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Guide book for Cebu Learning Program

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How to Process Program

Study abroad preparation


Flow When You Arrive

After Applying for the Program

After applying for the program, in order to make a schedule, please prepare your belongings and try to start learning English.

Please check documents from us thoroughly!


List of Necessary Items to Bring:

Below is a list of necessary and preferable items for the program. Please take a look at it.


Once we confirm your payment, we will send final confirmation documents via e-mail.
Please check them and prepare ahead of time.

Essential Travel Items


Make sure that your passport has at least 6 months of stay from the date of entry into the Philippines.
Keep a copy and two photos separately in case of loss.

Air ticket

Be sure to prepare a round-trip ticket (if you do not have a return ticket, you may be refused entry).
Keep a separate copy in case you lose it.


Visas are not required for study period within 30 days. If you study longer than 30 days, you can extend it locally in the school.


US Dollar is the minimum required. (It is said that the monthly living expenses are 300 to 500 USD per month.)
Local currency pesos can be exchanged at IT parks, airports and shopping malls.


International Credit Card (International card with ‘Cirrus’ and ‘Plus’ marks)
International Cash Card (for withdrawing cash locally)

ID photo for SSP and application fee

All students studying in the Philippines must obtain a Special Study Permit (SSP). The application will be made by the school after you arrive at the school.
・ Application fee 6840php
・ Certificate photo shooting fee 100php
(cash must be provided)

About Departure from the Philippines

Airport fee

Return home

  • 850php, when you leave Cebu Mactan International Airport, pay at the airport counter.

50.3 peso ~  1 USD  as of January in 2020

Study Items


It is convenient to have an electronic dictionary with pronunciation check function.
A dictionary app for smartphones that can be used offline is also OK so that you can use it at any time.


Available locally. However, you need to carry your writing utensils in your carry-on baggage as you will need them to fill out the immigration card.

Note PC

Wifi can be used in the
business class of smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs, there are some tasks that are useful if there is PowerPoint or the like.
* The voltage in the Philippines is 220V. Unsupported appliances require a transformer.

Personal Items

  • You have to bring your personal items such as: clothes, medicinal items, footwear, toiletries, sanitary items, towels, umbrella, hair dryer, others …
  •  When using household electrical appliances, a transformer is required because the voltage in the Philippines is 220V.
  •  Some items are restricted in carry-on aircraft. Make sure you put it in a suitcase when packing.
    (Liquids, knives, metals, etc.)

How to Process Program

Study abroad preparation


Flow When You Arrive

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