說的英文 : Tell/Say/Speak/Talk用法

說的英文 : Tell, Say, Speak 和 Talk都是常見的動詞,是不管在報章雜誌上或是日常用語中都常常出現的單字們。因為相似的意思,所以會讓人有時候搞不清楚他們的用法,本篇文章就將帶大家了解這四個字的差異及用法,趕快一起來看看吧~!!

tell and say




She told her mother to buy her an extra pair of shoes. 她要媽媽要給她多買一雙鞋。

The professor told his students to focus their attention on the class. 教授告訴他的學生把注意力集中在班上。

I forgot to tell them I will be absent today. 我忘了告訴他們我今天不在。


當A傳遞訊息到B時, say和tell可以互換使用。 句型為:tell +受詞 或 say + to +受詞。


Mary told me she would not join the trip.瑪麗告訴我她不會參加這次旅行。

Mary said to me she would not join the trip.瑪麗對我說,她不會參加這次旅行。



Tell about講述


I want to tell you about what happened at the party last night.我想要告訴你昨晚聚會上發生的事情。


Tell a story 講故事
Tell a lie 說
Tell a truth 說實話
Tell a secret 說祕密
Tell a  joke 講笑話


Let me tell you a story about Romeo and Juliet.讓我告訴你一個有關羅密歐與朱麗葉的故事。

She told a lie when she said she’s done with her project. The truth is, she has not started it yet.當她說完成項目時,她撒了謊。事實是,她還沒有開始。

The police asked the criminal to tell the truth during the investigation.警方要求罪犯在調查過程中說出真相。


I’m going to tell you a secret but promise me you keep it to yourself. 我要告訴你一個秘密,但向我保證你會保密。

She’s very good at telling a joke她很會講笑話。

Tell the time 告知時間


Could you tell me the time, please?你能告訴我時間嗎?


Tell the difference區分差異


Can you tell the difference between orange and tangerine?你能說出柳橙和橘子的區別嗎?


tell and say




Paul said he is arriving in 10 minutes. 保羅說他要在10分鐘內到達。

The news said it would rain today. 消息說今天會下雨。

He never said thank you after receiving the gift. Such an ungrateful woman. 收到禮物後他從沒說過謝謝。 真是個忘恩負義的女人。

I say we should go to the beach and seize the day. 我想我們應該去海邊,把握光陰


Say something 說點什麼


John has been always absent since last month? Should I talk to him and say something about his poor attendance record? 約翰從上個月開始就一直不在?我應該和他說說他糟糕的出勤記錄嗎?


About to say 即將要說
Nothing to say 沒什麼可說
Need to say 需要說出來
Hate to say 討厭說


I was about to say I love you to him when he suddenly kissed me. 我正要對他說我愛你的時候他突然吻了我。

You already said everything. I have nothing left to say anymore. 你已經說了一切,我沒什麼好說的了。

I need to say I think I’m in love with him.  我必須說,我想我愛上了他。

I hate to say it, but she is not the best fit for this job. Should we let her pass the training? 我不想這麼說,但她不是這份工作的最佳人選。我們應該讓她通過培訓嗎?


Say no more 不再說


I am so pissed off about the poor presentation you had during the meeting. Please improve your work and make it better, and I’ll say no more about it. 我對你在會議期間的糟糕演講感到非常生氣。請改進你的工作,讓它變得更好,我就不多說了。

Say a few words 說幾句話


Before we end the program, I’d like to say a few words for our hospitable hosts tonight. 在節目結束之前,我想對今晚熱情好客的主持人說幾句話。


tell and say


speak翻做「談話」,當我們處於更正式的場合且希望強調某事很重要時,要我們會使用speak,相較於使用talk更為正式。 此外,作為名詞時,speak也比使用talk具有更正式的語氣——像是Give a speech比give a talk來的更正式。


You need to speak about your failure in the recent project! 你需要談談你在最近失敗的項目! (比用talk about更嚴格)

