Gearing up!

Embracing the power of virtual learning following the COVID-19 lockdown has been at the forefront of our minds here at QQEnglish. We have learned so much from the impact of this pandemic. COVID-19 has produced top levels of anxiety amongst QQEnglish employees and students.

However, the crisis has also helped us in exploring new and creative ways so that our students receive the best online English learning experience possible.

The pressure caused by the pandemic has brought out the best in ourselves and I am confident that we have successfully acted on it. This year, we have opened our newest 2,800 sq. meter wing in Skyrise 4B. We have also launched the Online Campus Program and the International Online Kids Camp recently so we can better serve our students. I believe 2020 will still be a remarkable year, despite the limelight of the crisis.

The crisis is hurtful and worrisome. However, I am thankful to have a resilient family who fought with me in this pursuit. The pandemic has tested the confidence in ourselves. It strained our patience amidst difficulties and taxed our loyalty towards the company. Despite the test of time, the company is still on the rise. Why? This is because we believe in the power of “unity” and we have faith in the strength of our organization.

We started this newsletter because I believe in the significance of communication, in the power of words and of information. I am confident that through this, a new bond between us will be born. Also, I know this new connection will change the way we share ideas, and the manner we inform ourselves. I hope that the rivalry of our voices will get us to listen and to be heard.

As our school strives to give the best English education globally by developing new ways of organized English Language Learning and teaching. We want to provide the best solutions for us to best address the communication needs of our learners and the progress gap that has deepened in just a few months.

We have tried to capture as much as we can in the following pages as we celebrate strength and flexibility, the innovation of excellent online English learning programs, and the power of virtual learning that better fits the rhythm and pace of an advanced technological society greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sincerely yours,

Raiko Fujioka
CEO, QQEnglish