short這個字是很基本常見的單字,但有人問你這個字是什麼意思,你的回答是什麼呢? 心中是不是有很多答案?!



Short用來形容長度及距離時, 意思為矮的、短的。


  • Her hair is much shorter than it used to be.(她的頭髮比之前要短得多)
  • It’s only a short walk from my house to the station.(從我家到車站的距離很短)
  •  She is shorter than her sister.(她比她的姊妹矮)

當 Short用來形容數量



  • People are short of food and water because of the typhoon crisis.(因為颱風,民眾沒有足夠的糧食跟水)
  • The bill is $200 but our money is just $150. We are $50 short.(帳單是200元但我們只有150元,少了50元)

當Short 當作名詞

除了當作形容詞, short做名詞的時候,在英式口語中意思是沒有參其他東西的烈酒,在美國則多用shot稱呼。




  • The plumber shorted the dishwasher.(水電工把洗碗機用短路了)



CEd and hundreds of businesses closed.

Department of Tourism (DOT) 7 Director Shahlimar Taman reiterated that the onset of the pandemic in the Philippines at the start of the year following flight cancellations and government-imposed lockdowns immediatBU, Philippines  UNCERTAIN. This word best describes the future of Cebu’s hard-hit ESL industry with only 10 ESL schools operating and 6,000 jobs lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thalth crisis has caused a powerful blow on the booming ESL industry in Cebu, forcing ESL schools to suspend all offline classes and doing their operation through having online classes via Skype, WeChat, Zoom, amongst others.

Since March 25, 2020, Offline ESL Schools have ceased their operation because of the surge of COVID-19 infections forcing ESL students to flee back to their respective countries in fear of being locked down in the province. This sudden mandate from the government left several schools unprepared, making the first quarter of the year the hardest to date for the ESL schools in the city.

The booming ESL business has attracted thousands of students to study English in the city, consequently providing livelihoods to the locals and generated millions of revenue to the travel and tourism industry. However, the pandemic has loomed a devastating economic toll on the business sector with hundreds of thousands of jobs axeely hampered the operations of the industry provided that most of these ESL schools offer face-to-face learning.

With 110 registered ESL schools, only around 80 of these ESL schools are active under three associations — Cebu Association of Language Academies, English Philippines, and Department of Affiliates English Academies in Asia. Thirty percent of this figure is big and notable centers, 60 percent are small ones and only operate during peak seasons, while the other 10 percent are unregistered and non-accredited.

For more than a decade, Cebu has been the leading destination for learning English in the Philippines. The second-largest city in the Philippines welcomes a massive number of tourists from Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Germany, Italy, and Brazil to study English and enjoy its tourist destinations.

Director Tamano highlighted the significance of ESL in tourism in the sense that it deepens the connection between Cebu and other foreign markets through education. “A bond with the school is formed, inspiring the foreign students to keep coming back. And this is good for tourism,” said Tamano.

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