became great in an instant, so you better keep in mind that practice makes a person ‘almost’ perfect. Wherever you are – home, school, office – make it a habit to converse in English. You can also try using some lines you learn from songs and movies in your conversations. You may find it weird and funny at first, but trust me, it will just come out of your mouth naturally next time. So practice, practice, practice.

13. Learn to Acknowlegde your mistakes.

As you learn to master the language, there will come a time that you’ll be discouraged because of mistakes. You’ll get pissed, you’ll feel angry, and you might even hate yourself. If ever this time comes, take a deep breath, carry on, and acknowledge your mistake and learn from it. The path you’ll take is a rocky road. However, you should never forget that the most difficult road often leads us to the most beautiful destination.

Learning the English language is concomitant to committing countless mistakes. And the best thing we can do is to acknowledge and learn from them. You should not be afraid of committing mistakes because that is part of the process.

Keep a positive mind, take a deep breath when necessary, and just enjoy the whole meaningful journey.

14. Accept Criticisms.

Criticisms? Don’t take them seriously if you want to learn English fast.

Apart from the fear of committing mistakes, being criticized is another vexation to progress when learning English. There will come a time that people will laugh at your accent, poor choice of words, and fluency. Growing up, I got bullied for being called ‘trying-hard’ by the people surrounding me. And instead of quitting, I considered it a challenge for me to keep going. Criticisms can either be good or bad, depending on how you perceive and internalize them. They can be destructive or they can constructive. As you move along, you need to always remember that people will always have their share of bad and good comments over your progress. But don’t consider criticisms as terrible things, but consider them as good things. And always remember that when life gives you lemons, you better make a lemonade.

15. Keep going to keep growing.

And the last tip on how to learn English fast is to just continue doing what you have already started. Don’t rush things because learning English is a continuous process. Besides, it’s alright to make small progress every day as long as you don’t stop. As one philosopher puts it up, “It doesn’t matter how slow you go as you do not stop.”

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