Evolution of Cebu study program

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Reasons why we are supported by 10,000 students

Японы Мэйжи их сургуультай хамтарч хийсэн судалгаа, туршилт

1. Бид ганцаарчилсан хичээлээр дамжуулан хэрхэн англи хэлээ сайжруулж болох талаар судалгаа хийсэн.Судалгааны үр дүн ямар гарсныг сонирхоцгооё!!

There are a lot of schools which state that students can improve English skills but there are only a few schools which experienced how students can improve it with an educational institution. We experienced how we can improve English level through one-on-one lesson with the Meiji University “The Institute of Civilization and Management”. 21 students implemented to the experiment.
The reason why we asked the university is that we could prove the real situation and results.
It’s unrealistic to invite all students to Cebu so we asked them to do it through online lessons. There were 21 university students and they took lessons for 80 hours then we took the results through the TOEIC test. 80 hours equivalent to 2 weeks of study program (8 hours for a day). Compared to face-to-face lessons, the situation is worse but there is an amazing result.

Судалгаа явагдсан он

2011 (“Соёл иргэншил менежментийн хүрээлэн”)

Судалгаанд хамрагдсан

Мэйжи их сургуулийн 21 оюутан

Судалгааны нөхцөл

  • Каллан аргын 80 цагийн хичээл (Сэбү дахь 2 долоо хоногийн сургалтын хөтөлбөртэй тэнцэхүйц)
  • Онлайн хичээл
  • Бүх хичээл ганцаарчилсан 
  • Үр дүн TOEIC дээр суурилсан



Мэйжи их сургуулийн Хууль зүйн факультетийн профессор  Мэйжи их сургуулийн Үйлчилгээний инновацийн судалгааны хүрээлэнгийн профессор Казүо Сакаи

All of them improved their TOEIC score! University staff were so surprised.

Students’ TOEIC score improved average of 110, the maximum of 250 points.
Surprisingly, all of them improved their scores, no one decreased. In other words, the result of the experiment shows that one-on-one lessons can be applicable wide range of English level.
QQEnglish proves that the Cebu study program works well.

The callan method statistics

100% of satisfaction from students

There is no meaning if we prove that works though they are unsatisfied, because they don’t continue to it.
What professors were surprised with is the result of the questionnaire of the lesson with our teachers. There were 5 categories namely, “very satisfied”, “satisfied”, “normal”, “unsatisfied”, and “very unsatisfied”. There was 100% satisfied or more. It’s pretty rare to see this kind of ratio.

Are you satisfied?


Do you want to continue it?


Do you think it worked well?


If we know we are progressing, we can continue.
The experiment proves it because no one dropped out.

We imagined that we might have negative comments because our teachers are not native speakers and 80 hours of one-on-one lesson is the first time for them to encounter.
Professor Sakai from Meiji University mentioned that
This is because of the results of them. Humans can continue with satisfaction if they know they are progressing even though they are in a bad sitation. It proves that because no one dropped out.
Now, you can understand that one-on-one lessons with our Filipino teachers work for a wide range of level of students and this is a satisfied English learning method.