Angelina Jolie will be speaking at the UN conference next month.  安潔莉娜裘莉將在下個月的聯合國會議上發言。 (比使用give a talk on顯得更有聲望)



She speaks three languages fluently–Chinese, Japanese, and English. 她精通三種語言:中文、日文及英文。


Speak up 大聲說出來
Speak on 談論
Speak about 談論
Speak for 代表說
Speak up for  為…大聲說出來
Speak with 跟…談論


Can you please speak up? I can hardly hear you. 你能說大聲點嗎?我幾乎聽不到你的聲音。

I spoke on the topic about the importance of English in class yesterday. 昨天我在課堂上談了英語的重要性。

Shall we speak about the improvements of the project we’re launching next month? 我們要談談我們下個月啟動的項目的改進嗎?

I speak for the company to congratulate you on a job well done!  我代表公司祝賀你做得很好!

As humans, we need to know our rights and speak up for those who are discriminated against and abused. 作為人類,我們需要了解我們的權利,並為那些受到歧視和虐待的人發聲。

I need to speak with you about what happened this morning. 我需要和你談談今天早上發生的事情。


So to speak 可以這麼說


The new rules have been officially christened, so to speak. 新措施可以說已經正式實施了。

Speak ill of 說…壞話


Why do you always speak ill of your sister? Do you really dislike each other? 你為什麼總是說你姐姐的壞話?你們真的不喜歡對方嗎?

Speak highly of someone/something 高度評價某人/某事


My boss always speaks highly of me in the office and I couldn’t be any prouder. 在辦公室裡,我老闆總是給我很高的評價,我感到無比自

tell and say




Can I talk to you about the next week’s event? 我可以和你談談下週的活動嗎?

We were talking to each other over the phone last night when the power suddenly went off. 昨晚我們正在通電話時突然停電了。




I will speak/talk with you about our project tomorrow. 明天我會和你談談我們的項目。

We can speak/talk about the agenda later this afternoon. 我們可以在今天下午晚些時候談談議程。


Talk up 大聲說/吹捧宣傳
Talk down 低聲說話/貶低/唱衰
Talk out of 勸說
Talk back  頂嘴
Talk over  打斷..說話
Talk about 談論
Talk down to 貶低
Talk on 談論(某個主題)
Talk with 與…談論某事/人
Talk around  談論(繞著圈說)


Will you talk up a bit, please? 請你再大聲一點好嗎?

If we talk up this party, people will come to join. 如果我們把這派對宣傳一下,人們一定會來的。

 You can’t talk down your efforts for this project. It will not be successful in your participation. 你不要唱衰你為這個項目所做的努力,這樣不會成功的。

He talked her out of quitting school. 他勸她不要退學。

It’s vulgar to talk back to people older than you. 和比你年長的人頂嘴是很沒禮貌的。

I hate it when someone talks over me while I’m speaking. I think he/she should wait for her turn to speak. 我討厭有人在我說話時打斷,他應該等輪到他的時候發言。

We can talk about this project in our next session. 我們可以在下一次會議中討論這個項目。

Sometimes, rich people talk down to poor people because they think they are superior to others. 有時,富人貶低窮人,是因為他們認為自己比他們優越。

After their talk about learning English in the Philippines, my team will also talk on getting visas, accommodation, etc. 討論完到菲律賓學英文後,我的團隊還會聊簽證、住宿等話題。

Lisa needs to talk with Sheila to complete their plans for the party. 麗莎需要與希拉交談以完成他們的派對計劃。

They’ve been talking around the real issue rather than addressing it directly. 他們一直在談論真正的問題,而不是直接解決它。

說的英文_In the Nutshell(總而言之)

總而言之,發現說的英文 : tell, say, speak和talk動詞之間的差異沒有想像中那麼困難。 我敢肯定,當記住它們的用法及區別後,正確使用它們只是小菜一碟啦!有了以上所有詳細信息,在說的英文單字中選擇要使用tell, say, speak和talk哪個時,還會混淆嗎?


tell and say
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